A/N: It took me a while to come up with something... Okay! A lot of people want to see Pearl's death, that will be out next chapter, right now, I'm have "Pearl's Death Writer's Block".

Now, Gary's death!

Gary waited and waited and waited for his fellow sponge owner to come home and feed him. Of course he was a snail, he needed Spongebob to feed him. It was two days since he last ate, so Gary was starving. How long could it continue?

After three days past, Gary started to wonder. Spongebob was still out of sight. He was starving, and without food soon he would die. What was the snail to do? If he kept waiting for him, he might not ever get food and die. He had to think of a plan. So Gary tried looking in the fridge. He opened the door, and then it leaned forward a bit. What happened? Did he trigger something to make it tip, or worse, fall? He tried moving as fast as he could to get away from the refridgerater. If only he weren't a snail! The fridge was now starting to lean. Gary was almost out of its way. Just a little more! But then, it tipped fully over, and Gary didn't make out of it's way in time. Only half of him made it out of the way. The rest of him was trapped under the fridge. He could only wait now until he died.

One week has past. Gary looked up and the lights starting to turn off due to burning out of the lightbulbs. Then, he heard his stomach grumble loudly. He was so hungry! He tried to move from the fridge that had fallen on him, but he couldn't. He then saw his life flash before his eyes, and then passed.

Longest death ever. And promise, next week will be Pearl's!

Soul Eater Love to all!

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