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LXXXVII: Battle in the House of Wisdom

With a subject like Angela undergoing a trial, Mew usually would have been watching. Sadly there were more important things for the feline to do right now. The only reason to come to this very lonely island would be if you had something very specific in mind.

"She's going to try to keep them all alive you know." Mew said. "All of them, she won't let any of them die."

And you fear she will fail?

"I fear she'll succeed! That's most likely what will happen if you knew this girl. I mean, I chose well when bringing her back to life. Not that I had much choice with the Titan's breathing down my fur."

The island was a triangular wedge of rock and moss, with a lone cave jutting out of the ground. It looked out of place because it was out of place. The lone occupant had created it.

Your answer is why I do not involve myself with you, legendary, Titans or any petty power struggles.

"Petty struggles are the most fun ones though! For instance, it would be petty to turn your cave into ice cream—

Turn my cave into ice cream and I'll strangle you with your own tail.

"Alright alright. Just agree to what I want and I'll leave you alone." Mew heard a long sigh, odd for a creature with no visible mount.

Fine I'll do as you wish.

"My name is Mistress Kelsey." The woman said. "This is my Ninetales, the name is irrelevant. We are here for you." Charlotte elbowed Virgil as hard as she could. He didn't react.

"Virgil! Saya, now." Virgil cocked an eyebrow. "Oh come on, you were a pokemon once! Didn't you ever learn about type advantages?"

"I was a normal-type. How would that help here?"

"Not you! Saya! Water-type, use water, she fire, you use!" Virgil cocked his head. "Send out Saya!"

"I'm not a trainer." Charlotte face palmed. Kelsey looked over at the Ninetales who shrugged as best it could. "I do not understand what I can do."

"Fine, switch pokemon with me."

"Ms. Lisa double battled before and informed me switching pokemon with another trainer was illegal."

"Switch out Saya with Darheel!"

"No need to do that." Darheel said. "I assure you can take this Ninetales. It will be a glorious battle of human against fox." Virgil nodded very seriously. Charlotte almost collapsed. "We shall battle in this hollowed place and the song of our victory shall ring forth from the heavens!"

"We're all going to die." Charlotte mumbled. Darheel raised a blade against the Ninetales. Nemuri sat where he was.

"Don't expect me to do anything." Nemuri said. "I've got a busy day of sitting on my ass ahead of me." Charlotte reared back and drove her foot into Nemuri. "Yowch! Going, going!"

"Have you ever battled before?" Virgil asked.

"If we redefine the definition of the word 'battle', then yes I have battled before. And by yes I mean no. But I've thought about battling before and that's got to count for something right?"

"No. I've participated in battles." Virgil nodded to Darheel who marched out front. "That shall be enough. Darheel, I trust in you."

"Yeah me too." Charlotte said. Nemuri yawned.

"Thanks, means so much to me." The door beside them began to glow purple. Before anyone could react it was ripped free and sent hurtling towards Kelsey and the Ninetales. The fox smashed it into pieces with a flame-thrower. "Well…shit."

"Why did you do that?" Charlotte asked.

"I'm not strong enough to take it one on one, this worked better." Ninetales fired a flame-thrower at the two of them. Charlotte screamed and tackled Nemuri out of the way, narrowly avoiding being scorched. "Why the hell did I do that! I had this!"

"You are out of your benefit you twat!" Charlotte said, sitting up and smacking Nemuri. "Now shut up and listen to me."

"Darheel slash the Ninetales." Darheel rushed at the Ninetales who unleashed a wave of fire. Darheel dodged to the right and promptly slammed into a wall since this was still a hallway where they were fighting. The fire avoided him mostly, only burning his wings slightly.

"This is too narrow of a hallway for us to engage in combat." Darheel said before rushing Ninetales. He slashed and Ninetales jumped back. Another slash and jump, back and forth until Ninetales hit the wall. Darheel slashed across the face at Ninetales released a full blast.

