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I Hate You

Chapter 5: Moonlight Festival

The next day I woke up in better spirits then I had so far on Waffle Island. My new plan had to work. If I stuck to it, it would all be okay. That's what I kept telling myself.

I got up and went outside to water my crops. After finishing, I was pretty tired but I decided to pay Anissa a visit and maybe stop by to see Maya to let them both know about how much I didn't care about Gill.

I made it to Anissa's quickly and walked inside to get out of the rain. Craig was inside the storeroom by himself today. I looked around and was disappointed that it was empty. In the time I'd been here, Craig had only managed to grunt at me. Having a conversation with him seemed like it would be a bit on the awkward side.

He glanced up at me and frowned. "Do you need something?" He asked in an annoyed tone.

"Hi, uh, I was just wondering if Anissa was here." I said quickly, trying to get out of his hair as quickly as possible.

"She left. Something about going to see Kathy and Renee."

I frowned. "Who's Kathy…?"

Craig let out an annoyed sigh. "Kathy. Blond hair, bartends, loves horses. Renee. Brown hair, works at her parents ranch. If you leave here and keep going down the path you'll get there." He looked back down at his work, probably hoping I'd just leave him alone and go find his daughter.

"Thank you. Sorry to bother you." I quickly retreated to give the man his peace.

As I stepped outside I saw Ruth coming towards Souffle Farm with a bag of groceries.

"Hello Ruth." I called.

"Oh dear, did you just go into the store? I do hate leaving Craig here to watch it. He's not very good with the customers… I hope he was able to help you and wasn't too rude."

I smiled. "Oh no, he helped me. I was just looking for Anissa and he told me exactly where she was."

She smiled lightly. "Oh that's good to here. Well goodbye dear."

I smiled and waved as I headed down the path towards the ranch. A large sign told me it was called Brownie Ranch. Kind of made me hungry.

I walked onto the ranch and looked around. It was a beautiful ranch. Large pastures, lush green hills, a large tree allowing shade, and a track around the barns and chicken coops.

Only problem I had was that I only saw animals on the ranch and no people. I frowned and began to walk towards the farm house, hoping to find a human in there.

As I began to cross over the dirt track that surrounded the farm buildings, I could hear a loud rumbling sound coming from my side.

"Watch out!" I hear someone yell.

I looked up to see a blond haired girl on a horse coming right for me.

I dived out of the way as she sped passed me. How I had missed her on the track, I have no idea, but after she passed I picked myself up off the ground and dusted off my clothes. She circled back towards me and stopped her horse a few feet away. She jumped off and ran towards me.

"Oh my god, are you okay? I didn't see you until the last minute, I'm so sorry!"

I smiled at her frantic expression and held up my hands. "It's really okay. I'm fine. I should've seen the girl on the 2000 pound animal before you should've seen me stupidly walking on the track."

She shook her head with a light smile on lips and finally really looked at me with her deep green eyes. I finally got a good look at her as well. She was a very pretty girl and I could definitely see how she could be a bartender. She definitely had that way about her. She had her long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail, out of her face. She had on a small shirt and little jacket that showed her stomach with a mini skirt to match. She had on some tall cowboy boots as well.

I thought to hold out my hand and introduce myself. "I'm Akari."

"I'm Kathy." She said with a smile.

"That's a beautiful horse your riding." I said, looking over at the animal a few feet away.

She smiled and walked towards the horse with a hand out to pet him. "Thanks. I've had him for years. His name in Star and I keep him here at the ranch with Renee. She takes great care of him. I like to come by and give him some good exercise when I can."

I smiled. "I should get myself a horse to take care of on my ranch." I thought aloud.

"Oh you should!" she yelled. "Horses are the most amazing animals!"

I nodded and seriously considered getting a foul after I sell all my spring crops this season.

"So I actually came here looking for Anissa. I was told she was here? Is she still here?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, she's in the house with Renee. I was with them for a bit but I came out here really quick to see Star. You can go on in if you want. I think I'll come in too in a bit. Just gonna get Star grazing and maybe give him a bath." She said thoughtfully.

I smiled. "Okay, I'll see you in there."

I walked to the farm house quickly and stepped inside.

"Oh hi Akari!"

I smiled at Anissa's greeting. "Hi Anissa."

"Oh Akari, this is Renee! She said she hasn't had a chance to meet you yet!"

I looked over next to Anissa to see a pretty girl with short brown hair, brown eyes and a long yellow dress on.

"Hi." I said sweetly, with a smile.

Renee got up and ran over to where I was standing with Anissa following behind. "Hi Akari! I've heard so much about you! It's nice to finally meet you."

I had to smile at how nice this girl was. Why was everyone here with extremely nice, extremely rude, or a bit odd?

