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The Devils meet their Angels – chapter 16

"Stupid door, why the hell won't you open?" Sayaka retorted at the unbreakable door after she kicked it for… who knows how many times.

"I already told you it's impossible," Kaoru said as she sat on the couch looking totally hopeless.

Sayaka just ignored him like what she did a couple of moments ago. She had been told about everything that happened and now she couldn't wait to get out of the room.

"HELP! ANYONE, PLEASE HELP!" Sayaka yelled at the top of her lungs, making all sorts of noises.

"No, use," Kaoru said. "This room is sound proof."

"Ugh, this is so annoying!" Sayaka growled as she punched the wall and surprisingly having no effect at all. That alone added to her depression.

Kaoru, on the other hand, had decided to keep calm at the moment or rather he just didn't want to care.

"I can't believe Miyu was convinced into collaborating in this stupid plan," Sayaka said quietly as she sat down near the door.

'If only you knew that your twin was the one who constructed this stupid plan and got you locked up in here.'

All of a sudden, the blond started to tear up which surprised Kaoru.

"H-Hey, what are you crying for all of a sudden now?" he asked quite nervously.

She did not answer nor did she even stop weeping. In fact, she cried even louder.

"H-Hey, y-you can't just cry-"

Sayaka's cries were unbearable. She wouldn't stop nor could she tell why the heck she cried in the first place. The girl went on crying. So, just like how she just started tearing up, she stopped. But, her face was buried in between her knees.

'Did she fall asleep?' Kaoru asked himself. He was actually relieved that she did stop or else he wouldn't know what to do when someone sees them.

"I'm scared," she muttered quickly.

"What?" Kaoru asked although he heard it. He was just unsure it came from her.

"Nothing," she said in her normal voice.

He had a hunch she'd say that. And, he somewhat she was also surprised she'd say such. To be honest, he was shocked that the violent girl he and his twin always hated was actually feeling scared and confessing this to him.


"Hey Sugimoto, are you…" Kaoru shook her, then, her sleeping face was revealed and she ended up leaning on him. "…asleep?"

Now that she wasn't being violent physically and verbally, Sayaka had somewhat proven him that she was an angel. Her long golden curls, her long eyelashes, her fair and smooth skin, her small soft hands her- what was he thinking? For a moment there, he described her as if he were in love with her.

Kaoru shook his head furiously to the point of wanting it removed. Sayaka was just an angel- and yes, he admitted it- when she was asleep. But that would not change the fact that she was an annoying brat when those crimson eyes were visible.

Sayaka snuggled comfortably on his lap. It was then that he realized that they weren't in the best position, in the best place. It'd be really awkward if someone were to open the door and see them. So, to prevent that from happening, he tried to wake her up and have her sleep on the sofa. One problem: she wouldn't wake up. So, he tried another attempt.

He wrapped her arm around his shoulder and he held her waist so he could at least transfer her. Everything was going perfect as he stood up. Well, not until she kinda struggled causing him to lose balance. Thus, both teens fell on the floor with Kaoru on top of Sayaka. He tried hard not to fall on her, wake her up and cause a lot of misunderstandings.

"This is actually a more awkward position than earlier," Kaoru realized. "Good thing no one's-"

To his surprise, the huge doors opened by themselves. Or maybe not… since his and Sayaka's twins were there with the whole host club.

"-here to see this." Kaoru froze. He could not decipher the meaning of the looks shot on him. But, one thing's for sure. This was those moments where nothing he would say was gonna make things less awkward but he tried anyway. "This isn't what it looks like…?"


"…I can explain?"


"LET GO OF ME! I CAN'T JUST LET THAT DEVIL LAY A HAND ON MY INNOCENT NEW DAUGHTER!" Tamaki growled as he struggled free from Mori (good luck with that…XD).

"I already told you it wasn't anything like what you think. You believe me, Hikaru, right?" Kaoru turned to his twin and was taken aback when he realized Hikaru couldn't look at him properly.

"oh, great. Even my twin doesn't believe me," Kaoru said sarcastically. He, then, felt a hand on his shoulder. "What?" he inquired.

Miyuki's dazzling smile met his annoyed face. "Don't worry. I believe in you. I know you wouldn't do such thing to Saya while she's defenceless."

Kaoru raised an eyebrow. "That's a lie."

"But I really do believe you," she said.

Kaoru wasn't the type to get mad fast but the situation at hand was already getting on his nerves. So, he told her angrily, "Whatever! Just keep that to yourself."

"If that'll make you happy."


