Authors Note
Because I have been having a hard time updating this story and I am disappointed with my writing I've decided to re-write the overall story and direction it is going in. So I've came up with a new summary, a total revamp.


Harry awakens the day after a full moon of his third year in Hogwarts, only remembering a few tid bits of memory from the night before. Trying to put the events of that night behind him, Harry goes on with his life. After a month Harry realizes his stomach growing larger, his appetite growing stronger, and Professor Lupin acting very odd around him. With the full moon fast approaching, Harry finds himself being attracted to a mysterious howling from the dark forest, and the scent of his DADA professor.

Chapter 1

Harry silently growled at himself, as he began pulling his shirt down over his ever growing belly. He had noticed over the past few weeks his lower stomach started to distend and bulge. He attributed the problem to Hermione continuously placing food on his plate for the two months that they been at Hogwarts for their third year. He was thoroughly enjoyed to be back at the one place he considered to be his home. Harry slipped his robe over his shoulders and closed it tightly around him. He knew his friends and even some of his rivals had noticed his sudden weight gain. No one had actually said anything to his face yet, but they had kept quiet as to not offend him or let him know they knew.
As he checked himself side to side in the Gryffindor bathroom mirror, making sure that his obvious bulge was hidden, he sighed to himself. Harry knew his robes would only hide it for so long, and he would start a new diet soon to take the weight off and get back down to a smaller size. Harry grimaced. If he got any larger he would start looking like a miniature Dudley or worse like his uncle Vernon. Harry glanced at himself one last time before he exited the bathroom, out of the dorm, down the stairway as he walked on across the common room towards the portrait.
"Harry wait up," yelled an excited Ron
The young, red haired Weasley ran down the last few stairs and stumbled his way across the common room toward Harry while holding onto his pants, desperately trying not to let them fall.
Harry chuckled at Ron's morning antics. Seeing the way he was stumbling, he knew Rod had woken up late again, the third time this week. Giving Ron a lop-sided smile Harry grabbed Ron's arm dragging the poor red-head down the stairway towards the Great Hall.
Harry knew both he and Ron would only have a few minutes to eat breakfast and catch up on the morning banter his friends would be chatting about. Walking through the large doors to the entrance of the Great Hall, Harry glanced over to the Gryffindor table and saw Hermione waving them over to where was sitting. Now it was Ron's turn to drag Harry. Harry found himself giggling, Ron was like a love sick puppy when it came to Hermione, but they were oblivious to each other's feelings.
Harry sat down next to Ron and across from Hermione; he examined the food that lay across the table. It was the same every day, and Harry was not in the mood for any of the regular breakfast items. He sighed; lately all he wanted was red meat and a few fruits ever now and then. Right now Harry wanted a nice medium rare steak. Just thinking of the juicy meat made his mouth salivate. Grabbing the goblet in front of him he sniffed its contents, Harry moved the goblet away from his face, this wasn't his regular pumpkin juice, this was some kind of herbal tea. Harry looked at Hermione who was obviously trying not to look him in the eye.

"Why's there tea in my goblet, I don't even like tea?" he asked.

"It's good for you Harry, why not just try it?" Hermione told him in a mothering tone.

Harry grimaced and sniffed it again. "I think I'll pass. Ron do you want this? I know you have a thing for teas" Harry asked, turning towards Ron who was stuffing his face with various foods as fast as he could, most likely believing they might disappear if he did not consume them fast enough. Harry chuckled "Ron your table manners are deplorable"

Ron looked up from his food "Wha?"

"Ron, I asked if you wanted my tea for your pumpkin juice," Harry shook his head while offering his goblet towards the still eating Ron.

"Sure," Ron said between bites of food.
Harry picked up Ron's goblet and switched it with his own, no sooner that he placed it in front of Ron, and the other boy grabbed it and started downing the tea. Harry returned to his still empty plate, he sighed, if he couldn't have what he really wanted to eat he would settle for some fruit like always. Leaning over the table Harry reached into a bowl and pulled out some strawberries and apple slices. Placing them on his plate, Harry gingerly pushed them around, grimacing as he picked up a slice and started to nibble on it.
"Harry you need to eat more than that" Hermione complained while spearing her sausage with her fork.

Harry looked at his friend and sighed "I'm just not that hungry"

'I'm starving there is just nothing I want to eat here' he thought grabbing another fruit slice and shoved it in his mouth.
After eating the rest of the fruit that was on his plate and finishing off his pumpkin juice, Harry stood up picking up his books for the first half of the day. "Hey guys I left something in the tower, I'll be back in a bit." Stepping over the bench, Harry hurriedly walked out of the Great Hall towards the open plaza of the castle. He stopped and leaned against a pillar grasping his stomach, knowing today was going to be a horrible day.
"Hello Harry, somewhat of a gloomy morning this is starting to turn out to be."

Harry turned to see Professor Lupin standing next to him. "Oh, Professor sorry I didn't notice you there."

"Its fine, are you feeling okay, you seemed to have been struggling for a while now." Harry looked up at his professor in an attempt to avoid his eyes. He knew the Professor always seemed to know something and it always made him wary and confused.

"It's nothing I can't handle professor so don't worry about it." Harry turned to walk away but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder, Harry felt the Professor's breath on his ear.

"Harry you're changing, I can see that, when you want some answers come to my office and I'll explain things to you," Remus whispered into his ear.

Harry felt both the hand and the breath leave him. Turning his head Harry watched as his professor walked down the hall opposite to him leaving the plaza and Harry both confused and somewhat fearful of what his professor was talking about. 'Changing' was not what Harry thought to be a good thing.