Master snarled, lessening his grip a little bit, "How dare he think he controls MY experiments!"

I gasped for all the air I could get, "Ma- Master! ... Ah... Please..."

He turned and threw me to the dirt, sparks of pain shooting through my body as I slid to a stop, lying on my side. I stay still where I landed, taking in shaking breaths. If... If I try and run he'll hurt me more, I just have to stay put. Relax.

Master walked toward me, "I own you, got it? He isn't fit to take charge!"

What was going on..? "Sir, y- you were the one th- that said he c- could..."

"Then I take it back!"

He's going completely crazy! What's wrong with him?

Master took out his army knife, and flicked out the blade, pointing it at me, "You will listen to me and only me!"

My eyes widened, Isa's death flashing before my eyes, I swallowed past the lump in my throat, "Y- yes, S- Sir!"

He smiled, "Good." Master threw the knife to the ground, hitting me in the arm.

I let out a painful scream, trying to reach the blade that was pinning my wrist to the ground. Oh, Please! Someone... Anyone... Help me! Oh my- "God!"

Blood seeped out of the wound, contrasting with my pale skin, I tore the knife out, yelping once more. I threw it as far as I could away from Master. I clapped my hand over the wound on my wrist and looked up to Master with wide eyes. I took in shaky breaths, scrambling to sit up.

Just then, Brad ran out of the house, fixing his gaze on the scene before him. He looked at Master with a glare, "What are you doing?"

Master looked at Brad and smirked, "Simply showing the mutt why she obeys me."

"You're an idiot! A complete moronic nutcase!"

I turned to look at Master as he spoke, "Oh, I am, am I?"

"You used to be a respected scientist, but since these projects, you've just been going downhill."

"That may be true, but who is the person that they turn to when in need of research? I'll give you a hint. Not. You."

"How do you know that, Vincent? I could still be working on my own projects."

Master snorted with distaste, "Oh, please, I know of your failures more than your own Superiors! I know everything about our little group."

"But you know nothing of your own experiments." Brad snarled, "You use them until they're so hyped on drugs they're useless! You think I don't realize that?"

"Oh, I'm sure you noticed it!" Master laughed, "But I wasn't sure that you would bring it up, especially in front of the mutt!"

I whined softly, looking at the ground, being insulted is not very fun... 'specially when I can't get away without being hurt...

It's all going down, so soon, so fast. I'm not sure if anyone will survive this. I know that I can't take it, I'm going crazier by the minute. The rabid, animal part of my mind was letting instinct rule. This needs to end soon...

I looked up as I heard the sound of bone hitting flesh, Master punched Bradley. The advisor was bleeding from the corner of his mouth. The smell of another's blood was driving me on. Flashes of Isa's stories were replaying in my head. 'The blood of another is the only thing that can help us,' He had said, 'It's all that can keep us from going crazy. We need the blood to keep our genes down.'

I could tell, I wasn't changing all that much physically, I've changed since I was a kid, looking more wolfish every year. And it's getting darker, but that's not gonna stop Master and Brad from arguing, and I doubt they'll go inside.

Slowly, I looked up at the full moon and smiled, remembering more of Isa's stories. 'It isn't the full moon that changes us and gives us strength, but it's the only time that normal humans can see us in the dark.'

I crouched down, the palms of my hands and the pads of my feet on the ground, keeping me balanced. My eyes glowed gold in the growing darkness.

Brad held a hand out, signaling Master to stop talking, "Vincent... look."

Master turned his head, "Bradley... we need to get out of here... fast."

I growled, deep in my throat. Moving forward slightly toward Master, and I growled again. "Do not move."

Master stayed still, eyeing the blade that I had tossed aside. My eyes adjusted to the dark, everything gaining a weird green tint. I turned my head to look at Bradley, watching him take out a pistol for protection.

My mind was going nuts, and my whole body started shaking, the effects of the change, I guess. And I mean the real thing, full blown change. I blocked out all of Master's drugs that I could, leaving my real nature to come out.

I gasped, falling to my knees, hands pulling at my hair as I fell to my side. I felt everything that Isa said I would. Throat closing up, skin feeling tighter, fangs growing in my mouth. I cried out, screaming for a release of this pain. He said he had gone through it once... but he never said it would hurt this much!

