The summary: Sabrina is sad and Puck happens to be the one to comfort her.


Sabrina couldn't help it. She was just so sad. It was like everything was weighing on her and she just wanted to cry. She was a little surprised as well. For years she hadn't cried once, the thought not even passing through her head. She had to be strong then, for Daphne. Plus, it wasn't like anything bad had happened to her lately. Puck had been nicer than usually and hadn't pulled a prank on her in days- although something was brewing. She could tell every time she looked at him because he got a sly look on his face and started smirking.

Daphne had been nice as well, treating Sabrina as she usually did, Granny barely bothered her and made good food (none of that nasty stuff she used to make), and no mention of the Scarlet Hand had been mentioned in the past week. Even her Mom and Dad were being great, not fighting with each other or with Sabrina.

But still... Sabrina had the urge to just breakdown crying. The works too- snotty nose, red rimmed eyes, can't breathe crying.

Why? Sabrina thought. Why now? But it didn't matter. Already she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. What's wrong with me? By the time she finally thought of the answer, tears had already begun to slip down her face and once it started there was no stopping it.

For hours all Sabrina did was curl up on her bed, hugging her pillow, and just cry.

Halfway through someone started to open her door. Sabrina, not wanting anyone to see her like this, sat up and started to wipe away her tears and her snot with a tissue. Silently the door slipped open, and in came a creeping Puck holding a basketball under his arm and glue in his hand.

When Puck saw Sabrina sitting on the bed, his face immediately flushed and a guilty look crossed his face as he tried to hide the basketball behind his back. Slowly he stuttered out an, "Uh, I-I-I-I," stopping when Sabrina suddenly burst out into tears.

Puck froze, not sure what to do. In all of his five thousand years of living, not once had he had to deal with tears. They were every mans kryptonite. He was pretty sure though, that leaving was not an option. Screw it, Puck thought. I just came in here to stick a ball to her head, not to deal with, with, with this!

Deciding to escape while he could, Puck slowly inched toward the door.

Sabrina's voice interrupted his plan. "Just leave me alone!" she cried, turning herself so her back was to him, obviously unaware he was planning on doing just that.

Shoot! Puck thought, upset with Sabrina. Now I can't go! I won't have her thinking I'll follow her every order!

Now he freely walked over to the door and closed it, not wanting anyone to see what he was about to do. After he closed the door, he set the basketball and glue on the ground and walked over to where Sabrina was.

Every cell in his body was screaming at him to turn around and leave the room. Still, he persevered and laid down next to Sabrina, wrapping his arms around her the way guys in TV did when a girl cried.

Sabrina froze, but kept crying. "Pu-uck," she hiccuped. "What are yo-u doing?"

Puck scowled from his position, knowing she couldn't see it but still making a little face. "I'm comforting you, Grimm."

"Wh-wh-why?" she sobbed.

Puck rolled his eyes. "Because you're crying."

Sabrina gave up her questioning and went back to crying, trying to ignore Puck's arms that ran around her waist.

For thirty seconds, Puck was quiet until he got bored. Then he started tapping his finger against Sabrina's stomach and sighing.

"W-ill you st-op?" Sabrina asked.

"Why are you crying," Puck questioned, ignoring Sabrina. Puck propped himself on his elbow, moving it slightly out from underneath Sabrina. She waited patiently until Puck got himself comfortable, looking down at her face from a slightly forward position.

"You'll make fun of me," Sabrina whispered.

With a sigh, upset that Sabrina made him come to this, Puck said back, "No, I won't." Every word felt like it was ripping him apart.

Sabrina turned around to face him and Puck laid down next to her, moving his elbow back where it wrapped dutifully around her. "You promise?" Sabrina asked.

With another sigh, Puck replied, "Promise."

Sabrina sniffed and said, "Nobody loves me!" before she started sobbing again, burying her head in Puck's green hoodie.

After a few moments, Puck got mad. I give up my prank, I comfort and cuddle with her, I freakin' promise not to tease her all because she doesn't think she's loved? I gave up my manly pride for that?

Disentangling himself from her limbs (somehow, Sabrina had managed to get not only her arms wrapped around him, but her legs entangled with his), Puck stood up glaring down at Sabrina's confused tear-covered face.

"You think nobody loves you? You have to be the most loved child on the planet! You have Daphne, who wants to be you, you have Granny, who gave up her favorite foods for you, you have your Mom and Dad who stopped fighting for you, you have all the ever afters who have be reduced to talking about the Scarlet hand in secret because Snow White and Prince Charming know how much that upsets you. Why do you think they do that? Because they hate you and don't love you? No! If anything, they love you too much! My father hated me. I would give anything to have all the love you're getting right now!"

Unfortunately, his speech seemed to have the opposite effect. Sabrina started crying harder and yelled, "I know! But I'm still sad!" She buried her head in the pillow and her sobs shook the bed. Immediately Puck felt bad, running over to the bed and wrapping her in his arms again, this time murmuring apologies in her ear.

"I don't know what's wrong with me!" Sabrina mumbled into Puck's hoodie.

After Puck holding her for a few minutes, something clicked inside Sabrina which made her cry even harder. "I do know!" Sabrina sobbed, looking up at Puck's face.

"What?" Puck asked, his face showing relief.

"If everybody loves me so much, how come I don't have a boyfriend?" Sabrina returned her head to Puck's hoodie.

At least I know how to solve this one, Puck thought, a smirk settling on his face. It appears someone can't get enough of the Puck's love train. His chest puffed up with pride. He tried not to brag, but one kiss from the Puck-King and girls keep running back for more.

After pulling Sabrina up, Puck planted one directly on her lips, turning over so her body was beneath his. He put his elbows on either side of her head and deepened the kiss, happy when she kissed him back. This went on for several minutes, although if you ask either of them, they'll say it was more like seconds, before they both realized they were kissing each other.

Puck jumped off Sabrina like she was soap and stammered his way to the door, his face tomato red. Sabrina was no better, trying to scoot back so their would be enough distance between both of them, but she misjudged where she was and ended up falling off the bed. In normal circumstances, Puck would have laughed but he was thinking about how he had just been kissing Sabrina and liking it.

Firmly out the door, both gave a sigh of relief, both horrified that they had both enjoyed it, and both wishing it would happen again.

After Puck had close the door, he leaned against the wall next to her room and smiled. I don't see what the big deal about tears are anymore, Puck thought, his pride once again swelling. As far as I'm concerned, she can cry anytime she wants to. And she didn't even punch me this time!

It was only ten years later after both had been married to each other that they realized Sabrina had stopped crying.