I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. ewe

This will be the last chapter. :'C I'm sorry, but with my Invader ZIM stories keeping me typing, I am BUSYBUSYBUSY! But, do enjoy this last chapter, where everyone shall... DIE. eFTe;;

It was an average day in Bikini Bottom. It seemed that everyone was walking the streets. The town was suddenly getting darker. Flippy-Dippy-Yellow, a bright pink catfish in the town, looked at his watch. Why, it was only 2:00 pm. What is it an eclipse or something? Flippy-Dippy-Yellow looked up into the sea sky. There was a rectangular object near the sun... slowly... getting... closer...

Flippy-Dippy-Yellow thought a moment. Boats were rectangular on the bottom, weren't they? He then realized... a boat was sinking, and it was going to land on Bikini Bottom! He had to get out of there! So, he shouted, "Hibiflibihibiflibi! There's a freakin' boat going to sink on top of us! HEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRDESHURP!"

Everyone looked up, saw the boat, and ran like crazy. Then the boat fell on the town and they all died. Except for the Flying Dutchman, 'cause he's a ghost.