I barely heard Brad and Master talking over the blood pounding in my ears. "It's the full effect of the moon..."

Master growled, "Shoot her!"

"I am not going to shoot an unprotected creature."

"If you don't shoot now, she'll attack the first moment she can!"

"Yes, I know she will."

"Then shoot!"

I let out a choking sound, taking in as much air as I could once the pain started to fade. All I gained was the wolf's senses, everything telling me to get blood and fast. To kill, to keep myself sane.

Moving forward, I set my gaze on Master. I could care less if I got shot, it meant I could make it out without pain... I bound forward, pushing Master to the ground.

Smoldering hatred burned in my eyes as I looked down at Master, I bared my teeth and snarled.

Brad smiled from behind me, I could practically hear it in his voice. "If I shoot, there's a possibility in hitting you, as well, Vincent."

I growled, digging claws into Master's shoulders, relishing in his cries of pain. I moved one hand, pressing claws into his neck, right above his collarbone. He screamed, making me jump a little, pulling my claws, bringing his flesh with them.

Master yowled, screaming at Brad to shoot.

Brad lowered the gun, pointing it at me. I could see the shine of the moonlight off the barrel out of the corner of my eye. Master looked up at me, eyes wide, showing fear that I've waited so long to see in those pale eyes. I tilted my head to the side, watching blood drizzle out of his neck and onto the floor.

I smirked, digging claws into Master's chest, "Don't you wish you were kinder to us?"

Master gasped, his hands gripping my shoulders and trying to push me back. I snarled, pushing both of my hands down on his arms, and pushing them back. I growled, leaning down and biting at Master's throat. He screamed as I tore into flesh.

The taste of blood on my tongue drove me crazy, well, crazier. He cried out breathlessly, more blood pumping out of his neck. I felt the urge to let out a laugh, but held it in.

Brad mumbled but I ignored him, not paying any heed to his words, "He sought to bring the beast from within these poor creatures, but in the end, it only proved he was the biggest monster of all..."

But my head snapped up to the sound of Brad's pistol being cocked. A low growl let itself loose in my throat, I moved closer to Brad, keeping low in the grass.

He snarled, keeping the gun aimed at me, "Don't come any closer! Get away from me now!"

"Shoot me." I growled.

He lowered the gun to the ground, "What?"

"Shoot me! Please, end my life now!"

"Give me one good reason."

"I committed a murder, I'm not human. They won't throw me in prison and leave me there, they'll kill me! Hang me in public or something! Please, please, kill me! Make it end! Don't make me go through it, please!"

Brad arched a brow, "They'll arrest me for shooting you."

I shook my head frantically, "No, no, ju- just say that you were defending yourself. Please, Sir, Brad, I want this to end..."

"I... I don't know if I can..."

I tried to get closer, but only made Brad take a few stumbling steps backwards.

"Please... I need help..."

I moved forward, and Brad stayed where he was. I sat on my knees looking up at him, my heart pounding. "Please, Sir. This has to end. Once I'm gone... it won't happen any more."

He shook his head, "That doesn't make sense. If you're gone nothing will happen. Your Master is gone, his death has stopped the torture yours won't!"

"Once I'm gone, only paper will show what happened. Documents and your memory. I don't want to be around when people find out about this..."

He only nodded. No words passed his lips.

I reached out for the gun in his hands, saw his grip tighten around the handle of his weapon. I closed my hand on the barrel of the pistol, bringing it up to press the cold metal against the side of my head. I looked at Brad with sad eyes, "Please... Kill me..."

He was silent for a moment, that single moment seemed to stretch on like an eternity. Until he nodded once more, whispering so quiet I almost couldn't hear him. "Good... bye..."

I heard the blast of the gun, the burst of white in my vision before it faded to black, and the searing pain shooting through my body...

Goodbye, Cruel World, I'm glad that I'm finally rid of you... Finally in peace...

"You cannot reach me now,
No matter how you try,
Goodbye, Cruel world,
It's over...
Walk on by..."
-Pink Floyd, song: Waiting for the Worms.