LXXXIX: All Alone II

Life moves slower when you're falling to your death. I hope you never have to experience this my dear listener.

When you are falling, you need to do one of two things. Either stop it or find a way to cushion your fall. I had no way to stop it and only one pokeball. The decision therefor was obvious.

"Don't got any choice." I tapped Gabriel's pokeball. "If this gets me killed, I'm going to be so pissed."

The blue shell surrounded me and immediately I had to learn a new body. Figures, my first time with a new form would be a fight to the death. It's all instinct. Water Gun!

I fired and was tossed back up. I spun through the air, smashing through a pipe in the process and crashing against the ground. Sitting up I took stock of my blue shell and body.

"Alive. Still alive." A thump signaled to me Travis' arrival. "And I got to hide." I scrambled under a low to the ground conveyer belt that had a series of boxes on top of it. I could hear the Electivire man but not see him.

"What kind of warehouse makes boxes? Or is it like an arms factory?" I sighed. "Shit if I know. How cliché." Says the girl with a desert for her mental battleground. I crawled to where the conveyer belt and wall met and pulled into a ball.

"Croconaw is water-type, Electivire is electric. And it's faster, stronger and one evolution higher then me. What else do I got?" I briefly looked out from underneath the conveyer belt.

I could hear Travis but not see him. What I could see was the damaged warehouse. "Fuck never damaged a building like this before…maybe the hall of records. It's all jagged…"

Electricity burns covered the walls and steam whistled from the jagged remains of pipes. The lights above us were so high above us they were almost swallowed by shadows.

"If he zaps me, I'm dead." I looked at the web of catwalks criss-crossing above me. "Okay, I got a room with lots of sharp things and lots of places to fall. It's his room though not mine.

"All I got is a desert. Nothing sharp there." I climbed out from under the conveyer belt and crawled on all fours. The only sounds were the sounds of steam, gears and claws on metal.

I found Travis standing in front of a large metal cube, maybe a machine of some kind.

"Where are you bitch? Where the fuck are you!" He Thunder Punched a crackling fist into the machine and tore through the metal like tissue. "I'm going to break you next you goddamn bitch!"

Now! I lunged and opened my massive Croconaw jaws and used Bite on his ugly fat skull. Travis responded with a single punch to my side that dislodged me and sent me sprawling.

"You really thing that stops me?" He cackled, turning to face me. "I am a pillar of strength! I am—

While he was grandstanding, I water-gunned him right in the chest. Travis screamed in rage but my blow blew him into the wall. Before he could shock me I dropped it and leapt into the air, jumping higher then a Croconaw normally can.

I landed on a catwalk and ran as fast as my four stubby legs could carry me. I then crawled over the side and held onto the grate through the bottom with my claws.

"The hell was that?" I grinned under the shell. "Okay, gravity not the friend of fat ass. But…" I kept walking only to briefly walk into a steam cloud. Attempting to clean off the steamed up shell, I let go of the walkway.

"…Damn it!" I fell and crashed onto a metal machine, denting it in the process. I then rolled onto the floor beside a piece of jagged pipe sticking out of the wall.

"Ugh, why can't the Supreme Titan get someone else to help him?" I stood up, shaking my head. "Why can't…wait…." I looked at the pipe and at my body. In my head the gears began to turn.

Travis's two tails twitched in the air. I followed behind him, again on all fours. One thing about Croconaw is that they are fluid, even as their shell begins to crumble.

That's it. Go that way you stupid bastard. Travis didn't even turn to face me. He wouldn't have seen me.

Every conveyer belt, every machine, any piece of obstruction I hid behind. All the while waiting.

There were slight cracks on his Electivire form but not nearly enough to kill him in a long fight between him and me. His Thunder Punch to me had badly cracked my shell, so he had type advantages and all I had was a Water Gun.

We passed through the steam cloud from earlier. Now we were in the center of the warehouse, where this battle started. Travis glanced behind, not seeing me hidden behind a piece of ceiling. He turned back and resumed walking.

"Little closer." I whispered. My body burned, my mind was focused on this fight. Not on anything…not even on what came next. Travis lifted a metal cone on the ground up and tossed it behind. It clanged beside me and rolled off.

"Where are you bitch!? You can't hide from me! I am invincible!"

"Let's test that then." I yelled, jumping up. Travis turned to face me, grin on his face. Neither of us moved.

A cloud of steam surrounded us. Any electricity used would shock us both. Fine for him, fatal for me. I took one step to the left and Travis did the same.

"You finally came out." He grinned under his fogged up shell. "You think you can beat me?"

"I know it." I said. We continued to circle each other, neither of us wanting to make the first move.

"Well bitch, you must know something I don't. I got type, you got shit. You are shit." I swallowed. My heart was pounding against my chest.

"I'm more then you." The two of us stopped across from each other. Travis laughed again.

"I'm going to smash you into pieces." Travis said. "Then I'm going to cut off your head and make your boyfriend kiss it."

Michael. I stifled a scream.

"What do you think of that bitch?"

"Just this." I moved like I was going to fire off a Water Gun. Travis took this as a reason to Thunderbolt me. Electricity crackled and shocked us both but the heaviest blow struck the area I had just been.

Instead I rolled to the right. Before Travis could react I shot a Water Gun with my last breath.

My armor shattered into pieces but the attack struck Travis. He looked at me in horror as it threw him against the back wall.

"What…the hell?" He looked at me then down at his form. Travis' golden armor shattered and his blood began to dribble down to the ground.

Sticking out of his body, just below his heart was a jagged pipe I had punctured him on. Travis looked up at me again. Blood dribbled out of his mouth.

"Goddamn you…bitch." His head lulled foreword. I stood up.

"It's my fight." The world around me fell apart and I fell with it. "Burn in hell. Bitch."