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"Isa! Come here! Look what I found!!"

My friend ran over to me, his strange natural blue hair flying behind him. He slowed to a stop next to me and blinked once. "What's the matter?"

"Look!" I pointed to the bottom of a tree and grinned at my discovery.

"Hayley, really? It's just an animal." He scoffed at me and shook his head.

"But it's a wolf cub; no wolves EVER come to Halloween Town!" I crouched down to the little cub's level and reached out to pet it. It yelped and snapped out at my hand.

Isa snorted in laughter at my girly shriek, "You're the bravest werewolf I've ever seen…"

I shot a glare at him and let the cub sniff my hand. It let out a whimper and I scooped it up in my arms as I stood up. "Oh, Isa! He's so cute!"

My friend growled out and looked at the cub in disgust, "It's a waste of space. Leave it here, the mother won't take it back if you touch it for too long."

"Oh, relax; he won't take your place in our little 'family'." I replied, placing the wolf cub down back against the tree.

"I'd rather we not take any chances with this creature…" He tucked his hair behind his ear and looked at me.

"We need to get back home, Master's gonna be mad."

Isa visibly winced at mere mention of our Master. See, we were both born in different worlds, not originally from Halloween Town. We were… different as children and our parents didn't want us anymore. We had been… sold to our Master. We are used as experiments. Not allowed to go anywhere aside from the two hours that we are allowed outside.

It's not all bad… we get food, fresh air… But, he uses us. He tests potions, tries to see how much pain we can handle. Our Master, he is an evil, evil man. We are tortured almost every day, Isa gets worse treatment than me; sometimes I wish we still had some strength… just to escape from the man.

My friend nodded slightly, "We don't want Master angry… we should get going…" Isa turned to look at the farm we reside on. "C'mon, the sun's going down, we have to be back before the moon comes out."

I looked at him for a second, "Why is that?"

Isa grabbed my wrist and forced me to follow him, attempting to answer my question as we went. "I don't know, my friend. He says it is not for us to know why we cannot go out in moonlight. It does make me curious though…"

I nodded, "Me too…"

"C'mon, Master will be angered if we do not arrive when he wishes." He tugged me through the door of our 'home' and quickly shut it.

Hard footsteps greeted us and Master appeared from the dark of the room. "You have arrived in just amount of time. No need for punishment."

Isa bowed his head, "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master."

I followed what he did, but stayed quiet.

Master reached forward and curled his fingers around my chin and lifted my head so I looked in to his eyes. "Now, you dare to stay silent when you should be thanking me for no pain?"

"N-no, I'm sorry, Master… Thank you…"

"Good." He let his hand drop, and I bowed my head once more. "Now, get down to the lab. I have a new experiment that I just have to try out."


Isa gripped my shoulder from behind me as I walked down the stairs into the dark lab. Time again, to test our strength… to survive. Master walked before us, leading us to the section of the lab he wanted to torture the two of us in. Our Master took a turn and I fell to a stop, but Isa kept moving, his hand falling from my shoulder.

Isa has been through all of this longer than me, he was taken before me. Almost a year before me, actually. But that year has made all the more impression on him.

He looked back at me with pleading eyes, telling me silently that if I don't obey and walk into the room, I'll be in more trouble, get punishment in addition to the pain that the experiment will bring.

I walk in, moving to stand beside Isa, head bowed. Hearing the footsteps of heavy boots coming closer, I know Master has something planned… Just don't know what it is…

He stops in front of Isa, "Now, my new experiment is to implant a gene in both of you. If it fails, you will be affected like a creature with rabies, and you will die. But if it works, which is highly unlikely, you will be able to tolerate even more pain than you can now."

Isa mumbled a quick, "Yes, Master."

I said the same thing. Master lifted my head again, and I visibly flinch expecting him to hit me.

But he just smirked, "Seems like one little girl learned her lesson from last time, eh?"

I looked into his cold, grey eyes, "Yes, Sir."

"Very good, slave." He sneers. "Now, I'd like to use my most loyal prisoner first…. Isa?"

Isa nodded, "Yes, my Master?"

"Come here and get on the examining table." Master snapped out, "And you," He turned to look at me, "stay right where you are. Do not leave."

"Yes, Master." Isa and I replied in unison.

I watched my friend leave my side and climb ever so cautiously onto the metal table. Master pushed him down so he was lying on his back and latched his wrists and ankles down. Isa was quiet… he had been through this before. We have different experiments done on us sometimes, though most are the same.

Master picked up a blade from the table beside the bench, "You know very well that I cause pain before the experiment commences. Otherwise… what would be the fun?"

Isa looked up at him, hiding his obvious fear, "There would be none, Sir."

"You're right as always, Isa." Master laughed. He put the knife to Isa's throat, near his jaw and pushed up on it, making his head tilt upwards. I saw blood dripping down his neck and cringed, I didn't want to see my best friend like this… but I had no choice… I was ordered…

Our Master pulled the surgical knife downwards, cutting deep into Isa's neck. My friend whimpered, he tried to pull away from the knife, but only succeeded in getting a punch in the gut. Isa gave a short yelp of pain, and lay on the bench quietly. If I couldn't see the rising and falling of his chest, I would have thought he died.

"Tsk, tsk, Isa. You should know by now that you cannot escape this." He trailed the knife back up his neck, blood swelling in the cuts, spilling over onto the silver table.

"I know, I am sorry, Master… Forgive me…"

"I don't know if I should…" Master sneered; he traced the knife over the 'X' scar between Isa's eyes. Isa had told me that the scar was from a time where he did not obey our Master, and he was not in a good mood. Master carved the 'X' between his eyes as a symbol for failure.

Isa screamed when the blade cut through the darker skin making the 'X'. Blood trickled down his cheeks, bits and drops even went into his eyes. He yelled out as his vision faded to red.

Master smiled, "Do you think I should forgive you for your escape attempt, Isa?" He wiped some blood from my friend's eye, ignoring a shocked yelp.

"No, no, Master…"

"Why is that? Don't you think you should be forgiven?"

"I did not listen… did not obey my Master…"

Our Master put the blade back on the table and picked up a syringe. He flicked the glass canister lightly, and held it before Isa. Both of us knew… that the canister was filled with liquid pain… a concoction that could easily kill us.

"That's right, slave, you did not obey." He shoved the needle into Isa's arm and I heard his scream out as the burning liquid was pushed into his vein. "Now, the girl is next… time for her to learn to obey her master."