Childhood Friends

By: DanielleElricx

February fourteenth seemed to always be the most hated day in Xing. Well, for the prince- Ling Yao, it was. Every real prince would receive chocolate that was hand made by girls that lived in the villages. Every real prince would receive a beautifully hand crafted card. Every real prince would receive a kiss from a fair maiden.

There sat Ling, a fifteen year old prince, in a world of his own – hoping that love would cross his path this year around. Along with him sat his body guard, Lan Fan.

He obnoxiously fanned himself as he spoke timidly to the only other person that sat in the room with him. "Lan Fan," She sat straight. "What do you think of this 'Valentine's Day'?"

She lowered her gaze as she took off her red and white mask, to reveal her beautiful pale face. Only a stranger would wonder her reasons for fighting.

"Well, sir…"


"I-I'm sorry?"

"Just call me Ling."

"Yes-uh-sir, I mean Ling. Well, by now I was sure that the man I liked would have realized it. After all, he is fifteen."

Ling opened his eyes slightly before turning to look at her. She really participated in such nonsense?

"Tell me about him," He wondered aloud.

Lan Fan pulled out a cloth and began polishing her mask. "Well, you know he's fifteen. He is one of the many boys in the line of becoming the emperor."

"Another young prince? I thought there was only myself."

"Of course, there's another," The brunette sighed loudly after she sarcastically stated what was on her mind.

"Please continue, what's his attitude like?" The dark haired prince rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he questioned his guard.

"Cocky. He's a bit of a brat. He gets hungry often as well."

"So my dear Lan Fan enjoys obese princes that happen to be jack-asses?" Ling chuckled as he un-did the bun that held her hair together, which caused it to spill over her shoulder.

"Might I add that he has a fast metabolism?" She flushed nervously.

"Oh-! You're adorable when you blush. Might you have a past with this fellow?"

Lan Fan's face grew a darker shade of red as the rough tips of Ling's fingers softly brushed across her forehead as he wiped away several strands of her hair.
"W-well, I grew up with him. When I was younger, we'd climb the gates in the Emperor's court yard. I made cards, but he threw them into the creek and laughed. I made chocolate, but he'd just gobble it up."

Ling gently picked up Lan Fan by her waist and set her in his lap. She seemed all too shocked to realize that the prince had sniffed her hair. "What was his appearance, Lan Fan?"

Lan Fan could feel a sweep of heat cross her face before she nervously began her sentence. "H-he was always tall for his age-"

Ling turned her, to where they now faced each other.

"H-he never had any flaws,-"

Ling now seemed to be only inches, now centimeters away from her face.

"H-his hair was always long, and it was black-"

Ling was now less than an inch away from hers. He chuckled as her once pale face was now the color of a cherry.

"…But I was never certain that he had noticed my feelings-"

Ling stopped her words with a simple and gentle touch of the lips. Not once had they parted for air, but their lips did part. When they did, their tongues managed to meet and frantically danced and intertwined. Until they finally parted…

"Lan Fan, I did notice you."

Dedicated to my friend: Christina Leing.