Author's Note: Hello all! Welcome to my new story. I'm really kinda excited about this one and the upcoming chapters. Bella was changed and a vampire, but there was no Nessie. She was changed after the wedding and has her shield. 1st chapter is short and sweet and needed to set up some things. Enjoy! :)

Bella POV

Bella closed her eyes, her body half draped over Edwards on their couch, listening to Miles Davis play over the stereo. His left hand stroked her back soothingly, while his right twirled the locks of her hair with its fingers. It was a pattern that she and Edward had fallen into almost every night, listening to a different album, talking about nothing and everything all at once till dawn broke.

Bella noticed that the sun was just beginning to make its appearance, the strains of light barely shining through the trees in the Cullen's backyard. Another night had ended.

Edward's lips gently grazed her earlobe, tickling her slightly. "Happy Anniversary."

She turned her face to his, still convinced that he was far more beautiful than her, and smiled. "I cannot believe it's been three years. It seems like it was only yesterday."

Three years since Bella was turned. The most wonderful three years of her existence, and it was only the beginning of their eternity together. They had spent the time mostly away from the family, wanting to enjoy it as a married couple, as mates. Since her control was extremely strong for a newborn, after a year Edward and Bella had been able to enjoy traveling together, roaming Europe. They explored castles, visited museums, and even hiked the Swiss Alps at the insistence of Edward. Bella loved every minute of it.

It was only when they had seen every major and minor European attraction that they had decided to finally return home. As much as they wanted to make it a surprise, they knew Alice had seen it in a vision the moment the decision was made. It was no surprise when they arrived home to the most lavish welcome home party that was Alice could conjure up.

It was wonderful seeing the family again, and being in their presence made Bella realize how much she truly missed them. However, in the month that they were home, she still found herself gravitating and spending every moment she could with Edward. It felt like a dream to her, being married, Edward finally granting her desire to be a vampire. She was not quite ready to let go of the honeymoon phase and return to real life.

It had not helped that the Cullen's had moved away from Forks three months prior while they were away. Carlisle had taken up a new job in Minnesota, playing the fresh out of med school role to buy them as much time as possible in their new home. It was a new house, a new life. Gone were the familiar rooms Bella had spent time in as a human and gone where the comforts of rainy, dreary, Washington state.

The house itself was nice, Esme had spent the days prior to their arrival making sure that she decorated the suite Edward and Bella would stay in just how she thought the newlyweds would want it. Esme was wonderful at what she did; their bedroom screamed romance, and it was a sanctuary she kept finding herself returning to when she wanted to be alone.

"Earth to Bella. Are you there?"

She turned to her husband, his eyes giving away the amusement he felt at the fact that Bella could still get lost in her thoughts so easily. "Of course I'm here. I was just thinking back on how wonderful these years have been just you and I. Maybe we should have stayed in Europe."

Edward looked at her concerned as he lifted her to a standing position. "Are you not happy?"

She smiled, shaking her head. "No! It's not that! It's just… the last three years have been perfect. I guess I am just having a hard time sharing you with anyone."

He swept his bride up in his arms, twirling her around. She couldn't help but laugh. As he set her down, his mouth touched hers gently with a tinge of seductivity. "Mrs. Cullen, there is nothing more I would like then to spend another three years with you traipsing around Europe. But…"

Bella raised an eyebrow. "But?"

"Carlisle and Esme are happy to have their whole family home with them finally. And do not get me started on the wrath that I would endure from Emmett and Alice if I took you away from them."

"True…" she responded.

Edward raised his lips in the crooked grin that she had fallen prey to so many times in the past. "Besides, school starts in the next couple of weeks."

Bella couldn't help but pout her lips. "What about me?"

He held her hand as he led her out of her room. "What about you? You will enroll with me."

She did not even pause as she shook her head. Bella knew her strength was great for a newborn, but she did not trust herself around eight hundred students eight hours a day, five days a week. As much credit as Edward gave her, her will was not that strong yet. In Europe, whenever she felt an urge, Edward had always removed her from the situation immediately before anything could happen. He could not do that in school, not always anyways. "I'm sorry, Edward. I can't. Not yet. Maybe I will just play the older sibling who already graduated and did not attend college…."she smiled to herself at the next thought. "I'll play the slacker."

Her husband looked disappointed, but he did not push her further. He paused mid-step in thought. "Actually, Jasper was considering skipping this round too. He would rather enroll in some college courses. Maybe the both of you could take some online classes together and or perhaps a night class. That would only be three times a week for an hour or two. Do you think you could handle that?"

Bella thought on this. She did want to continue her education and it might be nice to take a class with Jasper. After the wedding and the turning, they had taken off almost immediately once it was apparent that Bella was not a normal newborn. She still had not had an opportunity to really get to know her brother the way she wanted to.

Bella had always liked Jasper. In a lot of ways, she got the impression that he was very similar to her, but after the "incident" as it was now commonly referred to, they had only really talked when Alice or Edward was around and never in any depth. It would be nice to finally get to know him one on one. Now that they had no concern for his bloodlust, she was hopeful they could bond.

She nodded at her husband. "That sounds nice."

As they walked down the stairs and into the living room, they discussed what classes she might take. She threw around ideas from literature to history, while he discussed sociology and astronomy. Alice's small form popped up in front of the both of them, her pout indicating that she had a vision of Bella's decision.

"You don't want to attend school with us?"

Bella smiled. "It's not that I don't want to attend school, it's that I don't think it is safe for the student population if I do. Besides, I just ended high school; I am not all that anxious to relive it yet. I've never attended college."


Jasper walked around the corner then, wrapping an arm around Alice's waist as he teased her. "Alice, do not give her a hard time about not going to high school. Why would you ever wish such a dreadful thing on her anyways? I thought you were her friend."

Alice stomped her foot lightly. "Jasper! That's not funny! I would die for Bella and you know that. Besides, I watched out for you making a mistake, I could do the same for Bella."

Edward gave Alice a look. "As much as I want her to go, she does not want to chance it. Don't push her."

Alice looked like she wanted to argue further, but did not. Jasper turned back to Bella, his voice softer. "Are you sure you don't mind taking some classes with me?"

"I'm looking forward to it. We will have to talk about what we want to take together and where we want to go locally since there are several colleges." She turned looked at Edward and Alice. "You are going to wish you went to college."

Edward kissed her hand. "I'm sure I will, love. I'm sure I will."