The One Hundred Moments Project

Hello and welcome to my new thing: The One Hundred Moments Project.

This is where I pick a fandom and attempt to write one hundred little drabble fanfictions about it using a list of one hundred prompts I have on my computer thanks to "The Ultimate FanFic Challenge 2010".

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For the first installment I have chosen PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS!

Well, there's my spiel! On with the fun, right?

Prompt # 001 – Beginnings


Time Frame: The Titan's Curse – Chapter Three

Pairing: None


"It is important to honor our beginnings, to remember that we matter and that we have a place in this world that no one else has"

- Anonymous


I remember that day. The scent of hot chocolate, and the warmth of the air.

I remember how it felt to sit on that rug and feel the power all around me. Decisions, decisions, but I wanted it too badly.

I could feel the world before me—on the edge of which I was teetering. To leave my brother, to leave my self-less, horrible, miserable life behind: I was too much to pass up.

What really drew me was a chance to finally begin a new—to scramble up from the dark sandpit my life and become and know there was something else.

The magic, the splendor, the power, the hot chocolate…

That was not the point.

I wanted to be something different, something new—anything, anything other than what I had been living—finally a place to belong!

My lips moved, my heart soared, the lights flared. I saw him, the boy with the black hair and green eyes looking horror struck at me but I didn't care.

Whatever I had done, whoever I had betrayed—that was all behind me.

I had chosen my path.

And I took off running without second glance.