So, obviously, Tamaki's enormous mouth plus creepy fangirls/stalkers equals crappy rumors.

"The rumours really did get around the school fast and… exaggerated," Hikaru observed.

"With Tono's big mouth, no wonder this got bigger," Kaoru said uncaringly.

Chatters were heard from different sides of the hall. They knew who it was all about but they never cared about those things. As they entered the classroom, they noticed it was no different from the hallway. Quick glances were sent to them and they weren't stupid not to notice them.

"Looks like it's getting worse by the hour," Haruhi said as she sat down on the seat between the twins.

"It's not really like we care, Haruhi," Kaoru told her.


"But, you should take this matter seriously," Kyouya said after classes, before the host club hours.

"Why do we still need to care about a stupid rumour?" the Hitachiin twins asked.

"Because that can affect your customers," Kyouya said, his glasses glinting.

'As expected of him,' the twins sweat-dropped.

"It's all your fault for doing such thing!" Tamaki accused Kaoru, dramatically pointing at him.

"But, Tamaki-senpai, if you hadn't open your mouth in the first place, it wouldn't go this far," Haruhi said bluntly instantly sending him to his corner of woe.

"Haruhi, get that idiot out of his corner. We're going to start soon," Kyouya said to the commoner.

"But Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai aren't here yet," the older Hitachiin said.

"They'll come right after their other club activities," Kyouya explained.

"What about Nichols?" the younger Hitachiin inquired.

"he brought the Sugimoto twins home so he won't be able to host today," Kyouya stated.

"I bet they were too ashamed to show their faces after they helped spread those rumours."


"K-Kaoru, I can't believe you replaced me already! I'm hurt," Hikaru said as fake tears flowed from his golden orbs.

"P-Please, don't think that way, Hikaru! You know there's only you in my heart!' Kaoru said as he tugged Hikaru's sleeve.

Hikaru cupped Kaoru's chin and pulled his face close. Kaoru blushed. "Kaoru, you know you can fool me whenever."

*The following scenes were cut off due to the fact that we'd like to keep the fanfic's ratings*

"Kyaaa~ Forbidden Brotherly Love!" the fangirls screamed, squealed and some even fainted.

"This is really rather unusual," Kyouya said examining the twins.

"What is?" Hunny asked as he and Mori walked towards him.

"You're late, Senpai," Kyouya said.

"We're sorry Kyo-chan," Hunny smiled sheepishly.

"So, what's so unusual, Kyo-chan?"

"I actually calculated that the twins wouldn't get as many customers because of the rumours but the opposite is happening," Kyouya explained.

"Maybe it's because of what Miyu-chan said to the other girls."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Takashi and I just heard it this lunch," Hunny said.


"Sugimoto-san, are the rumours true? About Hikaru-sama?" asked a girl who Miyuki assumed is a second year and absolutely not a customer of the twins. And as far as she can remember, this was her first time talking to her.

"I don't know," Miyuki said innocently.

"What do you mean? You were there too, right?"

Miyuki smiled apologetically. "Yeah, but it doesn't mean I saw everything. Saya didn't even know what happened herself since she was asleep."

The girl's eyes widened. "Then, does that mean something really happened?"

Miyuki's vanished smile. "I already said I don't know. If you want to know the truth, why don't you ask the person himself rather than making a useless rumour? Or maybe you want your beloved, Tamaki-senpai to know you're trying to make that rumour about his friends."

The girl seemed stunned with what she had just heard and seen. She became even more scared when Miyuki's smile returned.

"Oh, and if you want to try making up a stupid lie, be sure you got the right twin," Miyuki said, then quickly turned around but just in time to have seen the girl's flustered face.

~End of Flashback~

"I can't believe that you said something like that to a Senpai!" Sayaka barely get the words out with her laughing.

"She was annoying, anyway," Miyuki shrugged. "But I don't really like how she thinks of you and this will absolutely be a plus points for us 'cause I caught sight of Hunny-senpai and Mori-senpai back there."

"Clever girl," Sayaka shook her head and opened the door in front of her. "We're home!"

Footsteps were heard from upstairs. A little girl appeared, running excitedly to Sayaka. "Ka-chan!" she jumped to Sayaka's arms.


"Saya, I'm heading upstairs now," Miyuki said while Zurich followed her.

"When Saya finds out you locked in Kaoru too at that time, she's gonna explode," Zurich said as soon they were out of Sayaka's sight.

Miyuki stopped walking and slowly turned around, "Who said she's find out?"

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell her anything."

