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Chapter 4:

Harry slowly opened his heavy lids, his head spinning, his vision blurry, his head throbbed with pain. He felt a cold wind whip around his face, a shiver ran up his spine. He rubbed his eyes, noticing that his glasses were not on his face. Slowly, Harry sat up and started to feel around, the cold, hard, ground met his hands, the crunch of leave under one and wet grass under the other.

Harry was now confused. How had he gotten outside of the castle? The last thing he remembered was Professor Lupin telling him he was having babies. His hand froze in midair and lowered slowly to his lower belly. His stomach still slightly bulging and it was warmer than the rest of his body. Just touching it made his stomach flutter with movement. He quickly removed his hand in shock and awe. This new feeling was so foreign to him, though he knew he could grow to enjoy it. Harry felt a vibration through his chest and realized, he was purring. Purring like a happy kitten, or should he say, wolf. He, Harry Potter, was now a werewolf, but not just any werewolf, he was a submissive prego-wolf.

Oh the irony, Harry though, because anything and everything would happen. He wished for once he could be normal: a normal boy or wizard, with a family who loved him, for him, and not a psycho killer after him since he was born.

He was beside himself with pity for his luck, but now he had something to live for. He was going to have his family, and he silently promised himself he would try and be normal starting now. Another gust of wind nipped his cheeks, and Harry remembered he was outside, on the ground, with no glasses, and no telling where he was. Snapping his attention to the task at hand, Harry brushed his hands on the hard ground searching for his glasses. Turning over to all fours, Harry slowly crawled on the ground in search of his missing spectacles. Harry paused. He could hear rustling and light footsteps near him. Frantically, Harry sped up his searching for his glasses.

Harry heard something rustle and drop next to him. Guiding his hand hesitantly feeling the ground Harry felt a smooth, cold metal, gripping what he now knew to be his glasses. Harry opened them and slowly put them on to his face. His vision became clear, but what Harry noticed the most was he was now on the very edge of the school grounds, and the Forbidden Forest right in front of his face only mere inches away. A cold shiver ran down his spine.

"You know, it's not safe today to be wandering alone, not that I'm minding the view that is," a husky voice chuckled out.

Turning his head to the left, leaning against a tree, a man stood grinning at him. All Harry could do was blush, and if realizing his position Harry sat back on his legs, his face turning an even brighter color of red.

"You know it's considered rude not to answer a person when a question is asked, but hell take yer time" if possible the man's grin got even wider much too Harry's embarrassment.

"S-S-Sorry, I'm not meaning to be rude, I don't even know how I got out here" Harry mumbled ducking his head letting his fringe cover his eyes enough so Harry could look at the man, and just not stare at him.

"Why isn't it safe, I'm still inside the Hogwarts wards so I'm still…."

The man gave a hearty chuckle causing Harry to feel is stomach heat up and flutter. "Ehh, aren't you just cute, just so you know Hogwarts wards end five feet behind you. You've been outside the wards for about two hours now, really you should be thanking me, just think if I hadn't of found you something nasty would have." The man pushed off the tree only to squat down to Harry's level another grin plastering his face. "But from your smell I'm guessing your one of those big bad nasty's out here as well, but you smell tame, you smell good enough to eat really," without even realizing what was going on, the man leaned closer and claimed Harry's lips. His large hand lightly gripped the back of Harry's head, the sheer force of the kiss cause Harry to gasp as a slick large tongue invaded his mouth, starting to battle his tiny tongue for dominance.

The man pulled back, a trail of saliva following him, his tongue darted out licking his lips. "My, my, you are a delectable little one aren't you, what's your name, sugar?" the man's voice purred out, leaning closer to Harry again.

Shock and arousal was apparent on Harry's face, as well as the flush and panting coming from him. Harry's lungs burned form not breathing, but what could he do, this man literally took his breath away along with his first kiss.

"My name's Harry. Harry Potter" he panted out, trying to get a hold on his heavy breathing. What he didn't notice was a strange lusty, evil shine filled the other's eyes.

