Chapter 15: Announcements and The Future

Once Adrianna was moved into her own room, Randy headed out to the waiting room holding baby Rylan. By this time, John, Shanna, Stephanie, Paul, Cody and a few others were in the waiting room waiting for word on Adrianna and the baby.

"Randy?!" Shanna exclaimed.

"Shhh. I would like you all to be the first to meet Rylan Keith Orton. 7lbs 8ozs, 20in long born 4/1/2012 at 10:31pm." Randy told them.

"Congratulations, daddy." Shanna stated as she hugged her brother-in-law.

"Congrats, Randy." Paul stated.

Once everyone had a quick chance to hold the baby, Randy took Rylan back to Adrianna. While Adrianna nursed their son, Randy called his parents in St. Louis. Adrianna still hadn't had a chance to wish her husband a happy birthday yet.

"Happy Birthday, baby." Adrianna stated.

"I completely forgot it was my birthday. But I got the best present I could ever ask for." Randy responded as he kissed Adrianna's forehead.

Once Rylan was asleep, Randy put him in his little bed and pulled the chair out to make his own bed. Adrianna fell asleep rather quickly and so did Randy. Bob and Elaine arrived at the hospital later the next morning to meet their grandson. Adrianna and Rylan were released from the hospital the next day and the drive home took a lot longer than the drive to Topeka.

Six months later….

"Randy, come on!" Adrianna called up the stairs.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Randy responded as he and Rylan came downstairs.

"We are going to miss it, if we don't hurry." Adrianna stated.

"Let's go then." Randy responded.

Randy, Adrianna and Rylan arrived at the hospital at the same time as John Sr. and Carol. Randy sat in the waiting room with his son and the rest of the family and friends, while Adrianna headed back to Shanna's room.

"What took you so long?" John asked.

"Randy is what took so long. The man takes forever packing the diaper bag." Adrianna answered.

"Well, they are just about ready for us." John responded as both he and Adrianna put on a pair of scrubs.

"Nervous?" Adrianna asked.

"A little, but being around Rylan has helped me too."John answered.

"We're ready for you both." a nurse stated.

John and Adrianna followed the nurse into the surgical room where Shanna was waiting to have her c-section. Shanna had wanted both John and Adrianna in the room for the birth. As the doctor made his incision, Shanna could feel the pressure, but not the pain. Soon the room was filled with the cries of a newborn baby.

"It's a boy!" the doctor announced.

"Congratulations." Adrianna smiled.

"And it's a girl!" the doctor announced.

"Congratulations again! Now you have one of each." Adrianna stated.

Once the babies were cleaned up and Shanna was moved into a recovery room. John let everyone know that the twins were both healthy and Shanna was doing good. Adrianna took pictures of her new niece and nephew before her, Randy and Rylan had to leave.

Later that night as Adrianna fed Rylan, she couldn't help but think about having another baby. She and Randy hadn't talked about it much, but she didn't want too much of an age gap between their kids. Once Rylan was asleep, Adrianna crawled into bed and curled up next to Randy.

"When will we have another baby?" Adrianna asked.

"Soon enough." Randy answered before they fell asleep.