Summary: Dawn can't decide her favorite ice cream flavor, until Paul helps. Ikari. Drabbleish-Oneshot.

Dawn was doing one of her favorite things: eating an ice cream cone. It was chocolate and vanilla swirl, one of her favorite flavors, since she couldn't decide between the two. I mean, chocolate was the tastiest, but vanilla made it look like she cared what she ate, and twirl was a mix of that, perfect! She really just couldn't decide. Catching the drips of ice cream before they reached the cone, Dawn licked them, in the process getting ice cream all over her face. Dawn sat in total oblivation, enjoying her ice cream before it melted. She was completly oblivous to the fact that someone was watching her, that is, until they spoke.

"You eat messily." Paul stated, coming in front of the bench she was sitting on. He looked as he always did, bored, and with his hands in his pockets.

"So?" Dawn scowled, purposefully eating more of her ice cream. Paul rolled his eyes, plopping down next to her on the bench. He didn't know why he did it, he just did. Dawn raised an eyebrow, but said nothing, too preoccupied with the ice cream cone. They sat in complete silence as Dawn finished her ice cream cone, her pondering why Paul would sit next to her, and Paul wondering why he did it. Dawn made humming noises as she ate. Paul raised an eyebrow.

"You two should get a room." he grumbled. Dawn stuck her toungue out at him, before promptly going back to eating, humming louder than before. As Dawn finished her ice cream, she didn't eat the cone, and started to throw it out. "Seriously?" Paul asked before she could move.

"What?" Dawn asked.

"You spend all that time eating the ice cream, but you're gonna throw out the cone?" he expanded.

"I don't like the cone." Dawn wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Freak, it's one of the best parts." Paul rolled his eyes.

"The ice cream is the best, but you can have the stupid cone." Dawn held out the empty cone.

"Finally," Paul rolled his eyes, grabbing it, "Took you long enough to offer." he smirked, biting into it.

"You're welcome." Dawn growled.

"Never said thanks." he told her, taking another bite. Dawn huffed, crossing her arms. She didn't know why she stayed there, but grumbled in annoyance. As Paul finished, he smirked again.

"What?" Dawn snapped.

"Thanks Troublesome," he cut her off as she was about to object from the nickname, "You missed a spot," he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers. Dawn gaped as he pulled away, still smirking. "Hm, maybe you're right, the ice cream could be the best." he licked his lips, turning around and walking away. Dawn finally smiled after a few seconds of gaping, softly tracing her lips. She had finally decided her favorite flavor and it was Paul.