Chapter 5: What pretty little organs you have

Author's Note: yes another chapter and a better set plan. I hope you reader's don't feel like this is a filler chapter. Also with this site and the whole M rating ordeal and when/if this story gets to that point and deleted I'll have to post it somewhere else either on my FB account or on Deviantart. There will be delay on me working on the next chapter ,personal reasons.

Eating every healthy organ he could get his hands or well claws on. The creeper grinned happy finding such healthy humans to eat from. But luck was not on his side with the wind blowing at him. Hiding Amber and Trish's scent. Taking flight the creeper set out to hunt for more delicious humans. Not long he saw a mini van driving east ward sensing five more humans to devour. Swooping down into the tall corn field he readied his knife and flung it at the front tires. Sending the van to a screeching halt that almost sent it tumbling over. All the passengers hearts beating with fear. The Creeper grinned just waiting for their paranoia to fuel their fear. Taking a few steps back to ensure his hiding space he waited for humans to loose their guard.

"Tommy what did you hit this time?" shouted a blonde girl from the back seat. While Tommy and his best friend Ben worked on the tire as everyone else stretched their legs or answered the call of nature.

"Dude I don't think I hit anything this time." gazed Tommy as he pulled out a strange grotesque knife. Ben looking up at his friend's find thinking where in the hell did that knife come from.

"Dude looks like something from some a horror movie." spoke Ben taking a closer look at the odd figures on the hilt.

"Well whatever it is just slashed our spare tire." groaned Tommy running his hands through his hair as a shadow flew over his face before he blinked to check the sky.

"Yeah . . .hey Tomms you ok." asked Ben

"Huh . . .ouh yeah I'm fine. Just thought I saw something. . . " but before he could finish a scream broke their confusion. Running towards one of the other passengers who is Ben's girlfriend Abby who ran towards him shacking.

"What happened Abbs?" speaking softly to the scarred young women

"I don't know all I know was that I was standing in the shade waiting for Travis and Kelly to finish what ever they were doing and then I heard screaming not like from sex but like from pain or terror." stammered Abby clinging to Ben. Both guys looked at each other as the terror of their hearts matched the fear on their faces.

"I think my cell phone works why don't we call Tiffa and Trevor?" asked Tommy checking his phone for serves.

"Why them there both dull as door nail college preps?" questioned Ben not trusting the people Tommy is calling.

"Yeah but at least they have a car and are stupid enough to get us." frowned Tommy.

"True." Later after calling Trevor and Tiffa they all settled in the car as the sun started to set as did their hopes of a ride away from this place.

"Do you think what ever got Travis and Kelly got them too?" asked a shacking Abby.

"Who knows let's hope not." soothed Ben not knowing what was truly happing to the couple that were suppose to come pick them up. About thirty miles from their spot lay a red mustang crashed off on the side of the road with one pale arm limping out the window before it fell off. On the other side of the fence a munching sound from a winged creature eating the organs of the males body also known as Travis. After wrapping up both bodies The creeper carried them to his car hidden amongst the trees before dropping them in the back to continue his search before a strange tune started to play from the car. Seeing the source of the noise was a cell phone. Picking it up to read a text.

"Tiff where are you? We've been waiting for hours?" - Tommy. The creeper grinned at the other group of humans before replying back as he took flight.

"B there in a sec" - Tifa. Back at the van all three young adults sat and waited for their ride back home. Not seeing the figure hiding next to a tree behind them waiting for the mice to come out. Tommy heard the beeping of a new text message reading asking if one of they could flag them down.

"You sure its safe Tommy." asked Ben who kept rupping Abby's back to try and keep her calm.

"Yeah what ever caught the others should be long gone." reassured Tommy ruffling his best friends hair as he walked out the car door to stand on the side of the road looking both ways as he waited for the two goof balls to get there. Not even 5 minutes later just when both Ben and Abby looked away from Tommy that the creeper swooped down snatching the young man before his scream could be heard. When both the occupants in the van looked back area where their friend once stood. Just only increased their fear and paranoia.

"Stay her Abby I'm going to make sure Tommy didn't go take a bathroom break." comforted Ben as he looked in to Abby's fear filled eyes. Before he could open the door Abby griped his arm.

"Please don't leave me. . .I. can't be here alone Benjamin" croaked Abby as Ben gapped her shoulders.

"You'll be safe here ok I'll be gone no longer then a minute." soothed Ben as he climbed out the van to look around for Tommy soon as he looked up The Creeper snatched him from behind leaving a screaming Abby.

"Ouh fuck" cried Abby before hearing the door behind her being ripped off and her screams too filled the night.

Back at Amber's (time of the first car crash)

Sitting at the kitchen table both women looking at each other as they ate their lunch.

"You weren't really working on the lawn were you?" smirked Trish breaking the silence.

Smirking Amber said "Yeahh I just needed time to clear my head a bit you did knock like at 6 in the morning." internally groaning that she had to be woken up 2 hours before she normally does.

