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I Hate You

Chapter 1: My Bleeding Heart

Standing there in the rain. I was drenched but that was the last thing on my mind. I didn't care. I didn't care about anything anymore. What was the point?

Broken. Alone. And stuck wondering which were rain drops on my face and which were tears. I stood staring out ahead of me. The road wasn't empty. No of course not. He was there. Standing before me, although his back was to me yet again.

"So is this it?" I screamed over the thunder booming through the sky. "Your leaving?"

He didn't answer me. But I could see him tense at my words. I hope I hurt him. That was all I could think. I hope I'm hurting him so he'd feel at least one tenth of the pain he was putting me through.

I took a step forward, towards him. I don't know why but some irrational part of me thought he'd actually comfort me. He just turned around with a hateful look in his eyes and put a hand up.

"Stay away from me." He said angrily.

My breath caught. How could say that? How could he say that to me? The only thing I could choke out to him was three little words.

"Who are you?"

His eyes widened. He was speechless again. He turned his head towards the road ahead of him and slowly began to walk away.

I followed him. I had to. My feet were pulling me closer whether I wanted them to or not. A sob escaped my chest and again he stopped walking. I thought he was going to say something. I wanted him to say something. I wanted him to say he was kidding. I wanted him to say he was wrong. I wanted him to say he was staying.

I wanted him to just tell me everything was going to be okay.

But he just ran. He started and never stopped. He never even looked back. And this time my feet just wouldn't follow him. I watched him go and even after he was gone I stared after him. The cloudy sky let out little light but soon the lonely dirt road dimmed as the sun set and before I knew it, it was nightfall.

But still I stood. Even after an hour, I still thought he was somehow going come back.

I realized suddenly that I was sitting on the ground. I wasn't quite sure when my legs had refused to hold me up anymore but there I was. Sitting in the middle of a road in the cold rain all alone.

That's when the sobs began and at the time I didn't know that they weren't going to stop. At the time I didn't know how long it was going to take. At the time I just wanted everything to be simple again.

I wanted to go home but I had to ask myself first, where was home? Was it that empty house that my mother sometimes slept in? Did I truly belong there? Maybe that's what that house had always been trying to tell me.

I was damned to be alone. Deal with it.


My name is Akari and today I was finally setting out on my own. It was a choice I had decided upon long ago. A choice that up until now hadn't really had any plans behind it. I was going away. I needed to leave the city. I had been there too long. I had been running away for too long.

I'd been living in the city for the past year. I lived in a small town before then. I actually lived on a ranch if you could call it that. It was just me and my mom. My dad died when I was ten years old. This left my mom heartbroken for years. She was never home much and she never took care of the farm. We didn't have any crops or any livestock so I suggested to my mom that we leave. I told her we should go to the city. New faces, better surroundings. I was old enough to go by myself but even though my mother hadn't really been there for me through the tough times, I still loved her and thought it'd be healthier for her to come with me rather then stay at the town bar all day and night.

The year had been a rough time for me but things were a bit better now. My heart had been broken, part of the reason I wanted to move to the city, so I could get away from it all. My heart had gathered all it's pieces back but it wasn't exactly put back together yet. Only time could help heal those wounds, as I'd been hearing for awhile from just about anyone who heard I was a little down.

So I was finally leaving the city after a tough year because the city just wasn't for me. It was a nice change of pace but I would always be a small town girl.

So I was going to a small place called Waffle Island. I know, it's a weird name and I myself wondered a few times why it was called that.

They have this ranch though that's open to anyone to claim since it's so small and no one new comes around for awhile. So off I was. I was going to start a ranch but really make something of it. It was going to be great someday. I just knew it.

I couldn't wait to meet some new people too and although I was no where near ready to date anyone, some friends could be nice.

I said goodbye to my mother because I knew this trip was best made alone and plus she had been doing better in the city. She had actually gotten a job and she'd been sober for a few months now. She even met a nice guy. He loves her, I can just tell and she's crazy about him. And he's really nice to me too. We all get along great. But even so I knew it was time to go out on my own and get over the past. My mom might have gotten better but there were still demons I had to stare down on my own.

I got on the boat at the harbor and met Captain Pascal. He's a nice guy. Loves the sea and was very excited to hear I'd be moving to Waffle Town.

Hmm, did I mention I get sea sick? Oh maybe that was because at the time I had no idea myself. Let's just say it was not the fondest boat trip I ever had.

I pasted out before we got there and I don't remember getting off the boat at all. All I know is that I woke up in the Clinic later that day.

"Where am I?" A question I had partly asked myself before realizing there was in fact someone else in the room. It was the doctor who has just entered surprisingly.

"Your at the clinic. You passed out on the boat." He answered my question.

I nodded and looked over at him. He was young for a doctor, probably around my age. He had long black hair that he had up in a ponytail. He had glasses and a white doctor's coat on over some traditional looking Chinese clothing maybe? They could be Japanese. I wasn't really good with my cultures. It was a green shirt though and black pants.

My head was still a bit foggy but I sat up anyway. I was suppose to be meeting the Mayor as soon as I got to town.

"I need to meet the mayor." I told him.

