"Finn what's going on? What are you doing?" Mrs. Hudson asked, walking into her son's bedroom.

"Uh, nothing," Finn answered.

"Were you just singing to a sonogram?" Mrs. Hudson asked.


Mrs. Hudson went over and sat down beside Finn on his bed, "Is Quinn pregnant?"

That's all it took for Finn to break down. "Mom. I'm sorry. I'm sorry!" Finn said, laying his head down on his mom's shoulder.

"Shh, shh," Mrs. Hudson said while attempting to console Finn.

"I screwed up, Mom," Finn cried. "

It's gonna be okay."

"I'm so sorry."

"Shh, shh. Shh," Mrs. Hudson said doing her best to comfort Finn without breaking down herself.

"Mom, I'm so so sorry," Finn said still crying. "I screwed up and lost control and…and"

"Shh, everything's gonna be ok," Mrs. Hudson said continuing to try to console her son. "How far along is she?"

"She's about 3 months or so. I've been to all her doctor's appointments and stuff with her, Mr. Schu's been taking us because Quinn doesn't want her parents to find out because she's afraid they'll kick her out of the house. I really think she should tell her parents though, they need to know. I have to admit I'm kind of relieved you know now, I mean I've been doing my best to be there for Quinn and to comfort her. I've even gone with her when she's had to run to the bathroom to throw up and held back her hair for her. But Mom, to be honest I'm scared," Finn said starting to cry again.

"Scared of what?" Mrs. Hudson asked, still trying to comprehend the fact that her 16-year old son was going to be a father. He might have been taller than her for a couple of years, but she still thought of him as her little boy…and now he was going to be a father.

"Of everything, I guess" Finn said interrupting her thoughts. "Of Quinn being pregnant, I mean, I know I've had to deal with that for a couple of months but it's not going to get any easier, right? I'm scared for Quinn. I am scared to even think of having to be there for her when she's in labor. Scared of being a dad. I mean, I never really even had a dad, so how am I supposed to be one?"

"She's keeping the baby?"

"Well, as of right now, she's planning on give it up for adoption since her parents don't know. But I'm hoping that if she tells hers parents, she'll decide she wants to keep it. I already feel horrible for doing this to Quinn, because I know this is all my fault, but I think I'd feel even worse if Quinn gave the baby up for adoption. I don't want my daughter to feel like her father abandoned her."

"It's a girl?"

"Yeah, it's a girl. I'm gonna have a daughter. And although the thought of being a father in a just a few months scares the crap out of me, at the same time I want Quinn and me to keep her. I wanna be able to hold my daughter. Mom, this might sound weird since she isn't even born yet, but I love her already. When I saw that sonogram, I…I couldn't help but love her. And I want to be able to tell her that I love her and that I'll always love her no matter what."

Mrs. Hudson sat listening to her son pour his heart out to her. She couldn't even imagine the stress he'd been under the past couple of months. No wonder he'd been so tired lately, he had to deal with school, football, Glee club…and a pregnant girlfriend. "Finn, I know you love her. I know you love Quinn too. I hope you know I'm here for you and Quinn…and please tell Quinn that too. You guys don't have to go through this alone. Although, I do wish you would've told me earlier, so you guys wouldn't have had to go through this on your own this past few months. But at the same time I have to say I'm proud of you."

"You're proud of me? Mom, I got my girlfriend pregnant! How can you be proud of me?"

"I'm not saying I'm proud of you for getting Quinn pregnant, I'm proud of the way you've been handling it and standing by her and will continue to stand by her. I don't think many 16 year old boys would stand by their pregnant girlfriend like you have, that just shows how much you love Quinn. Finn, I also know that if Quinn does decide to keep her that you will be a great dad. But that is Quinn's decision and you need to respect her decision. Also remember that even if Quinn gives her up for adoption it doesn't mean you stop loving your little girl. She's your daughter and always will be."

"How do you know I'll be a good dad?"

"Because you said you already love her and that you'll always love her no matter what. That's what being a parent all is about. You'll always love your daughter no matter what, just like I'll always love you no matter what. Like I said I'm here for you and I love you so much. And because I love you that now means I love Quinn and my granddaughter because they're a part of your life now."

"Thanks, Mom," Finn said as he hugged her.

As Mrs. Hudson sat there hugging Finn, still trying to comprehend the fact that her little boy would soon have a little girl of his own, she realized that her little boy was turning into a young man she could be proud of. And she knew that just as she would always think of him as her little boy, no matter how old he got and that she would always love him no matter what, Finn would feel the same way about his little girl.