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All Jack did was roll his eyes and looked at the map, then at the compass, letting it lead us to what we wanted the most, besides each other.

The thick book was closed gently, a smile graced the reader's face as she leaned back in her chair.

"And so Jack and Gabriella sailed for the fountain of youth, neither one concerned about how long it would take them, or when they would get there. They would get more adventures before they got to the Fountain, but for them, it was a greater treasure that they could ever ask for... the treasure of life."

A small hand shot up into the air and the woman nodded. "Yes Jenny?" she asked. The little girl's chocolate brown eyes held curiosity that knew, no bounds she had thick brown hair, and was petite in size. "Miss, why is it that you always smile after reading us that story?" Jenny asked curiously. The woman stood from her chair, placing the old worn book on the highest shelf of her bookcase and laughed lightly at the question. "You see Jenny, Gabriella and Jack Sparrow are my great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents and their story always warms my heart." She said sitting down in her chair again.

Another hand popped up, this one belonging to a boy with black hair and dark green eyes with flecks of brown in them. "Nana, does that mean that Gabriella and Jack are my ancestors too?" he asked excitedly. Nana smiled. "Of course they are. You have pirate blood in you, just like I do." She said and looked at the old grandfather clock that sat across from her chair. "All of you better start getting ready, your mommy's and daddy's are going to be here soon to pick you all up." She said and watched as all of the children left the room. Placing a hand over an old red pendant that held a matching red ring that was on her finger, Nana smiled a bit more at the memories of her past.

The end.