Gin Ichimaru

1. Why are you always smiling?

Gin- Because I have something to smile about.

Me- Rangiku?

Gin- N-no, why would ya say that? *looks around nervously*

Me- Because it's obvious that she likes you!

Gin- She likes me?

Me- Yes. Oh! Wait a minute. Stand up for a second.

Gin- Why?

Me- Just stand up! *He stands. I sneak behind him* Okay, you can sit back down. *He sits*

Gin- What the?! *tries to get up* What did ya do?

Me- I superglued you to your seat. A lot of my men that I interview end up leaving before I'm finished. So I went down to the store and bought a super glue gun! *twirls on finger and goes all gunsmoke by blowing the top of the nozzle*

Gin- *Gulps* Now I'm scared.

2. Do you even have a frown?

Gin- I do. But it takes something very powerful to make me frown.

Me- What if Rangiku died? *he looks down*

Gin- Don't say that..........

3. What do you do in Las Nochas?

Gin- Usually spy on the espada while they fight or walk down the halls.

Me- What about in their bedrooms?

Gin- I'm not that perverted!

Me- I am!!! *he cracks open an eye* OMG! You opened an eye!

Gin- So what?

Me- You never open your eyes!

Gin- For all you know.

4. Who's your favorite espada?

Gin- Ulquiorra. It's fun ta bug him.

Me- Yes. That smexy piece of quatro espada.

Gin- I could have gone all my life without hearing that...

5. Whats your relationship with Rangiku?

Gin- We're just friends.

Me- Sure you are.

6. What's your relationship with Izuru Kira?

Gin- He was my subordinate! Nothing more! NO HOMO!

7. Do you realize how creeper-y you looks squinting and smiling all the time?

Gin- No... Should I?

Me- *pats his shoulder* It's alright Gin. I still think you're cool... Even if your eyes and smile do look a little creepy...

Gin- Everyone thinks I'm a freak! *dramatic voice*

Me- Oh shut up.

Gin- Why? Do ya like it?

Me- I knew you were faking!

8. Why do you look like a fox?

Gin- I look like a fox?

Me- Yes.

Gin- *shrugs* I haven't noticed...

Me- Do you own a mirror?!

9. Are you aware of how much yaoi fanfics are of you and Izuru?

Gin- What's yaoi?

Me- *sighs heavily* I'm getting tired of explaining this... It means maleXmale sex stories...

Gin- *looks horrified* WHAT? NO HOMO!

Me- Well, a lot of people on Fanfiction think that.

Gin- That's very... disturbing...

10. Do you think Izuru loves you?

Gin- I think he was very depressed that I left, but no, I don't think he loves me.

Me- Me either. Izuru is too cute and sophisticated to be gay.

Gin- I already told you I'm not gay... *grumbles*

Me- I never said you were. *smirks*

11. What's your relationship with Luppi before he died?

Gin- Aw man, I loved picking on him. He was so short!

Me- He is short! *we both laugh*

Gin- To think, he took Grimmjow's place?! Aizen stepped down on his expectations in Espada.

Me- I was mad when Luppi took Grimmjow's place. *crosses arms* Aizen had to be a douche.

Gin- It was Kaname who cut Grimmjow's arm off.

Me- That's right! Kaname! You douche! *shakes fist in air*

Gin- Feel better?

Me- Yes, thank you.

12. Do you like the fangirls and/or fanboys?

Gin- Bring on the fangirls! *looks around. No fangirls* Aw man.

Me- I locked the door. They can't get in. *chuckles evily*

Gin- Alright. Fangirls are awesome. It let's me know they have no hard feelings towards me.

Me- Except for one...

Gin- *raises eyebrow* And who would that be?

Me- Rangiku.

Gin- Oh ya...

13. Exactly how close are you and Aizen?

Gin- Like I said before... NO... HOMO! *flings arms in air* How else can I say that I am not gay? *whines*

Me- It's okay. *pats his head*

Gin- It was only one time! It was the stupid Christmas party and we were both drunk, and someone put the mistletoe above us! I couldn't help it!

Me- You kissed Aizen?! Oh, that's too good!

Gin- Don't tell Rangiku! *tries to get on knees to beg*

Me- We'll see. *snickers*

14. Have you ever harassed the Espadas sexually or otherwise (aka: emotionally, physically,etc)?

Gin- It's fun to freak out the lower ranked arrancar.

Me- How so?

Gin- I started singing. Wanna hear? *opens mouth to suck in large gulp of air*

Me- *covers his mouth* No thanks! EW! YOU JUST LICKED MY HAND! *He smirks.*

Gin- You like it.

15. Why doesn't Ulquiorra like you?

Gin- I don't know. He's never liked me...

16. Why did you leave knowing it would break Rangiku's heart?

Gin- I didn't think Rangiku would be that effected by me leaving.

Me- She drank herself to the floor and almost suffocated on her boobs!

Gin- *bursts into an array of chuckles* She would be one to do that. How is that not normal?

Me- *Rolls eyes*

17. Did you have any friends other than Rangiku when you were little?

Gin- Nope. She was my only friend. We even lived together until joining the 13 Court Guard Squads.

Me- Awe! *clasps hands together* That's so sweet!

18. Have you ever slept with Rangiku?

Gin- IDK.

Me- Its wither yes or no!

Gin- My lips are sealed.

19. Are you a virgin?!

Gin- *opens eyes and smiles wider* Go ask Rangiku.

Me- I KNEW IT! *does cabbage patch*

Gin- I didn't say yes or no...

Me- I think you did sleep with Rangiku! *squeals*

20. Why do you like to creep out Rukia?

Gin- It's fun to agitate Byakuya. He was such a brat as a kid.

Me- He was HAWT as a kid!

Gin- I really didn't want to hear your opinion on that...

Me- Oh well! You got it!

Gin- So, how do I get out of this chair? *wiggled while glued to chair*

Me- This! *turns on blow torch* This will melt the glue right off!

Gin- *screams* Along with ma body! *runs somehow glued to chair*

Me- Okay, bolt down chairs as well. *makes another note* Off to the hardware store!

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