"He knows you're here. He wanted to let you rest." He told me. "Oh and by the way, I'm Jin. I'm the doctor here on Waffle Island."

I nodded. I could've guessed he was a doctor but the way he had said it sounded odd. He was the doctor? As in the only one? I suppose I'd been living in the city for too long but even in my home town I could remember at least two or three doctors at the town's clinic.

I realized I should introduce myself so I smiled at him warmly, that forced nice-to-meet-you kinda smile and said: "I'm Akari."

He smiled back at me. "I'll just leave you to rest." I nodded and he left the room.

I stood up and crossed the room. There was a mirror on the wall and I stopped to look at myself. I was a mess, that was for sure.

My short brown hair was tangled and a little damp from a cold sweat. My brown eyes looked tired but that might have just been because I just woke up.

I looked around my bed and found my rucksack that I had brought with me. I took out my brush and ran it through my hair until it looked a little better. Well beside that one cowlick that I could never seem to tame with a brush.

I straightened out my green top and clipped my bag to my waist. My denim shorts were a little longer then my shirt and my boots were under the bed. I put on my brown hiking boots quickly and opened the door to find an older women about to come in just as I opened the door.

"Oh! Your up. I-I thought you'd like some tea. My name is Irene, I'm Jin's grandmother and I work here at the clinic with him." She told me.

I smiled. "I'm Akari! It's nice to meet you but I think I'm feeling better. I really think some fresh air would do me good. Thanks for everything though!" I said as she allowed me to walk around her and down the stairs. "Bye!" She called to me as I walked out the door.

It was a sunny spring day and the air felt great. I could smell flowers even though I was in the middle of town! In the city you just smelt metal, construction, and if you were lucky enough, sewer pipes.

I walked towards the beach even though I was suppose to go to town hall. I hadn't been able to help myself. I hadn't been on a beach in so long. I walked through the sand and even thought about taking off my shoes. But then I looked at my watch and realized that it was 1 o'clock and I should really get to Town Hall.

It wasn't too hard to find and there were plenty of nice people to help me find the place. In the city you ask for directions and most people ignore you. I almost forgot how friendly people were in small towns.

I walked into the town square and looked up only to be frozen to the spot. I couldn't move and I could feel all the pieces of my heart fall apart again.

I don't know how long I stood there staring at him but he must of felt my eyes burning holes into the back of his head because after a few moments he stopped pinning notices to the bulletin board and turned around.

And there we were. Face to face again. Me and him both wide eyed and unbelieving of what we were seeing before us.

Both of our faces showed shock but I couldn't help but suddenly frown. My shock was over and now I just wanted to know what he was doing here? This was my safe new place to start over. I almost felt like he shouldn't be allowed here.

"What are you doing here?" I asked a bit rudely. I couldn't help it. Not after the hell I'd been through. And it was all thanks to him. That's right. It was him. The very same one that left me with a shattered heart.

He then frowned too. But he didn't look angry like I know I did, but he looked sad. He opened his mouth to say something just as the doors of the town hall burst open.

An older man, a bit on the heavy side, dressed in blue formal wear ran out but stopped when he saw me standing there.

"You must be Akari! I'm Mayor Hamilton but please just call me Hamilton." He said running over and shaking my hand.

I nodded slowly still a bit shell shocked.

"How are you feeling? I know you passed out on the boat and everything. Oh and I see you've already met my son, Gill."

My eyes got wide at these words as I looked over Hamilton's head at Gill. There he was with his sweater vest and long plaid shorts, the same sense of style I always remembered him having. His light blond hair was shinning in the sunlight and I couldn't help but look at that cowlick that matched my own. And his crystal blue eyes that sometimes hide all emotion in an icy glare and sometimes showed the depths of everything inside of him.

God how I had loved those eyes.

Now they were filled with sadness. I didn't understand why in the world he would be the sad one. He wasn't the one who had been left alone. He wasn't the one who had been crushed. He wasn't the one who had cried themselves to sleep almost every night. He wasn't the one who had sometimes felt like she couldn't breath because of their tears.

She looked away from his eyes. She couldn't look at them anymore. She just couldn't.

"Y-You're the new rancher?" He asked surprised.

I nodded and the Mayor smiled. "Now don't be shy!" He laughed for a moment and I just frowned. "Well let me show you to your house then." He said with a smile.

I nodded again. My throat had closed. I couldn't speak. The Mayor started walking in the other direction and I followed him. I turned my head to look at Gill for just a moment before leaving. He put his hand up in a wave with somewhat of a hopeful smile. I turned and just walked away from him.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't handle seeing him. I had thought I had been over him. I thought it was finally over and I figured since I'd never see him I'd be fine but this was too much. And now I had to live in the same town as him?

We finally made it to my new house and stopped out front.

"Well here it is. It was just built and you should find it suiting. If there's anything you need please feel free to ask me, or Gill can answer any questions as well so be sure to ask." He smiled, waved, and then left.

I stood on the door step a moment just looking out at the Caramel River District that was now my home. I ran into my house after a moment and sat on my new bed. That was when the tears began and didn't want to stop.

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