Epilogue: All of our Tomorrows

The rest of that day was a long one, as two families were reunited - Kohaku and Sango, the last of the taijiya, and Inuyasha and his parents, along with Sesshoumaru and his father.

After a time, however, it was noted that Touga and Izayoi wished to spend time with Inuyasha - for Touga, the son he'd never known, and so, Sesshoumaru took his leave.

When he'd asked his father in an aside what he was going to do, and about the Western Lands, Touga told him that the rule of the West was still Sesshoumaru's burden to carry - he had no interest in that - but that he had every plan to take back his mate's and younger son's inheritance.

Sesshoumaru cast a slightly confused glance at him, but then his expression cleared, and he merely nodded at his father, understanding what he meant.

Kagome, also feeling that the three needed privacy, went and sat by herself for a while, having several things herself to think over, and Sesshoumaru, seeing this, came to ask his favor of her... the one for helping her learn to control her powers. It turned out that Rin was showing signs of being a miko, and there was no one else he would trust with her - so it was his request that Kagome train Rin.

She was more than happy to do so, and told him that once she and Inuyasha were settled, he could begin to bring Rin for her lessons. It was never said, but understood by both, that she was honored by the fact that he trusted her with Rin - and Kagome was determined to justify his trust. She watched with a smile as he took his leave, pleased that the siblings she'd first known as deadly enemies would finally begin to find peace - and family.

Turning back to her own thoughts, she glanced over to her mate and his parents, and smiled. She could feel Inuyasha's joy at his mother's return, and his tentative respect for his father. It brought such a deep feeling of happiness to her - seeing Inuyasha's injured soul beginning to heal.

She loved him so much, that all the ugliness and pain he'd been through in his life had hurt her deeply, and now, she could make some of that up to him... take away some of that ugly, and bring beauty to him. It made her life worthwhile.

And the same went for Sango and her brother... and her hentai monk. Miroku loved Sango with all his heart, and her near constant suffering these last years over her brother's plight had hurt him deeply. Kagome was very glad she'd been able to change the ending that Naraku had written for those three - they deserved it.

She only wished she'd been able to do more.

She could feel the joyous happiness coming from the group, everyone relaxed and content... all except Onigumo. He sat, as far from the group as possible, completely dejected. Kagome, however, felt no pity for him - he'd made his bed, now he had to lay in it. She grinned as she thought about that bed and what it would entail - he was gonna hate the rest of his life, she'd bet, if Touga had anything to say about it.

And that, she thought, was just simple justice.


In the days and months following Naraku's defeat, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Shippo, along with Miroku, Sango, Kohaku and Kirara, moved to Kaede's village permanently, building themselves huts just on the outskirts. It took some time, since both males were intent on building very large huts... since they both had plans to have many, many children.

Inuyasha also had an inheritance of his own coming someday, as, just as he'd said he would, his father found those that had taken over Izayoi's inheritance - they'd been little better than bandits that had stolen what didn't belong to them - and took every bit of it all back from the descendants of those same bandits.

Of course, her family's main palace had been burned to the ground the night of Inuyasha's birth, but there were other palace's that her family had held - they'd been very wealthy, and they were once again, wealthy.

Kagome was a bit uncomfortable with the thought that one day she'd be the Lady of Setsuna, along with being the mate of a Lord twice over. It all entailed a little more formality than she was comfortable with - but she was with Inuyasha, so in the end, it was worth it.

Inuyasha just grinned and shook his head at her reluctance, and reminded her about her presentation to the Inu clan.

Finally, two days before they'd been mated a year, he took her to Sesshoumaru's fortress, and presented her as was dictated by youkai custom. His father made sure that he and Izayoi were there, for support in case anyone tried to cause trouble at her ningen status.

With the power surrounding her, however, none of those there felt it would be worth complaining, and thus, she was welcomed into the Inu clan, even if begrudgingly on behalf of some of those there.

Naraku lived for many, many years, and though he tried many times to escape his fate, Touga was nobody's fool, and he kept the ex-hanyou in line with a whip touch. He eventually learned to lose the arrogance, but he was bitter and full of hate 'til the day he died, and Kagome was pretty sure he'd be in hell for a while before he'd be allowed to reincarnate.

She just hoped he didn't cause half the trouble that he had as Naraku, in his new life.

Sango and Miroku lived long, joyful lives, with lots of children, before finally passing on - leaving behind a saddened group of friends. Kohaku followed a short time later, and though grieving, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo knew they'd been blessed to have such good friends for so many years, and kept watch over their descendants, keeping the family line of the taijiya and the monk strong and true.

The years passed, as they always do, and by the time Kagome's birth era finally arrived, they had centuries of stories and happiness to share with her family... and many, many children.

It had been a long time coming, but when her family was restored to her, the circle was finally complete, and now, their whole family could unite as one.

Looking back over the years, she sent a silent thanks to the one that brought them all together so many years before.

Thank you, Midoriko.