"Move." Virgil commanded. Darheel's slash went wild and nicked the Ninetales, but he himself survived.

"Psybeam!" Charlotte ordered. Nemuri glanced up at her.

"I have to evolve to learn that human."

"Okay then…" Charlotte's eyes went wide. Virgil kept giving commands to Darheel and the Ninetales kept avoiding them. Kelsey was too distracted by this fight to notice Charlotte whispering to Nemuri.

"That's evil, twisted and heartless." Nemuri said.

"That a problem?"

"You kidding? That's a bonus!" The ceiling above Kelsey and Ninetales began to glow purple but they didn't notice. Darheel attempted an X-Scissors on Ninetales, a worthless attack but one that kept it distracted.

The ceiling groaned. Kelsey looked up just in time to see a large chunk of dry wall pry loose and hurtle towards them. She and her Ninetales jumped out of the way, just in time for Darheel to slash it across the face.

"Curse you!" The Ninetales screamed. Blood was streaming down its face, as another piece of dry wall began to float beside it. "Do you think you can—

The drywall flew and Ninetales leapt aside. It was met by Darheel, hitting it with a hard X-Scissors and knocking it towards Darheel.

"Confusion!" Charlotte yelled. Nemuri created a cloud of purple psychic energy, driving Ninetales into it and knocking the massive fox unconscious. "You did it!"

"I am the fucking King!" Nemuri screamed. As soon as the words exited his mouth, Nemuri began to glow bright white. His form expanded and gained a foot of height as a massive tail grew out above his rear.

"Angela's going to like this." Charlotte mumbled. The glowing faded to show the new Kadabra Nemuri, holding a spoon.

"Woah…that felt good." Nemuri looked at the spoon in his hand and let go of it. It stayed in his palm of course. "Gotta get used to that."

"You think this will stop me?" Kelsey asked. "I am one of the Seventh Order, I am—" Virgil walked behind her and slammed his fist into the small of her back. She gasped as the air burst out of her, before passing out. Virgil let her smack into the ground, very unconscious.

"Well that was a thing I guess." Charlotte said.

"Her Ninetales is strong but it expected to march over us." Virgil stood up. "When she regains consciousness, she will not make that mistake again."

"What do you suggest?" Virgil pulled a twisted piece of metal from the collapsed ceiling. "Virgil?

"I'm going to kill her"

"NO! Stop!" Virgil froze above Kelsey's form. "Don't. I know it's logical but please don't do it."

"This woman is a killer." Virgil said.

"And I'm not. And you don't have to be." Charlotte swallowed. "You don't need to be I swear."

"And if she does come back?" The question froze Charlotte's heart.

"Then I'll deal with her. I'll take her out, I swear I'll do it." Virgil lowered his piece of metal.

"You do care for life." He tossed the metal aside. "I will let her live."

When you're locked in a small hallway with a lunatic and an Electovire, several things go through your mind. For me the first was very simple. I need to protect Desiree.

"When was the last time I was in a real battle?" Desiree asked. She giggled and set Kira down on the ground, but left Iggy on her head of course. "I got this."

"You've got nothing little girl. You two bitches are my prize." Travis said. "I am Travis of the Seventh Order, I am your death."

"Anna, Leaf Blade!" No chance to let Travis start fighting. A one on two fight between us could get us really hurt. "Desiree, use Kira to hold the Electovire."

Anna lunged with a massive glowing green blade. She slashed only to have Electovire catch her in his massive ham arms. Anna used Pound and slammed her head leaf against Electovire. Electovire thunder punched Anna.


"Psychic." Desiree yelled. Electovire dropped Anna and grabbed his head, which began to glow bright purple. Anna charged up another Leaf Blade and slashed him across his chest, knocking him on his fat ass.

Electovire immediately bounced back and thunder punched Anna, only to miss and end up with his hand stuck in the ground. Anna Slashed him across his back, but it barely left a mark.

"My Electovire is invincible." Travis said with a grin. "Do your worst, you won't survive this."

