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"Oh, Bella. I still dont understand why you're so adamant about leaving. Phil and I dont mind and you know that..." My mothers been pretty persistent about getting me to stay here, in phoenix with her and her new found love, Phil.

"Yes, mom. I know you guys dont mind but I just think its best for now. Phils going to be on the road training most of the time and you...well you're just a free spirit, so you'll be doing whatever it is that you do best..which is helping Phil..." I say, stuffing the last bit of clothing in my suitcase, and turning around to finally face my mother. Her arms are folded across her chest and theres a small pout making its way onto her face.

"Well jeeze. You make it sound like im madly in love with the guy." Renee replies sarcastically earning a a soft chuckle from me. "Its really not going to be the same without you, firefly." I smile at the nickname she gave me oh so many years ago and embrace her in a hug.

"It'll be fine, mom, you'll see. Besides, this is a new chapter in your life...and I want you to enjoy it to the fullest without worry about me..."

"Yes, but...trying to settle into a new school, during the middle of the semester will be hard. You sure you're up for that?"

"Mom," I begin, shaking my head but smiling at her attempt to get me to stay. "As much as I would love to stay under you're wing...I cant. The life of a roadie isnt the life for a seventeen year old girl, ya know." I wag my index finger at her in mock disapproval, to which she rolls her eyes and smiles in return. "But seriously, mom. I"ll be fine. You'll learn to love your freedom..."

"-Pshh. If by me you mean you. Then yeah, you'll definitely be enjoying your freedom..." She laughs but its strangled; a good sign thats she on the verge of tears.

"Mommm," I whine, " you promised you werent gonna do this.."

"-I know, I know. im sorry, its just...you're my little girl...my only child. Its tough letting go...you'll find out when you have a child of your own..."

Theres a moment between us, where she looks me up and down, almost like shes seeing me for the first time, and she nods, blinking away any unshed tears.

"You're growing up so fast, firefly. When and how did you become such a free spirit?"

"Guess I get that from you, now dont I?"

"I guess so." She sighs heavily and reluctantly lets go of me. "Phil's gonna drop you off at the airport. I cant see you go...but just call me when you're settled, yeah?"

Looking back now, I realize that this moment...this decision to let go and move forward is known as the catalysts; its the foundation for what's to come. Its the one choice that shaped my future and changed my life forever.


The plane touches down, after a 4 hour flight which mainly consisted of me staring out the window in deep thought; thoughts wrapped around the idea of living with Charlie, my dad.

Its a bit unsettling knowing that Im going to be living with a man I barely even spoke to over the last 10 years. I mean there were the holiday phone calls and occasional gift but other than that? Yeah, Charlie's a complete enigma to me. I dont fully understand it but things have always been awkward between all of us ever since mom split, taking me with her. But Ive already got it put in my head that im going to try to make this work...for everyone's sake.

I make my way through the terminal, awkwardly stumbling over my feet a few times, before im greeted with the sight of a nervous looking Charlie.

"Uh hey, Bells. You look...different..." He smiles nervously.

"Y-Yeah, D..Charlie. I am alot older than the last time you saw me..." Which was what? Ten years ago? I ignore the urge to utter these words and flash my own little nervous smile.

"Right. Well uh...lets say we get you home, eh kiddo?" He makes his way towards the car, a police cruiser, and I silently wonder how I could of missed the uniform he's wearing; one entitled to Chief Swan. How could I have forgotten that?

The ride home is filled in eerie silence, with the occasional attempt to make idle conversation; him asking how the plane ride home was and me, mumbling an "It was as expected...boring." Charlie is Charlie I guess. Like I said before, we never really were that close, so when the house finally comes into view, I dont waste anytime getting out of here.

After struggling with my bags, I finally manage to make it into the house with Charlie's help. The first thing I notice is the smell; a mixture of pine, cigarettes and what I assume is his cologne. Its not a bad smell, just something I'll have to get used to.

The second thing I notice is the lack in decor. Dont get me wrong, Im not at all into the whole "Home improvement" or whatever you want to call it, but this place could use a womens touch; it has bachelor pad written all over it.

