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When Kel awoke, there was little light coming in through the tent flap.  She stared up at the roof drowsily.  She was warm, and  her foot didn't hurt as long as she kept it still.  For now, she was content   But soon Kel became restless.  What was she supposed to do for the next two months?  She couldn't exercise, practice her glaive, staff or sword, and neither could she read; she couldn't move to get a book.  Besides which, she had brought only one book with her, which happened to be in her pack, in a different tent.  She lay, staring up at the ceiling.  As long as one had an imagination, one could never be bored.  It was true.  Kel let her thoughts drift… Joren. 

Why had he kissed her?  Possibly it was another way to make her feel uncomfortable and inferior… she was female and subject to male harassment.  On the other hand, Joren had been so nice on the trip up here!  In fact, he had been nice for quite a while.  So what was the other option?  Maybe he liked her.  Was that even possible?  Kel didn't consider herself attractive, and Neal certainly didn't.  She felt a pang of regret there, but it wasn't a very big one.  What reasons would Joren have to be attracted to her?  She had determination, and stubbornness against all odds.  She had won Lord Wyldon's respect, however grudgingly, was it possible that she had won Joren's too?  Kel thought back to her conversation with him, when he had been talking about Sir Alanna.  His words had rung true. 

So Joren did like her!  Kel felt a thrill inside her at this point.  Was it possible that she returned his feelings?  Well, he was certainly attractive enough!  He had amended his ways since he had become a squire, and his attitude had to all appearances changed.  He had resolution, that was evident in how he had dogged her in her first years.  And then, he knew when to back down.  He had tried to befriend her, and had even apologised to her, after he saw that women knights really could fight.  So the question was, did she like him back?  Yes.  Kel thought his name, and felt a jump of excitement somewhere inside her chest. 

Kel thought on Joren a little more, until the squire himself entered the tent.  Outside, the sun was setting. 

"How are you feeling, Kel?"  His voice was calm, his face straight, but his hands betrayed him.  They were twisting and wringing. 

"I'm okay.  Just berating myself for being such an idiot." It was true… how could she have dropped the weapon? 

"It happens to the best of us," Joren said reassuringly.  He indicated the chair next to Kel's bed, "Mind if I sit down?"

"No, go ahead." Kel's heart fluttered, and she told herself off sternly.  She was behaving like the love-sick court ladies! 

"Um, about, you know…"

"Yes." Kel did know. 

"Did you… do you mind?  I mean…"  the sun had practically set now, which Kel was grateful for because it hid her blush.  Joren stopped, and shook his head.  Then he continued,  "Kel, I really like you.  In the beginning, I refused to admit it, and made a show of open hostility.  Then I came to understand the ways of a lady knight, and realise your ambition was as valid as my own.  When I came to understand you, the attraction just took hold.  I do like you.  If you don't feel the same, I can understand.  That's find, what with the torture I've put you through for such a long time, but…"  At this point, Kel cut him off. 

"Yes, Joren, I understand.  I like you too."  Joren's face broke into a smile. 


Finally, Kel's sarcastic side got the better of her.  "No, I hate you!  I was just pretending!"  She felt abashed immediately, but Joren was still smiling. 

He kissed her.  It was somewhat awkward (what with Kel's leg), but Kel enjoyed the moment  nonetheless.  Joren broke it off, looking unhappy. 

"Kel, I'm leaving tomorrow.  With Sir Paxton.  I'm not going to see you for two months."

"I'll miss you." 

There wasn't much else to be said, so Joren and Kel didn't waste the time in speaking.  An action was worth a thousand words, and there was one action in particular that they both considered appropriate.  (No!  This is rated PG-13, I'll have you know!  Think cleanly!)  They only stopped kissing when they heard footsteps outside.  It was the cook, and he had come to say his own good-bye.  He did so, and a few of the men did so too.  Finally, Joren was again left alone with Kel.  He gave her one last kiss, and then rose and left. 

"I'll miss you." Kel whispered, as the tent flaps closed.  She would.  More than she could believe possible. 

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