I: Reborn

I promised you another story my dear listener, and I will give it to you. I had grown in the fourteen months since my suicide. I rediscovered what it was like to take joy in life. I was happy now, in spite of everything that had happened, in spite of those who had died. I was finally happy with my life, I loved my new life.

I of course assumed things were going to get a lot easier with my third life. It wasn't about to though, things were about to get a lot harder. I was going to make new friends, human and pokemon. First though, I had to do what my mother did, and get someone to trust me. To trust humans again.

Yes, I was living my third life, but I still had to learn that life is never easy. It's never fair. I think that's something we have to learn many times my dear listener. Well, I started learning from my first day back.

When we left off, I'd been kissing Michael. He was warm, though his breath reeked of vomit. I didn't care though, I smelled like soot. I just wanted to stay like that forever.

So of course the first thing Michael did was try to push me off.

"Angela! How, how are you"

"You said not to leave you again, I'm not leaving you, now shut up" Michael pushed me back again.

"But you're dead, I saw you die! You're lying on my bed in a shoe box"

"It's not me, it's Robin! Now shut up" He pushed me back a third time. "Dang it, will you please stop trying to dodge a sexual encounter with an actual female?" Michael didn't respond, staring at me for a moment.

"R-Robin?" Oh boy.

"This will take a while" I said, sitting down on the bed. I looked down at the shoe box. "Who brought this?"

"An orderly" Michael said, "It was the only way I was going to calm down. If I could have you...or who I thought was you. Damn it Angela, what's going on?" Ugh, he had to ask that question, didn't he? I put a lid on the shoe box, moved it to the window seal, and buried my face in my hands, noticing for the first time my hands were surprisingly rough. Michael sat down beside me.

"Do you want the full version, or the abridged?" I asked. "We discussed some of my reborn life, but not all of it. I told you Enfer was my mother, but not all of that. I even mentioned Not Meowth once, but I didn't tell you what that meant"

"The abridged version will be fine" Michael said.

"Alright" I let out a breath, and began. "Well, as you know when I died, I met Mew who made a deal to bring me back as your Eevee. When we went to see Louis, I first met my mother, Enfer. Her real name was Anna, Anna Kendle. She was" I felt tears, paused, and stopped them from flowing. I would do that a lot. "She was the kindest woman I've ever known.

"I don't remember if I told you this about reborns, so I'm going to tell you again. When two reborns lock eyes, they see the moment of each others death, and sometimes a few seconds before. It's a blessing and a curse to be honest, it means any reborn will always know when another reborn is around. We're never alone.

"I didn't know this at the time though, I thought that me seeing my mother die was me going crazy"

"Well don't worry, your nutty as a fruit cake" Michael said. He kissed me on the side of my face. "But I love you anyways"

"Thanks" I said, "Now where was I? Oh yes. Enfer and I traveled with you, Enfer though didn't talk to me much. She tried to stay away from me. We picked up Rush, and eventually ended up in Rustburo. That is where I met Not Meowth.

"I've told you about Not Meowth, but not how I met him. I met him in the ally beside the Rustburo police station. He froze time in order to talk to me, though at the time I thought it was a dream. We met over and over again, and I've learned from him that Not Pokemon are the guardians of reborns. Every reborn has one, not every reborn meets theirs though. I guess I was lucky, but I was also unlucky.

"For good, their must be evil. I never would have guessed it had to be this evil though. Not Milotic first appeared to me when I was depressed, and gave me the chance to become human again. I agreed, and she brought me to a warped and twisted world, you were a reborn, many of our friends were dead, and I was traveling with Robin. At first I thought she brought me to this new world because she cared, it was only after I refused her offer I saw the real Not Milotic. The vein, selfish, and destructive one.

"Not Milotic was who was helping the man who tried to kill us. His name was Jerry Tagger. Enfer was my mother, and he was my father"

"Your father!? Angela, I"

"Will not shut up. Now let me finish! I don't know why Tagger wanted me dead, but he tried and tried. He killed Virgil, he shot up the stadium, but it doesn't matter. He's dead now. We beat him.

