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Chapter 1

Title: The black Bird

Snow; there was snow every where, untouched pure snow. This snow had let the children and teenagers of Namimori sleep in. Parents were waiting for the snow to shop so they could dig out their cars; some were going to head out for some shopping. Everyone took this day off to relax and enjoy the simple things; that is all but one.

Raven hair was covered by a hat on top; a scarf was tied tightly around the nose, mouth and neck of this youth. His gloves were black and his jacket a very dark purple. His gray eyes targeted his soon to be victims; a smirk played on his lips as he rolled snow in his hands forming a perfect snowball.

Yes; these crowds of herbivores were going to amuse him today. Why was he picking on them? Because they were there; they should be a sleep not wondering the market place when most stores had not opened.

His eyes scanned for the weakest; he found it, a klutzy woman who kept dropping things. Taking careful aim, he threw the snow ball and hit the poor lady in the face causing her to fall backward into the man behind her. This causes the man to fall on someone near him, and that person on to another causing a chain reaction.

The raven youth smirk widens; he was very amused. The herbivores had all fallen to the ground, confused on what happen. Why was this boy so amused at the trouble and pain he caused? This boy was Hibari Kyoya; that was enough reason as to why.

After torturing the poor shopping souls Hibari started to head back to his beloved school. No one knew why he cared so much for the building or for the town for that matter. It truly made no sense.

Hibari controlled the school's Disciplinary Committee; yet his power reached far beyond the school. No one was allowed to disturb the peace in Namimori, no one but him. Why? There is no answer to that, none that makes sense to anyone but Hibari.

Once at the school he took it upon himself to clean up even if there was no mess…he was just a neat freak who needed everything in order and clean. After an hour had pass a song very much familiar to the raven haired youth filled the air. Without looking he opened the window and in flew his little golden companion Hibird.

The bird landed on his shoulder and shook itself free of snow and puffed out. Hibari chuckled at the small animal and patted its head in a soft manner. To anyone witnessing this they would have been confused; this boy never showed compassion or care to any human yet to a bird he became the sweetest thing in the world.

Truly this boy made no sense.

Hibari's private moment with his bird was short lived when he heard noise coming from outside. Looking out the window he spotted Tsuna and his pack of fools. He glared at them. How dare they go into his school, use his school equipment, dirty the beautiful snow and most of all think he wouldn't be here. Grabbing his jacket, Hibird flew off his shoulder knowing its master was mad. Hibari Kyoya mad did not end well for those in his way.

Swiftly moving down the stairs and through the halls he reached the school yard within seconds. He stood by the door watching them. Hibari would not go out of his way to be notice; he would wait till one of these herbivores saw him and stuttered in fear when saying his name.

It wasn't till ten minutes later, when Tsuna missed catching a ball and ended up falling in front of the boy's feet was he finally notice. Red eyes met gray, and soon filled with fear.

"Hi-Hibari-san!" Tsuna yelled; scared for his life.

Hibari looked at him and placed a hand in his jacket. "You are trespassing on school grounds." He started as he pulled out something silvery from within his jacket. "For that you all shall be bitten to death."

Pulling out a tonfa he went to smash Tsuna's skull in as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for Tsuna, the right-hand man of the Sky pulled his ankle and away from the deadly Cloud.

The storm, Hayato Gokudera, glared harshly at the other teen. Unlike the other herbivores, as Hibari liked to call them, Gokudera was one of three men who pissed him off while knowing the side effects of doing so.

"You bastard; you could have hurt the tenth! Someone like you shouldn't be given a ring." The silver haired boy spat while helping Tsuna up.

This earned Gokudera a bored expressed from Hibari. Did he really think that he, Hibari, cared about owning a worthless right that he rarely used? He was a weaker herbivore in his book if he did.

But Hibari had better things on mind then what the Italian thought; like stuffing his tonfa in the boy's mouth and ripping out all his teeth and his tongue. Yeah, to Hibari that sounded fun and he went to do just that.

Gokudera barely had time to dodge the first blow but was ticked into taking the second. Falling forward he held his stomach in pain as the raven haired boy smirked in delight. He loved being bowed to.

"Hibari-san; please stop! We'll leave! I promise!" Tsuna begged.

Hibari chuckled; this herbivore was stupid. He would never let them leave without a good biting. So he didn't answer Tsuna and went for an attack only to be stopped by reborn. Reborn; that baby that beat him multiple times. How he wanted to bite him to death more then anything.


"Hibari; you have caused enough damage. If you still want to take your anger out on someone go to the roof. We'll be leaving."

Hibari watched them leave then glanced at the roof of the school. There was a shadow figure there.

"Dino..." Yes; Hibari knew who it was, and would enjoy kicking the man's ass.

Once at the roof top he looked around. Dino was there but where was his herbivore subordinate? Glaring slight at the blond, Hibari did not trust Dino; and with his subordinate gone Dino was nothing but chaos to Hibari.

"Hibari!" Dino called. "Look what I got for you." He pointed to a box that was far from him.

Hibari raised an eyebrow. "You got me a gift? Dino; I had no idea…you're weaker then I thought." He taunted.

Dino just shook his head and smiled. "Not for you, but I want you to do me a favor."


"Give that to Chrome Dokuro for me, you know the Mist guardian. Christmas is coming and it would be a shame if the cute girl didn't get anything. Besides! You can tack better, well way better, then I ever can."


"Please Hibari."

"Don't make me repeat myself or you shall be bitten to death."

"I'll fight you." Dino's subordinate then appeared


So the two fought and in the end there was no win due to Dino having to suddenly leave. This annoyed the cloud as he picked up the gift.

"The Mist…"

He was given his fight so he would at least drop off the gift.

Meanwhile Dino sat in the limo and smiled to himself. That gift wasn't from him to Chrome but for Mukuro signed Hibari. The blond then sighed happily.

"Romance…It smells as sweet as chocolate."

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