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(Rose's letter to Hermoine and Ron)

Dear Mum and Dad-

You will never beleive what I did. I just slapped Scorpius Malfoy.

I immediately apologized, though. I thought you might enjoy it, dad.

Third year has been good. Dad- you were right about butterbeers.

Anyway, I miss you and love you.


P.S.- I enclosed some chocolate frogs dad.

Dear Rose-

I couldn't be more proud of you. I wouldn't have excpected more, you

are a Granger, after all, it is tradition. I have never been happy in

such a long time. I couldn't be more proud of you, or rather


Your proud father-

Ron Weasley.

Dear Rose-

Your father is on the verge of tears, I had to take the parchment away

before he soaked it in tears. It does amuse me that you slapped him though,

if he deserved it. I'm glad you apologized. Your father also gorged himself on the Chocolate Frogs.. At least he enjoyed them.

I miss and love you.

Your loving mother-

Hermoine Weasley.

Fourth Year: Detentions, foodfights, and notes.

Rose Weasley, Scorpius Malfoy, and Albus Potter were currently eating dinner at Hogwarts, at the Gryffindor table.

Rose had newly become a vegatarian, and Scorpius, of course had to tease her about it.

"Hey Rosie Posie, want some meat?" Scorpius waved a piece of steak and kidney pie in front of her.

She just wrinkled her nose, and continued to eat her salad.

He sighed.

"You're no fun anymore, don't you do anything?" He agitated her, trying to start something.

She just shrugged, and continued to eat her salad, and then an apple.

"Waaaaaaaaait! You're like, amoexic, or something!" He shouted, and a few people stared.

She just rolled her eyes. "Anorexic, and no, I haven't." She politely replied.

"What's your problem!" He inquired.

"I don't have a problem, Scorpius." She spoke, calmly.

He started to wave his fork, and it hit her, on her forehead, the steak and kidney pie.

Albus's eyes widened.

She wiped the steak off her face slowly, and threw a piece of apple pie at Scorpius.

Only, he ducked and she hit Lucifer Zabini himself, in the face.

Lucifer's face turned purple, and he threw a baked potato.

This time it was Rose's turn to duck and it hit Alek Scour, Hufflepuff, in the face.

He threw some back, and it hit Albus.

Albus threw it at the Slytherin table, thinking it was from them.

It just so happened to hit Uriel Goyle in the face.

His face turned purple, such a purple that would have made Vernon Dursley proud.

He threw it back, and soon there was an all out brawl.

Some of the kids ducked their heads and hid, and some were the main offenders in the fight.

The main offenders including: Rose Weasley, Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Alek Scour, Lucifer Zabini and Uriel Goyle.

There was pie, pumpkin juice, meat, salad, fruits, starches, everything flying.

The Professors and Filch could do nothing, it was pointless, helpless.

They heard a scream, and food stopped flying.

Then McGonagall appeared.

"I WANT TO KNOW," she screamed, again, with the mutant yelling. "WHO DID THIS!" The shrill voice peirced their ears, and all hands were pointed on those six.

"COME, YOU SIX, NOW!" For reasons of their safety, they compelled.

"Professors, prefects, heads, clean this up and escort the children back to their dorms." She said, rubbing her temple.

They walked solemnly in silence back to her office.

"Sit down, please." She flopped down on her seat, moving papers and gestured to the seats.

They sat down at once, the Gryffindors and Hufflepuff farther away from the Slytherins.

"Children, what happened? A-a food fight?" She asked incredulously. "A Muggle type of fight?" She ranted on and on, obviously past angry.

"Now, what should your punishment be..." she mused to herself.

"A detention?" Goyle responded weakly.


They had never, ever seen McGonagall so mad in her life. She might've been, at previous Weasley's (George and the late Fred.)

"Go, now, and I will think of your punishment." She breathed.

They left, as quiet as they came.

They were still covered in an array of food, and smelled. Bad.

As they entered the common room, people held their noses.

"Go take a shower!" A girl whined, holding her nose.

"Tattletale." Rose whispered under her breath.

She took a shower, and changed into clean clothes.

A first year came up to her dorm:

"Umm, Rose, Headmistress wants to see you," She spoke quietly and Rose had to strain to hear.

She trudged down the hall, clad in her pyjamas, to her office.

The other five were already sitting down, she seemed to be the last.

"Children, you will have two weeks of detention with Professor Longbottom." She said, taking off her glasses and cleaning them.

"You will help Professor Longbottom with the Mandrakes, and you will sit there, and think about what you have done." She sharply spat.

"Jesus," Scorpius sighed. "She needs to get that pole up from in her arse." He murmured.

