"Want to grab dinner Bones?" Booth asks as he finishes up the case. With no other pressing work to distract her Brennan agrees. "Thai, Chinese the diner?" he asks. She scrunches her nose in a way that makes him smile. "We've eaten out every night this week" she says annoyed. When did it become so reoccurring she wonders. "How about my place something healthy for once" she huffs. "No way" Booth refutes "Your mac and cheese or we go out". "Fine" Brennan caves easily, snatching the keys out of his hand "then I drive" she smiles triumphantly. "Your car?" Booth questions. "You picked my up at 4 AM for this case" she replies semi irritated he forgot. She grins hoping into the driver's seat. The car ride goes quickly with Booth going on and on about how she should get a TV so they could watch the game. Even though she has no idea what "game" he's talking about. Once inside she prepares the food and Booth hovers. "Quit it Booth" Brennan says exasperated, as he tastes the sauce for the third time. "Maybe if you had a TV I wouldn't be so bored Bones," he counter as part of what he considers their customary teasing. Her face shuts down immediately. "Not that your boring" he quickly backtracks "just busy". "Busy cooking you dinner" she snaps stirring the bowl hard. After a few minutes conversation is easy again, nothing could come between these two. Booth apologized. "You should be sorry" was Brennan's response. "Just say I forgive you, Bones," he says. They sit at her table to eat the mac and cheese. Booth takes a bite. "Amazing" he declares. Just like the chef.