"Sorry I tried your neighbors but no one answered," informed Trish "And thank you for lunch."

"Your welcome. . Did you say no one answered?" looking strangely at the older women.

"Yeah no one. I don't think I even saw a car either." responded Trisha feeling a bit confused but subconsciously at the back of her mind knew it had to be the creeper.

"That's very strange since the oldest son is up east seeing family and the father hardly ever leaves that barn for the "bat from hell" might rise again at eat us all," laughed Amber. Before looking into the half scared and half serious face of the other women. "Ouh kaay we could go check up on Mr. Taggart after lunch" finished Amber before finishing her lunch as well.

"Sounds great" smiled Trish while internally thinking why did she come for revenge again. But that only lasted a seconded after she thought of her son back home with her husband. Looking up to see that her host already finishing her food before looking down at her half eaten sandwich and shrugged while she threw it away.

"Hurry up." yelled Amber from the front door way. Looking up Trish walked out the door.

"Sorry I was a bit distracted." spoke Trish sliding into the passenger's seat.

"Yeah sure if you say so." smiled Amber starting her 1940's car


"Wow how did you get a car like this."

"Junk yard" shrugged Amber before driving up to the road.

"Junk yard you've got to be kidding me." gasped Trish

"Yeah . . . I'm not" as she sped off to the Taggart's farm not really wanting to waste time over there though it would keep this Trish person away from her house and from the tapes. Parking near the house they get out of the car to go check the house first as the knocked on the front door.

"What is that smell?" asked Trish looking around the yard Amber just shrugged off the question and the smell. Knocking on the screen covered door.

"HEY OLD MAN! Its me Amber!" yelled the said women waiting for that white haired man to either come out the barn or mumble to her about pounding on the door. "That's strange he usually he would be yelling at me to quite it down by now. . .hey lady are you listing to me. . ." spoke up Amber looking around to find that mysterious women seeing a head of brown she went to the barn. "What's the matter. ..holy fuck!" gasped Amber. Inside the barns entrance was what was left of a human body not far from where they both stood. Keeping her cool Amber just hoped it was some sort of prank but she knew that the smell it was not.

"I think we found Mr. Taggart." gagged Trish looked away from the mess and the smell. Gulping down the vile that touched her tongue.

"Man what am I going to tell his son "Hey Jack I have some sad news your father was eaten by a cannibal or some evil psycho took a knife to him." yeah that would go well " snorted Amber sarcastically.

"That's not all look." pointed Trish at the other human remains scattered some feet from the old man's body.

"Great what got Taggart got the sheriff and the coroner!" groaned Amber. Before Trish poked her shoulder "What!" Trish just pointed up at the sign "Bat from Hell"

"I think we have bigger things to worry about." whispered Trish. As the mummified thing with wings was gone.

"Better call the police about the Taggart or what's left of him." groaned Amber walking to the Taggart's house to use the phone. And after waiting 30 minutes a police car showed up. Waiting on the front porch the police man climbed out of the car and approached the two women.

"Which one of you is Amber?" asked the young man

"Me sir." whispered Amber feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight

"What time did you two find the bodies?"

"About 1:30 and I went inside the house to call you." spoke Amber. After being interrogated for what felt like hours was just mere 15 minutes. Still sitting on the steps with the older women Amber spoke up "So what's so scary about a bad prop gone missing?" smirked Amber knowing full well the tale of the Bat from Hell. But she kept that a secret along with her inching belief that it was real and out there.

"It's not a prop its some kind of monstrous demon!" cried Trish hoping that she did not just blow her cover.

"Um. . .o kay calm down breath crazy strange women. We just need to stay calm ok the unstable people usually die in a horror movie." soothed Amber holding her hands in a calming motion.

"Well this isn't a horror movie kid its real life and the fact that they stayed calm didn't help them!" screeched Trish pointing franticly at the remains of the old man.

"Well that's life people die, but we need to figure out what would well not get US killed." frowned Amber placing her hands on her hips.

"Maybe we should head back and think about it and your place." gulped Trish gathering in all the chaotic emotions that yearned for control. Taking one last quick glance at the human remains the older women walked back to the car. While the fear of ever coming back here grew. Amber just looked over the remains a bit longer of her former neighbor the old man who was the closest thing she could have for family other then her friends. Walking carefully around the bits of what remained of the people before her to find Mr. Taggart. As the crows picked at the remains the officers tried in vain to scare them. Amber just stood and stared at the body parts almost like time had stopped for a fraction of a second and in that seconded Amber felt odd. "Hey Aren't you coming!" yelled Trish from the front seat of the car.

"Wa. . .ouh yeah coming." blinked Amber rushing back to the car giving the old house one last glance before entering the car. Driving back home women are quite not even a sigh. It was like coming back from a funeral still in shock just no tears. Trish plopped onto the coach with Amber sitting across from her. There was silence until Amber spoke up "What do we do now?" raising her head up to meet the older women's stone cold glaze.

"We out live it or kill it." whispered Trish as the person in front of her stayed so calm.