"So yeah. You uh...remember where you're room is right?"

"Yeah. Up the stairs and to the right..."

I make my way to my room, bags in hand and unsurprisingly, when I walk in I notice nothing in my room has changed either. Theres still the stuffed animals aligning my window seal, poorly drawn unicorns and rainbows covering the wall, and a small afghan given to me by my late grandmother.

I smile in remembrance of the day gran knitted it for me. I was seven at the time I believe.

"You getting all settled in, Kiddo?" Charlie says, peeking through the door and breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Um yeah. Just...taking it all in first..I guess..."

"Hey, listen. I know this is big step and its a bit overwhelming at the moment but...it'll get easier and uh...im here for ya.." He scratches the back of his neck before continuing. "I've got alot of making up to do...and I just want to say that...Im glad you're here with me, Bells..."

"Thanks, Charlie. It will take a bit of getting use to but...Im glad Im here too.." He smiles sincerely at my admission and embraces me in an awkward hug.

"Right, well...I got to get going. Second shift duty and whatnot. Make yourself at home. Towels and rags are in the closet next to the bathroom. Oh, and I left you some money on the kitchen counter for take out...havent really needed to go shopping since it was jus me." He blushes at this, and its then that I realize where I get my shy/awkwardness from. "My numbers on the fridge if you need anything.."

"Okay, Charlie. Im just going to unpack and get situated for now. But I'll see you later I guess?"

"Yeah, I'll see you later, Bells." He kisses my forehead and approaches the door. He's halfway through when my voice stop him.


"Yeah, Bells?"

"I love you...and be safe okay?"

"Always am..and I love you too, kiddo."

Charlie leaves soon after, and I begin the daunting task of unpacking. I email Renee, telling her I made it here safely and chatting a bit before showering; its imperative that I do this before because I know that once im in and out of the shower, im gonna be knocked out.

I settle into bed around 11:00, an hour before Charlie's due back, and just let my thoughts wonder until sleep takes over.


Its dark, which means that its night time wherever I am; Im surrounded by thick woods. I inhale the crisp air, and im immediately engulfed by two scents. One is that of summer rain or spring with a hint of lavender. The other one reminds me of the finest extract of vanilla and cinnamon.

The scents enrapture me and I find myself seeking more...needing more. I push forward, feeling the cool damp soil underneath my feet as I let my nose guide me.

Figures, there are two figures ahead in the distance. I blink once, which is a mistake because they vanish. My eyes close for a second time and I cant help the involuntary gasp that erupts from my throat when I reopen them; they're right in front of me now.

Im in awe, and all I can do is stare at their inhuman perfection.

The one on the left, the male, has ridiculously reddish, unruly hair. He's medium built, and short in comparison to his female counterpart. Two things that catch my attention is his strong facial features, one being his eyebrows and the other being an all knowing smirk. The female is a bit taller, has platinum blonde hair thats pulled into a ponytail; her lips are full, pulled into her own little smirk and her body? Man, she has curves for days, not an ounce of fat on her. Shes like the human version of Aphrodite herself; only one word could describe this creature...gorgeous. Its shocking really, because I've never even taken a second glance at another women before now, but theres no denying the attraction.

Standing here, looking me straight in the eye, they hold their hand out for me to take; I hesitantly take each one and gasp at how cold they feel.

"Bella..." Slowly I inhale at the sound of her voice.

This one word lit a fire inside of me that seem to spread everywhere in my body. I want, no, I need to hear it again; then the male spoke.


The fire instantly turns into liquid heat and as soon as their lips are about to ghost across my hand, my body jerks making me awaken from dream; Im im sweaty and aching in all the wrong places.

"Seriously! The best dream I've ever had, and cant even finish it! Ugh, theres no way people like that exist..." I turn towards my alarm clock, grumbling and wiping the sweaty hair away from my face, and notice its about five forty-five a.m. I let out a tired groan, shift out of bed and head straight towards the bathroom since I know I have to be up and ready by six-thirty.

"Definitely gonna need a cold shower after that one..."