"Nice to meet you. The name's Bracer Greyfink, but you can call me Grey for short." Harry could hear the mirth in the man's voice, Grey was clearly enjoying Harry's embarrassment. Harry huffed not amused at all at Grey's forwardness or his lack of personal space.

"So sugar, you never told me what you're doing out here, other than you don't remember. Because, I remember seeing you running like the devil was on your heels. Boy oh boy did you look pissed. I bet you scared some people with your temper. So what made a cutie like you so angry, if you don't mind me asking?" Grey went from squatting to sitting opposite to Harry.

"Someone told me some things I didn't want to be true, but I guess they kind of are," Harry could feel his mood take a blow, going from hot to cold in seconds.

"I'm guessing these things involve nights like tonight eh?" Harry shyly glanced up at the older man.

"Is it that obvious?" Grey burst out laughing, "Yeah, sugar, with the way you smell any one of us nasty's could tell you ain't no regular wizard, at least not anymore." This caused Harry to sigh loudly, and frown, but lessened when Grey placed a hand on top his head.

"Now listen here, don't be moping around, it ain't good for you or your babes you carry. We can't change the past, I should know, I've done a many things I regret. Dark Creatures don't always get the grand things in life, but we can stick out for each other. Besides a cute thing like you should have the world eaten out of your hands, not to mention the fame you already got. Try and make the best of this." Harry smiled, so Grey wasn't just a lecher, he was kind of nice in his own humorous way. Just in the small time Harry had been around him, Grey felt like what Remus felt like, Home.

"Now I think it's time I got my reward for finding your glasses," Grey grinned widely.

Harry sputtered shoving at Grey. "You already got your reward, stole my first kiss too."

Grey's grin got even wider, "Now, now, sugar that was only a tease, I'm a very needy man, and that little reward wasn't big enough to satisfy me, so one more kiss and we'll call it even." At this Harry felt Grey pounce on him, firm lips met his soft swollen lips. This first kiss had set a spark through him, but Harry knew this one made him feel a flame ignite. He could feel Grey giving everything he had towards this kiss, Harry could feel himself respond whole heartedly to the kiss as he was being lowered onto the grass Grey on top lightly stroking his sides. He felt Grey nipping his lower lip but this time Harry willingly let him in. Harry moaned at this new sensation, he knew he could grow to love kiss, if and only if they were like this. Just as it starting to get good, Grey was pulling back.

"Now that was a reward, you know if you ever want to come back out here again to chat I'll be here for awhile." Harry could see the lazy smile now plastering Grey's face. This now had Harry curious, didn't werewolves live in packs? He thought to himself, assuming Grey was a werewolf.

"What about a pack, don't you have one?" Grey sat up bring Harry with him.

"Yeah, I've got a pack, but I've got to be away from them for awhile. I've got some things to settle here, and once that's done I'm going back, but that don't mean you can't come keep me company sugar we werewolves have to stick together" Harry felt the older man pull him to stand up only for Harry to crash on to his unclothed chest. For some reason all Harry wanted to do was nuzzle into the firm set of muscles.

"Now little one I think it's time you go back, them nosy wizards are going to be wondering where you got too, see how the sun is starting to set" Harry felt arms wrap around him. "Be good now you here, and come back real soon, these full moons can be the worst when a wolf is lonely." Harry nodded and turned to leave, so many emotions welled up inside him. This Grey was another werewolf, just like himself and Professor Lupin. Then there was also this Fenrir Greyback who was roaming around. So many things to think on, and so little time to do so, but all Harry could do now was start heading back towards the castle before night fell.

Harry paused only to look back and yell 'Goodbye' to the retreating form of Grey, who waved back over his shoulder. Maybe having Grey around would be so bad, besides Professor Lupin, Harry needed someone who understood. Hell maybe Grey could keep Greyback away from him. With that last thought in mind Harry continued his way back to Hogwarts.