"Come and sit down with us. We were just talking about the Moonlight Festival." She said brightly.

I frowned. "Festival?"

Anissa smiled. "Oh, this will be your first festival! Hmm, although it might not be a very good one for us."

I frowned. "Do explain please."

"Well you see, the Moonlight Festival is kind of a romantic festival that people take dates too. And I know with you and your situation with G-"

"I'm gonna cut you off right there. I want you to know that I have a new strategy when it comes to that and we are no longer going to talk about him or anything like that. I'm going to just go on and live my life, that's all."

Anissa nodded thoughtfully and after a moment smiled. "That sounds like a good idea."

Renee frowned in confusion. "I think I'm a bit lost…"

I hadn't planned on telling anyone else the story about me and Gill since my whole plan involved not talking or thinking about him in that way, but I felt bad leaving Renee out of the loop like that.

I explained to her that I had known Gill before moving here and that I had had my heart broken by him. I explained how I had no idea he was here when I moved here but that I was just going to go on like it wasn't a big deal because I liked it here and didn't want to be sad about it anymore.

She nodded in agreement. "That sounds like a good idea."

"What sounds like a good idea?" Kathy said as she walked into the room.

I frowned as I realized I was going to have to tell the story once again if I didn't want to be rude. I proceeded to explain to Kathy what I had just explained to Renee.

"Hmm, you should do some tests to understand just how he feels about you." She said thoughtfully.

"Tests?" Anissa asked quietly.

"Yes! Like you should do a jealousy test!"

"How do you do that?" Anissa asked curiously.

"Well you have to be with another guy while he's around. Depending on how he acts, lets you know how he feels. If he doesn't care, well, then he doesn't care. If he gets sad then he still likes you but he's not going to do anything about it. But if he gets angry, well then, he loves you."

"Woah! I don't want to know! I don't care! I'm trying to get over him! I don't want to do any tests or anything!" I finally cut in.

"You suuuure?" Kathy asked. I nodded quickly.

"Yes, yes. No tests. I don't want to have anything to do with him. We're just going to be acquaintances from here on out and that's all."

"Alright, alright. No tests." Kathy agreed, holding up her hands.

Searching for any way out of this topic, I decided to change the subject. "So about this Moonlight Festival, any of you going?"

Renee and Kathy smiled and nodded, while Anissa stayed silent and looked at the floor.

"Anissa." I began slowly. "You should go too."

Anissa blushed and shook her head. "No way! There's no way that Jin would ever ask me to go with him."

Kathy and Renee exchanged knowing smiles and sighed.

"You should just ask him to go with you then!" I told her.

"No way! I'm not going to ask him!"

I looked over at Renee and Kathy for some support. "There's nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out. Did either of you ask anyone to go?"

Renee shook her head. "No, Tobi asked me to go. But even so, Akari is right! There's absolutely nothing wrong with asking Jin." She reassured her.

Kathy also frowned. "Yeah, Owen asked me. But that doesn't mean you can't ask a guy! Jin is so shy, I doubt he'd ever be able to ask a girl out the right way! You need to take charge!" She told her nodding.

Anissa let out a deep sigh. "Just forget it…I'm never going to be able to ask him out. Until I know of a girl asking one of the guys around here to the festival, I just can't do it."

I smiled. I had a plan. "Oh? So if you hear of a girl asking a guy to this festival successfully, you'll ask him then?" I asked her, a smile grazing my lips slightly.

"Sure, I guess so. I haven't heard of anyone doing that though."

My smile widened. "I'll be right back."

I ran out of the house without another word, back to the Ganache Mine District. I ran into the Carpenter's and found Luke sitting at a table drawing on some blueprints.

"Hi, can I help you?" He said distractedly, without looking up.

"Actually, you can." I smiled as he looked up with a big grin on his face upon hearing my voice.

"Akari! I didn't expect to see you again so soon. Didn't get enough of me last night?" He teased, raising his eyebrows.

I laughed. "I actually came to ask for a favor."

"First I supply you with a healthy dose of adrenaline by flinging a piece of wood at your face, then I clear away that root for you and I so kindly feed you sandwiches, and now you want a favor? You ask too much of me." He smiled and shook his head jokingly. "I'm just kidding. What do you need?"

I smiled. "Well I'm trying to prove a point and help out a friend. You see my friend wants to go to this Moonlight Festival coming up and she seems to believe that she cannot go unless this guy she likes asks her, instead of her asking him. She agreed that if she saw a successful girl asking a guy to this festival, that she would ask this guy to go. She doesn't know me and how far I'm willing to go to help her though. You see, this is where you come in. I need you to come with me to Alan's Tree and I'm going to 'ask you' to this festival. Honestly you don't even have to say yes to me, but as long as I ask, she can't argue with that. I successfully will have asked. So what do you say, want to help my friend out?"