"You better not," Miyuki warned.

"Ok, I already said I won't, but you have to tell me why."

"If we have given her more time like now, the way Sayaka is with Saki, she could make the wittiest person think she's an angel. However, plan was ruined because the main component had gone missing. Then, Saya freaked out."

"So, what's next to that?"

"Nothing at the moment," Miyuki shrugged. "We'll just have to act nice and wish for a miracle to happen."

~Later on~

"We're back!" Margarette said happily. It was that voice of her that always tells people she was up to something.

"And, people are with us," Jinny said in a voice that told them, Tamaki was one of those people.

Tiffany, on the other hand, was too exhausted to even utter a word. So, instead, she headed straight somewhere with no hosts.

"Hi, Saki-chan!" Tamaki greeted the small girl who was holding unto Sayaka.

Saki's eyes widened at the sight. "Onii-sama!" she exclaimed running towards the group of boys.

"Saki-chan!" Tamaki repeated, this time, he spread his arms.

Unfortunately and shamefully, she ran passed him and towards the younger Hitachiin who subconsciously hugged her.

Tamaki ran to the nearest corner visible, a dark aura surrounding him while he miserably mumbled to himself about how could Saki choose Kaoru over him.

"Hey, what are you all doing here?" Miyuki asked as she walked down the stairs.

"We didn't really want to be here. Stupid Tono just dragged us," Hikaru said defensively.

"Is that so?" Miyuki smiled. "Then, welcome!"

Hikaru snorted. At the moment, he couldn't get the support he needed from his brother because he was too busy with Saki.

"But you should've at least told us you were coming," Miyuki said.

Hikaru smirked. "Why? So you can hide all the things you got that are unangelic?"

Miyuki giggled. "You're so funny, Hikaru-kun. That was not what I meant but I'll forgive you 'cause you're cute!" (A/N: I could already imagine Miyu puking at the back of her mind.)

"We're really sorry for coming here so suddenly," Haruhi apologized for all of them.

"It's okay, Haruhi," Sayaka said. "Why don't you all have a seat first? You can also have dinner here."

"Are you two cooking?" Tamaki asked excitedly.

Miyuki kinda blushed and her eyes sparkled. "Well, if you insist."

"NO!" Sayaka, Jinny, Margarette and Zurich said altogether. And, Miyuki looked hurt.

"Um.. that's not what we meant! It's because I- uh… need to talk to you!" Margarette quickly thought to say and dragged Miyuki without waiting for an answer.


"What do you think you're doing, Marga?" Miyuki inquired quietly and seriously as soon as they were away from others.

"Nothing…" Margarette said innocently but definitely failing.

"This could not be one of your plans again."

"But, I ain't planning nothing. Besides, the boys were the ones who insisted on coming today," Margerette explained.

"Really?" Miyuki asked suspiciously.

~ Flashback~

"It's really nice to know that Saki-chan was actually their cousin and that she can be taken care of but… I'll really miss them," Hunny said miserably holding hid pink li'l bunny.

Mori patted his head. "It'll only be a week."

"Daddy's really going to miss them," Tamaki said dramatically.

"But, it's not like life's gonna be any different. It doesn't really matter, right?" Haruhi said bluntly. "They're overreacting again."

"Actually, Haruhi, it does matter," Kyouya said.

"What?" Everyone couldn't help but be shocked that Kyouya actually agreed with Tamaki.

"Well, if you calculated the profit we could make, it's like we lost four customers. Zurich-san isn't even actively participating much," Kyouya explained.

Then again, it was still all about money. Everyone sweat-dropped. 'As expected of the Shadow King.'

"We think that Haruhi is actually right," the twins said. "It doesn't matter. It's actually better this way."

"No one cares about what you think," Tamaki said.

"Maybe you mean you," the twins countered.

"People care about what I think!" Tamaki announced proudly. "Right, Haruhi?"

"Well, most of the time you only say nonsense," Haruhi stated bluntly.

That was Tamaki's cue to go back to his loving corner.

While they were doing their nonsense, Margarette was actually watching them. You really didn't think she was there, were you? Well, anyway, Margarette's head came up with a half-baked but awesome idea.

"Why don't you just visit them?"

~End of Flashback~

Margarette slowly nodded, "Yeah."

"Fine, I believe you, kinda. But, you have to promise not to do anything silly until Mom arrives this week, okay?"

"Fine, no mischief or whatsoever. But what exactly are you planning?"

"Nothing," Miyuki smiled playfully. "And that's the best plan ever."

~End of Chapter~

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