"Tagger killed my mother though. As she lay dying, she asked me for one thing" I sighed. "She asked me to go to Johto, to find...my sister" I looked up at him. "I have a sister Michael" He seemed to freeze for a moment.

"What's her name?"

"My mother named her Christina" I said, "But she could be named anything for all I know. We can talk about that later, let me finish my story.

"When I pushed you out of the way, I did die. I died, and I ended up in a world between life and death called the Macroverse. Not Meowth then more or less took me on a tour of it, until we came to the third part of it, Creation. Robin was there, waiting for me.

"Robin had decided she didn't have anything else in her life. Nothing to live for, no where to go, no one who loved her. She said she wanted to give her life to someone who did have people who loved her, so she gave it to me.

"Not Meowth rewrote history. I never died, was never reborn. Robin died instead, she was your Eevee. Everything else happened more or less the same way, but the only ones who remember are any pokemon who met me as a pokemon, and...you" I sighed. "Abridged version done" Michael collapsed back on the bed, and I joined him a second later.

"So, you've got a sister in Johto?" Michael sighed. "You know what this means?"

"Yeah" I said, "We're going to Johto" He sighed again, then smiled.

"Well, if I were going to go to Johto with anyone, I'd want to go with you" Michael said, turning to me. He was mustering a very warm smile.

"Thanks Michael" I whispered. I moved in to kiss him, and much to both of our surprise, I licked him across the nose.

"....You're not an Umbreon now"


I fell asleep in Michaels arms a few minutes later. We were both so tired, fourteen months non-stop. When I finally woke up for the first time, it was noon.

"Still human" I whispered. My body felt heavy, and the light burned into my brain. I liked it though, it meant I had arms again, and two legs. Two humans legs with two human feet.

I spent a moment just remembering how to use my arms. It took another minute, but I was able to push myself back up.

"Hey" I turned, to see Michael sitting on the chair across from my bed. "I was just watching you sleep" He smiled. "You're really cute when you sleep"

"Thanks" I said, grinning. "This was the first really good nights sleep I had in a long time" I pulled myself off of the bed, and saw the shoe box missing. "...Where is Robin" Michael frowned.

"They don't have a cemetery" Michael said, "They offer burials at sea, they let you take the body, or they offer a third option"

"Which is?" He shook his head.

"I don't want say" Michael said, "You'll learn soon enough. For now though, let's go and see the others"


"They'll want to see you now" Michael said, "We've got a lot of explaining to do"

Rush, Pecha, Trish, and Streak were awake when Michael entered. Rush and Streak turned, getting all excited. Pecha ignored him, Trish cried. Then I entered, and they all froze.

"Hello guys" I said. "I know you don't know who I am, but I am Angel. The Umbreon, your friend. I'm-I'm human"

"How are you human?" Rush asked, a smile on my face.

"Well, it's a long story" I said. "In fact, really to long to try and explain. The point is I'm here now, I'm alive and I'm human"

"You were dead?" Pecha asked. "Did you see something that would help increase the brilliance that is Chu!"

"Did you see Flash?" Trish cried out. "Where is he? What's happening to him?" Oh boy.

"I didn't see Flash" I said, "In fact, I've got no idea what happened to Flash. He was already gone by the time I got there. He's okay though, I'm sure of it" Trish teared up.

"You really really really think so?" She asked in a raspy voice.

"I know so" I whispered. Streak looked me up and down for just a moment. "Can I help you with something?"

"You were an Umbreon?" He asked. "I don't remember an Umbreon in the group. You'd think I would"

"I don't know you that well, so I don't think anything" I said.

"You will know me though" Streak mumbled.

"Angela" Michael said.

"Not now" I said. "Now, who has a question? That has nothing to do with the fact I'm human again?"

"What do we do now?" Trish asked.

"We go to Johto" I said, "Far away from Hoenn, across the ocean. Their is someone waiting for me there. I need to find her, just to talk to her. I have a lot of questions I need to ask her"

"Who is she?" Rush asked, with a happy and oblivious voice.