He frowned taking it all in. "Seems complicated to me. But sure, I'll go along with your plans." He agreed, smiling.

I smiled. "Thank you so much! I promise I'll make all this up to you." I laughed and we then returned to Brownie Ranch and he went to wait under Alan's Tree while I went to get Anissa.

"Anissa!" I yelled as I came into the farm house.

"Where'd you run off to?" She asked.

"I came to help you out. You asked to see a girl ask a guy out successfully, and I am not delivering. Come to Alan's Tree if you guys want to watch, but I'll be there asking a boy out."

"Wait what!?" Anissa sounded a bit panicked, probably realizing her position in this deal and knowing what she'd have to do. "Akari, you really don't have to do this. I'm serious. I know you don't want to ask anyone out. It's fine!"

But at that point I was already on my way to the door, heading back to Luke who was sitting in the grass under the large tree on the highest hill on the ranch.

The others stayed by the barn with the animals, watching from afar while I climbed the hill to meet Luke at the top. He stood when he saw me approaching and leaned his back against the tree.

"Hey there Akari." He said with a teasing smirk.

I laughed a bit with my back to everyone else down the hill.

"Alright." I said loudly, hoping they would be able to hear me down the hill. "So I asked you to meet me here Luke, because I was wondering if you'd like to go to the Moonlight Festival with me."

Luke's smile widened and he cleared his throat. "I'd love to go with you, Akari. I think we'll have a great night together." He added a wink at the end and I personally thought it was a little over the top but I shrugged. I told him he didn't actually have to say yes and I didn't expect him to go with me or anything. But I smiled and continued the show. "That's great to hear. I'll see you around."

At that I went down the hill and joined the others with a smile. "Well you heard it yourself, didn't you? Looks like you'll be asking Jin to the festival now, huh?"

Anissa frowned and looked down at the ground in panic as I laughed with Renee and Kathy.

Out of the corner of my eyes I caught two people standing in front of the farm house. At closer inspection I saw it was a tall and older man standing with a young boy with icy blue eyes…

I looked away quickly. What was Gill doing here?

Renee noticed me looking and frowned. "Oh, I forgot he was here. He came while you were out to fix one of our pipes. He usually does that kind of stuff for the mayor when people ask for help." She explained.

I nodded slowly and noticed Kathy smiling.

"He's angry." She said slowly.

"What?" I looked back over at Gill and saw that he was glaring. But for once it wasn't at me, he was glaring up the hill at Luke, who had just gotten up and was heading for the Ganache Mines now.

Now I was very confused.

Kathy smiled. "You know what anger means, right?"

"Shhh!" I didn't want to think about that. I didn't want to have anything to do with him. He kept doing this. He kept ruining all my plans and I wouldn't let it happen again. At first I wanted to be angry and hate him, then he was defending me with Luna. And then I wanted to act like he was just someone I didn't know well, and now he goes and does this.

His gaze moved over to me once Luke was gone. When he saw me staring though, he turned and stomped off.

Anissa, Renee, and Kathy all smiled at me but I shook my head and told them I had to go. I couldn't take all their stares and giggling. I told Anissa I'd be back for her late tonight to go see Jin though. That seemed to shut her up easily.

As I entered the Ganache Mine District I decided to pay Luke a visit and thank him for doing that for me. This time I spotting him in the forest chopping wood.

"Cease fire!" I yelled before walking closer to him.

He looked up and smiled before putting his axe down and raising his hands. "Of course!"

I laughed and came closer. "I just wanted to come by and thank you for doing me that favor. Helped my friend out a lot."

He smiled. "Anytime. But you know, you owe me now."

I laughed. "And what exactly do I owe you?"

His smile widened. "You just have to do me a favor now."

"Sure, what is it?"

"You'll have to go to the Moonlight Festival with me. I mean, you did ask after all."

I could feel my face turning red. Was Luke actually asking me out on a date? I hadn't really thought about going to the festival with him. Nor had I thought about even liking Luke like that. I realized after a moment I hadn't answered him in my stunned silence.

"Oh come on, you owe me one, remember? Just come with me to the festival. You won't regret it." He looked at me with a questioning expression and I could see the hope in his amber colored eyes.

Luke was one of my closest friends here even if we had only become actual friends the day before. I really liked talking to Luke and hanging around him. It couldn't hurt to go on a date with him. Maybe I would really like him. Maybe I would get over Gill.

Or maybe I would make Gill more jealous…

You are a horrible person Akari. I thought to myself. What was I thinking? That was horrible. It was just a passing thought, I told myself, I didn't mean it.

In the end I smiled and looked up at Luke. "Yeah okay. I'll go with you. It's the least I can do right?"

He smiled widely. "You won't regret it! I promise!"

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