"Well, we did start the fight!" Rose protested.

"Actually, Rosie, you did." Albus spoke up.

She glared at him and he swallowed, "I mean, actually, Scorpius did, he taunted you, right?"

Scorpius glared, and murmured something only he and Albus could hear:

"Way to go, Albus, scared of your cousin. Have you no shame?"

"I'm more scared of her than I am you." Albus admitted.

Scorpius scowled.

"Well, you're gonna find out in the past two weeks." He said darkly.

"Hey, it's not Albus's fault!" She answered.


She just glared.

"Bye!" She turned around and saw Alek Scour stood there, grinning.

Rose flushed and muttered her goodbye.

"Oooh!" Albus teased, making faces.

"Shut up, Albus." Rose warned, still flushed, and went to her dorm.

"Good night, boys." She added.

"Good niiiight!" They chorused.

They following week was the start of the detentions.

The three, and Alek Scour, walked solemnly to Professor Longbottom's class, after classes ended.

"Children-" He started, then stopped. "You got in a little-" Again with the starting and stopping, trying to rephrase his statement. "You see-" He muttered.

"You know what, you guys got in a fight, and this is how you will repay it." He confidently stated.

" 'Atta boy, Longbottom, knew you could do it!" Goyle cheered, and Zabini giggled.


"Yes." Goyle meekly replied.

"Yes, what?" The Professor asked, face still red.

"Yes sir." He replied.

"Good. Sorry I had to get...angry at your group, but you should know that that will not be tolerated, especially by me." He absently fixed his tie.

Rose raised her hand.

"Yes, Rose?" He asked.

"Mum and dad say hi." She said.

"Ohh, yes." He remembered something. "Tell them I will see them this weekend."

"For what?" She asked.

"Ohhh, noooothing." He airily declined.

Her eyebrows narrowed. "Whatever you say, Professor."

"Good." He was just about to sit down, then Albus raised his hand.

"Yes, Albus?" He warily asked.

"My mum and dad also say hi." He stated.

"Good, tell them the same thing."

"Okie Dokie artichokie." Albus quirkily replied.

Sighing, Professor Longbottom sat down, grading papers.

Rose was just about to get out a few books and catch up on Potions, but then something fluttered her way.

She looked oddly around the room, Albus and Scorpius were engaged in a not-so-secret thumb-war fight, Zabini and Goyle were being...themselves. And that left Alek Scour.

He grinned and gestured her to pick the piece of paper up.

Cautiously, she picked it up.

'Hey.' Was plainly written on it, at the top. Rose briefly smiled before writing down a 'Hey.' then, making sure the coast was clear, fluttering it back.

He read it, scribbled something on it, then sent it back.

'What are you doing?' He inscribed.

'Nothing. What about you, Alek?' She signed back.

'Wow, the famous Rose Weasley knows my name. I should be honored.' She could see the playfulness in his writing.

'Yes, you should be, though considering the circumstances...I am deeply bored' Wait-wasn't this flirting?

Before she could think about it, he sent it back. 'Yes, I know. So, does the famous Rose Weasley want to accompony me to Hogesmade?'

She couldn't exactly believe it. I mean Alek Scour was...well..good-looking. If you put it like that, extremely.

'Ohh, I'm not too sure..' She replied.

'C'mon, it's just one night. Besides, if you really don't like me, you can just escape from the bathroom window or something.'

The laugh escaped her lips, and the Professor's eyes were on her. She opened her book and pretended to read, before his eyes went back down to the papers.

'I suppose. I mean, I could leave anytime.' She replied.

'Good. So when's the next Hogesmade date?'


''ll go with me?' He wrote.

'Yea, I'll go with you.' She replied.

She grinned at him before she went back to Potions. Just then, a different piece of paper fluttered by.

She looked at Alek, he was doing some papers, Goyle and Zabini were...still being themselves.

That left Albus and Scorpius.

Albus was reading a book, 'Twelve Ways To Charm Witches.'

Rose giggled again, and looked at Scorpius. He smirked, and pointed to the piece of paper.

'So what are you flirting with over there?' He wrote.

'Is it your business?' She fluttered the piece of paper back.

'Er-well, no. Buuut. I'm your best mate, other than Albus, right?' He replied.

'Guess so, Scorpius. Do you reaaally want to know?' She wrote back.

'YES! I do. Just, curious. That's all.'

She laughed at his eagerness.

'Alek Scour asked me to go to Hogesmade with him.' She happily wrote.

'Alright...but if he does any funny business, it's his arse, got it?'

'Aww, it's so cute when you get overprotective, Scorpius. It's like your my older brother or something.'

'Sure, I guess.'

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