The Devils meet their Angels…

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This is English

This is Japanese

"To Japan?" asked two girls with long golden curls and ruby eyes. They looked the same. In fact, they're twins.

"Yes, you're going to study in Japan," a woman with same curly hair tied in a bun said.

The two girls looked at her confused. "Why would we want to study in Japan?" asked one of the girls.

"Sayaka, you're Japanese. You should know Japanese culture," the woman answered.

"But we don't need to learn Japanese culture. We are perfect here in America. This is our home!" said the other girl.

"And I'm pretty sure that your dad would want you there," she answered. But the twins didn't seemed convince.

"What about you, mom? You'll be left here."

"Don't worry about me Miyuki. I would be following you once I finished the fashion show here, I'll be moving with you. We'll be living in Japan happily," their mother answered.

"I smell something fishy with the last sentence," Sayaka said.

Their mom laughed nervously. The twins looked at each other then smirked. They attacked her with a tickle. Their mom started to laugh.

"Are you going to tell us or not," the two said still tickling their mom.

"I-I j-just wan-t y-you to me-ee-et Y-yuzuha," their mom said in between laughs

"Yuzuha? As in Yuzuha Hitachiin?" the girls asked. They had already stopped tickling their mother.

"Hai. She's my best friend and-,"

"Let me guess. You want us to model for her," Miyuki said bored.

Their mother blushed. "Um…sort of…"

"No!" they said flatly.

Their mother sighed. Her daughters really are some angels…


The Sugimoto twins, Miyuki and Sayaka, are just your average, pretty, smart, talented and angelic teenage girls. They're really Americans. Their mother, Maya, just happened to be a fashion designer and because of her job, the two girls grew up in America and loved that country ever since. They are pure blood Japanese. Though they live in America, their mother made sure that they speak Japanese fluently.

Their father, on the other hand, is in Japan taking care of the business he inherited from his family. The Sugimoto is a big name in the world of electronics. He lived in Japan by himself but never failed to stay in touch with his family. He sees to it that he sees his daughters personally once a month.

They also have an older brother. His name is Takuya. He's most likely similar to his father. It is predictable that he'll inherit the family business. He studies in Italy. Like his sisters, he can be mischievous. Whenever he's with them, they always play tricks on people. He can be also a protective brother at times.

Well, back to Miyuki and Sayaka. They are really pretty. They had long golden curls that it seldom possessed by Japanese. They had bright red eyes that they inherited from their father. Their love for fashion, on the other hand, was inherited from their mother. Their mother often refer them to 'angels' when they do something evil. They are eventually famous in their school. They had plenty of friends and teachers really love them.

They are really close to each other. People always find it hard to differentiate the two. They had similar situation with the Hitachiin twins only that they are friendlier. They sometimes model for their mother and because of that, they met Yuzuha. They know almost everything about her but they didn't know that she had twin boys. Well, they'll know them eventually…


"Pleeaaassee… with cherry on top?" their mother pleaded.

"For the last time, No!" the two said.

"What's in Japan that you hate so much about?"

"And what's in Japan that you love so much except for dad?"

Their mom was taken aback. The two just returned the question to them. "Everything! The air, the people, the food, the-,"

"Stop it mom. We are not modeling for her!"

"But why? You like her, right?" she looked at them with puppy dog eyes. For some reason they wanted to take back what they said. However, they are not falling for this trick…again.

Miyuki sighed. "It's not like we hate her mom."

"It's just that we don't want to leave America for some country we didn't know," Sayaka finished.

"But, can you do this for me?" she pleaded with eyes full of hope.

The twins looked at each other as if having a talk only silently.

"We agree-," Miyuki started.

"-but on one condition," Sayaka finished.

Their mom looked at her curiously. "What is it?"

"We want our hair-,"

"-to be dyed with red."

"Why would you want your perfect golden hair red?" she asked. Not to be rude but dyeing their hair red was the stupidest idea ever.

"Because it matches our eyes!" the two shouted in unison.

Their mother sweat-dropped. Why would teenagers with perfect golden hair want their hair dyed to red? She sighed. "Fine. But after this you would be going in Japan right?" she said but found no one in sight. "Guess that's a yes." She flipped her phone open and dialed some numbers. "Hello, Yuzuha, mission 1 accomplished."

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