"For The Lady!"

It's a war cry that warms my heart, if a war cry can do such a thing. I'm not The Lady but they do fight for me.

I've been called many things in my time, a leader, a queen, a captain even. But I prefer to think of myself as a descendent. The Lady was my dear mother who joined the Heavyside Lair five years ago. All the Jellicle's I see before me all but worshiped her. She was the only one who could tame the fearsome Growltiger.

As the last known descendent of The Lady and Growltiger I have a purpose in this life, and mine is to protect the last unknown descendent of The Lady and Growltiger. My brother has had a hard life and I don't wish the responsibility of being a descendant on his shoulders. My Jellicle's know I'm protecting someone and they know the battle that they are charging towards is about him but they have all sworn not to seek him out.

My brother knows nothing of his family; as far as he is aware his parents abandoned him with Macavity, leaving him to be raised by the hidden paw. The truth is that he was taken from my mother by Macavity after Growltiger was killed. The Lady took us to Macavity for protection; he is our Uncle after all, where better? It was a mistake she regretted till she died. My brother was taken away and raised as Macavity's heir. He finally escaped that hell and joined a tribe. I intend to make sure he keeps the almost idyllic life he leads. The last thing he needs is the Siamese after him at every turn. I can cope with them, I have my whole life, I know the full story. He doesn't. He has a mate to protect, perhaps kittens one day.

I see him now, him and his tiger twin mate fighting along with the best of them. Macavity had hatched another devious plan; the Jellicle's were barricaded in a corner of the yard. He intended to force them to yield or die. That's what he had told everyone, anyone who knows him knows he has a deeper plan. This is merely an exercise in intimidation; he is trying to prove that he can defeat them, not to actually defeat them…yet. Anyone who died would be an added bonus. I couldn't let that happen. I rounded up my 'troops', Harbour Jellicle's, many of whom had fought the meanest Cats of the sea and survived. Many of them resent following my orders but I remind them of The Lady and they follow.

Prugment, a one eyed grey tom, issued the first cry.

"To Lily!"

A small group of Scottish Jellicle's follow.

"To Billy!"

Then everyone joins in.

"For The Lady!"

There is no going back now, not one of them would defile the name.

When the fight is over we will take our injured and leave. We don't ask for any payment or thanks. I will leave happy in the knowledge that my brother is safe again and my Jellicle's will leave happy in the knowledge that The Lady's honour has been upheld again.

Should I ever have kittens they won't receive the same power. The Lady is becoming a legend; my Jellicle's knew her personally and respect her sprit. The future generations will see the love story, perhaps even the name Growltiger will lose its edge. But for now the truth reigns, and we fight for The Lady, The Lady Griddlebone.