"Water gun!" Desiree screamed at Iggy. He fired off a long stream of water that bounced harmlessly off of Electovire. Gaberial moaned from beside me.

"Why use that on an Electric type?"

"Why don't you go out there and help?" I asked.

"I'm a water-type, I'll get my ass kicked." Electovire grabbed Anna and tried to electrify her. Sadly all the thunder in the world won't do much to a grass-type. Even knowing that Anna looked like she was in pain.

"Swift!" Desiree yelled. Kira's forehead jewel glowed and a bunch of golden stars came sailing out of thin air, smacking into Electovire. He turned towards Kira and fired a thunder bolt at her, off of his finger. Kira dodged and used Psybeam.

This one sent Electovire spinning around, causing him to drop Anna. Anna leapt back and Electovire walked face first into a wall.

"Damn it get your ass out there!" Travis screamed. "Move it!"

Electovire was a tad busy being confused. He slammed his head two more times against the wall before snapping back to reality. Electovire lunged at Kira and pinned her under his massive right arm.

"Anna assist." Anna grabbed onto Electovire's free left arm, but he barely noticed. He charged up his left arm and zapped Anna before slamming his fist on Kira. Up and down it went and Kira began to scream in pain. "Leaf blade the face!"

"What?" Travis asked. Before he could give an order, Anna drove her glowing blade straight into Electovire's face, across his eyes. Electovire bellowed and let go of Anna. He swiped at Anna but sadly she was too fast for the electric slab of meat.

Electovire lifted both of his arms to shock-pound the ground. Kira took this opportunity and zapped him with another Psybeam, knocking him two his knees. Now Electovire was bleeding and breathing hard. His tails were limp and his fur was matted down orange.

"You bitches." Travis growled. "You fucking bitches I swear…I…" He grinned "Thunderbolt, blond girl."

"What!?" Electovire grinned and his back began to spark. A long bolt of lightning fired off at Desiree. Without a second thought I tackled Desiree, knocking her out of the way. The ground where she had stood burst with electricity.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I screamed. Anna and Kira continued to pound on the very bloody Electovire, but he ignored them.

"Both of the girls. Ignore all else. Kill the blonde first." Goddamn dirty coward.

Electovire rushed at the two of us. In that minute I had seconds to decide what I was going to do. Really there was no option, I needed to stop this thing. If I can't stop it, I can stop its trainer.

I raised my tattooed arm up. Travis looked at me as everything began to glow bright white. I fell backwards…

…And crashed into the room of my mind. As usual it was dry, warm and windswept. Not an ocean in sight, exactly the way I liked it. Time was standing still outside so I had plenty of time.

"Okay, I'm here and I've…" Two silver cords and pokeballs greeted me, along with the long crimson cord going off to no where. "I've only got two Pokemon? Anna and Gaberial I bet.

"Guess this is what happens when I loan my Pokemon." I mumbled. Across the way, sewn onto my beautiful desert was a massive military complex. It looked like the inside of a giant machine with metal parts and hissing steam. I approached it with as much caution as I could.

"Travis?" I called out to the metal structure. "I'm here!"

"I was waiting for you to pull this crap you little bitch." The voice boomed from everywhere. I looked up at hundreds of criss-crossing catwalks and conveyer belts with missiles on them. "You like my room? This is my mental battlefield."

"Come on out and fight me you piece of shit!"

"Oh I'll fight you. I'll fight you." The air behind me crackled. For instinct only I leapt out of the way, right as a thunder bolt struck where I was standing. I spun around just in time to watch the last sparks fade away. Travis's laugh filled the factory. "I'm somewhere in here you little bitch. You think you can find me?"

The lights flipped on.

And on.

And on. On so far that I couldn't see an end, a never-ending factory of war, with one Electovire hiding somewhere in it.

"Fine, you think this is a problem?" I grabbed one pokeball and released it, letting the green Grovyle shield cover me. "Bring it on!" I crouched on my Grovyle talons and leapt into the air.