Hatsumi woke up to the sound of a fire crackling, its soft glow the only light in the dark room. She swung her legs off the bed. Where am I? She took a step towards the fire, her memories of the previous night resurfacing.

I was going to transfer to a far away boarding school. Marry me, that's an order. The whole family agreed that it would be better if I distanced myself from Tachibana-kun after I refused to marry him. I'm sorry. There had been someone else on my mind... Shinogu... I realized that he was no longer related to me, but I couldn't help but see him as my brother, though I felt something more.

She continued walking, coming closer to the truth.

I was over at Shinogu's apartment to say my last goodbyes, because after I left I wouldn't be able to see my family until I graduated. I was hysterically crying when he opened the door. Most of it was a blur. We sat down inside and I had a drink. That's when things got really fuzzy, and I forget the gist of it, but I do remember this...

Hatsumi barely managed to get up from the couch, stumbling a few steps before Shinogu caught her. She kept mumbling something about having to go home and tried to push him away, but Shinogu held her tight as the drugs in her drink were taking affect. Everything slowly grew darker until it was all black for Hatsumi. Her body went limp in his arms.

As Hatsumi took another step, she felt a tug at her leg. She looked down terrified to find a heavy chain tied around her ankle, leading all the way back to the bed. "Hello?" She whispered. "Nii-san? Shinogu?" There was a long pause of silence.

There was a rustle of sheets on the canopied sheets. "Shinogu?"

Hatsumi hesitantly walked towards the noise. I was sleeping with someone? Nonsense... no way! She laid her hand on the large figure, feeling sturdy shoulders. The large bed squeaked as she climbed onto it, bending over the figure awkwardly to get a look at the man's face. "Shinogu? Is that you?"

An arm wound itself around her waist and pulled her down. "Good morning my dove." The man said as he flipped Hatsumi onto her back.

"Shinogu!" She squirmed in protest as his face came closer to hers.

"How are you?" He whispered into her ear.

Hatsumi's face flashed bright red and grew quiet.

Shinogu pulled himself away, smirking. "I'll go get you some breakfast Hatsumi." He pulled on a shirt over his bare chest. "You must be hungry." He closed the door behind him, her exit to the outside world; just beyond her reach.

"Nii-san!" She cried, "What's going on?!" She ran towards the door, as far as the chain would allow her. "Why am I chained to a bed?!" She grabbed at the chain, yanking at it, but it was futile. The chain had been properly secured to a sturdy bed that was bolted to the floor and attached to a cuff that fit her ankle perfectly. "Nii-san!" She dropped the cold metal. I'm scared. I'm truly afraid. What's going on?

She calmed down, listening to the sound of food sizzling in a skillet. The aroma of eggs, bacon, and butter wafted into the room through the crack under the door.

Looking around, there wasn't much to the room that could be seen in the dim lighting of the fire. The floor covered with soft carpet and tan by the looks of it near the fire. The ceiling was very high up, you could barely see it. It was probably 25-40 feet high. The walls were a dark color, maybe painted grey with black swirls and designs. Good Lord! I feel like an imprisoned princess! Where am I..?

Hatsumi curled up as near to the fire as she could get. She didn't feel safe in the dark alone, but at least she was warm.