"She's...my sister" I said. "My sister I had in Johto. She doesn't even know I exist. It's kind of funny actually"

"Not really" Streak said.

"Well I have to laugh or break down sobbing"

"ANGELA!" Michael cried out. I sighed.

"What is it Michael?" I asked. He smirked.

"Well, you were talking to all of them"


"Angela, what species are you?" Michael asked. "The others are pokemon"

"...Holy crap" I cried out, "Did, I mean, I was talking to them?"

"That was the odd part" Michael said, "I couldn't understand what you were saying. It didn't come out in any human language"

"What did it come out as?"

"Well, you saying Umbreon. Just Umbreon, saying it over and over again"

"I can still talk to pokemon" I said. "How is that even possible?" Michael had been cleared to leave the hospital, and now I was seated in the lobby. Michael was off, somewhere. Trish, Streak, Rush, and Pecha sat in a chair beside me.

"I think it's neat!" Rush said happily.

"You think that bubbles in soda are neat" I pointed out. Rush giggled, but I didn't hear it. "I can drink soda again. I can drink it, and it won't be toxic to me! This is...strange" The four of them continued to yammer, but I didn't notice. Instead, I turned my attention to a PC.

As if moved by an unknown force, I was floating over to the PC. I paused in front of it, before shaking my head.

"No, I could only use it if I had" I reached into my pocket, and felt a familiar metal contraption. "A pokedex. Oh God" I pulled it out. Flipping open, I got my first look at me.

"Never been in a battle" I said, "Never caught a pokemon. Only ever had one" I looked at the PC. "A Treecko" Without a second thought, I flipped on the PC, opening it to my box. One pokemon, Treecko, level 5., female. I clicked the button to withdraw.

The pokeball appeared in a small metal slot, and I grabbed it. Their was a small, leaf insignia on the ball, a sign of a starter ball. I walked back to my seat, this time I was definitely moving.

"I could let you out right now" I whispered, as I sat down in my chair. "I've finally managed to calm my life down for the first time in fourteen months. I don't want trouble, I want things to be calm. You'll hate Robin for imprisoning me, and you'll hate me in return, for not stopping her" I sighed.

"On the other hand, what right do I have? You deserve to breathe air again, to see sun light" I brought the ball to my face. "You're going to hate me so much. I promise though, I will work so hard to get you to trust me" I released the ball on my lap.

As I released the Treecko, I was still under the impression all of my life's major problems were over. I was wrong, dead wrong.

Far away from Hoenn, plans were already in motion. In a large room stood ten figures, clothed in yellow robes. They stood in a U shape in front of a large table, where an eleventh figure sat. Behind each of them was a torch, the only light sources in the entire room.

The eleventh figure was different then the others. He was clothed in a silver robe, eyes closed, in deep meditation. On his hands were two purple gloves, and six jeweled rings.

"They are coming" The silver robed figure said. "They will arrive in Johto in four days. They will meet the Zangoose there. Soon they will meet the Painter, and the Collector. We will begin acting then"

"Chrono Grek, are we...ready?" One of the yellow robed figures asked. This one was a male, Elder Haggert.

"Of course we are ready" Chrono Grek said, "We have been ready for this day since the serpent in the sun first contacted me. It has selected each of you for this mission, to begin the cleansing of the earth. The serpents chosen Emissary, the man Tagger, has been killed by the twin daemons. His child, Taggers Heir, has been selected to be the new Emissary. They will kill the twin daemons"

"Then we will begin the grand cleansing?" Another yellow robed figure asked. This one was female, Elder Brend. Chrono Grek nodded.

"The serpent will require sacrifices" Grek said, "At least ten. Human, they will give her power to override minds of pokemon. Every sacrifice will cause her to gain power, remember every sacrifice is a victory for us"

"We understand our ageless Chrono" The ten Elders said in unison. "We are of the sun. The sun shall prevail"

"The sun shall prevail" Grek said, a smile crossing his face. "Prepare for the cleansing, until then you are all dismissed"