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Chapter 13

Title: Pineapple Express

Mukuro walked out of the room slowly. Looking into the hall he saw everything was dark; but it was still early, usually Hibari went to bed…oh wait, he was usually in bed now. Well that was before Mukuro got him to stay up nights of course. For a moment he debated in going into Kyoya's room and demanding to know what he meant but he realized he would only confused the poor boy since it was his future self who said those confusing words.

Deciding against it, Mukuro left the house for a silent walk. Soon he found himself in front of the 10th's home. Smirking he masked himself with an illusion when he notice Tsuna's light was still on. Making his way in the house and to the bedroom so he could have an amusing laugh once he frightened the younger boy; he heard something interesting.

"Reborn have you noticed Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto are acting…strange."

The baby said nothing.

"Like; when I see them they seem to be friendly and close."

"Isn't that how a family should be?"

"Well yeah!" Tsuna stuttered on his words. "But its like their..their…"


"Flirting with each other."

Mukuro tried his hardest not to laugh. Tsuna was so stupid to not realize the relationship; no he was starting to realize it, but he was doing so very slowly.

"It's rude to listen in Mukuro Rokudo."

So the baby realized he was there. He should have known. The cursed baby was very skilled indeed…sometimes Mukuro wanted to take that lizard gun and shoot him in the head with it, but that was another story. Right now he wasn't in the mood for fighting; if anything he just wanted to relax and let his mind relax.

"It's hard not to since the convocation is very…amusing. Tsunayoshi; your innocent way of thinking doesn't fail to amuse me." Stepping out to face them he smirked devilishly at the young mafia boss.

Tsuna really didn't have any issues with Mukuro. He learned to forgive and forget, but it was just one thing Tsuna couldn't deal with. Mukuro was the creepiest person he ever encountered and believed if there was ever to be a zombie attack he would believe Mukuro was behind it.

"Mukuro…. What do you know of what I am talking about?" But something told the 10th that the pineapple knew much more of what was going on.

Mukuro just shrugged and his smiled. "Why not asked them yourself? Do you not trust that they will tell you the truth? Kufufufu~"

Tsuna bit his lower lip and started at the ground. He did trust them. He trusted them more than anything; so why couldn't he ask them what was truly going on? Maybe he was scared of the answer, maybe because he couldn't understand the answer. Would they be upset if they knew he asked someone else over asking them? Mukuro was right, if he wanted to know he had to find out for himself.

"Mukuro I do trust them; I will ask them myself."

Letting out a low chuckle Mukuro leaned against a light pole. "Good to know you can read through words Tsunayoshi. Maybe you aren't as stupid as I thought."

"That's where you are wrong Mukuro; Tsuna is and always will be stupid. Never give him credit for not being so."

"Ah, you have my apology cursed baby."

A depressing cloud formed over Tsuna's head at the moment. No matter what he did everyone made fun of him and there was no escaping it.

"Hey! Keep your hands off! I have to make sure there is no one inside here before I lock the door." The smoking bomber practically screamed at his partner as he checked the stalls of the boy's bathroom.

"Awww come on Hayato; no need to worry so much. I mean if there was someone in here they would have squeaked out in surprise by your yelling." The friendly baseball player charmed as he grinned happily as his lover.

Hayato glared at him. "Since when did you get so smart?" "It's not smarts its just half the male populated in the school fears you."

A sliver eyebrow rose at the statement. "Half? Then what about the other half?"

"The other half would be your fanboys that would try to make-out with you." The grin on Takeshi's face grew wider as Hayato blushed, glared, and yelled at him.

"So is the coast clear?"

Locking the door Hayato nodded. "Yeah we're pretty safe where we are. People will just think this bathroom is out of-"

Hayato couldn't finish his sentence as Takeshi spun him around and crashed their lips together in a hot fiery passion. A moan escaped his throat as he grabbed told on the back of Takeshi's shirt. But the fire on his lips didn't stay there long. The fire moved down to his neck, a strong hand ripped open his shirt and pulled it off his shoulders so the fire could spread feather down his body. Then the sudden coolness on his back came. The cold tiles of the wall, the blue fire spreading down his torso, hands gripping his hips and inner thighs; all of it was setting him on the edge.

"Someone is getting real fired up. Do you like it Hayato-kun?" Takeshi purred as he pulled open the belt with his teeth. "Do you want more? Do you wish I could just continue right now?" The rain guardian stopped all that he was doing only to softly bite the inner thigh of his moaning lover.

"You baseball nut… stop fucking around."

"I thought you liked it when I used you to fuck around."

Hayato couldn't take it anymore. With all his strength he pulled free of the tall teen. Takeshi didn't have time to react as he was pushed to the ground and his pants were ripped open. The storm was raging this time, and it wouldn't stop until it destroyed everything in its pants; meaning the extremely hard boner in between his legs. A long raspy moan echoed throughout the bathroom as a tight warm mouth engulfed his erection. He arched forward as a tongue played with his head and soft hands gently massaged his balls. Hayato was clearly not holding back this time.

Slowly Hayato licked his way upward with a smirk plastered onto his face. "Now, are you going to play my game and stop messing around?"

Takeshi grinned. "Oh I am ready to play; but can you keep up?" With a swift motion they were flipped in positions. "Because I am going to ride you like this is our last time."

"Don't speak. Prove it."

The sudden jerk and Hayato's pants with gone. Positioning himself at the tight entrance and a quick rough thrust lead him inside of his lover. The sliver haired teen threw his head back and moaned. Grabbing onto his partner's shoulders he couldn't to moan wildly as the older teen crashed into his ass continuously.

"Harder… dear god; give it all to me."

"I'll give you everything and more. Now let's see if you can truly handle my fill length."

Tears nearly streamed down his cheeks as Takeshi put his complete penis inside him. His legs started to shake; and his throat became dry due to the screams. Takeshi smiled at the closed eyed expression of his lover. He loved seeing him like this; lust driven, screaming, and begging for more. How it turned him on.

Outside however something else was going on. Tsuna was standing by the door hearing their passionate love making. His lower lip nearly gone from him biting it; a confused expression clearly visible on his face. He never would have thought this was the outcome.

Mukuro spent the day with Chrome; she had just learned how make origami. It was cute seeing her get excited about a paper bird, cat or dog. It really helped him take his minds off other issues. Those issues being Hibari Kyoya. Sure, Mukuro didn't play fair when they first met but…he couldn't help himself. Mukuro had an S&M fetish; it had to be satisfied.

"Mukuro-Sama; is something wrong?" What a clever girl Chrome was.

"It is nothing Nagi." Mukuro assured her as he petted her hair.

She stared up at him with her big purple eye with worry. She knew there was something wrong but she would not push the subject. She wouldn't add more stress to her closest friend and family member.

"If you say so Mukuro-Sama."

Leaning back on the couch Mukuro made an illusion of a starry night. The stars always helped him relax when he needed to think. So he started to think. What did Kyoya mean that he never listened? Was there really something he never understood? What was he missing; what did the older Kyoya mean? It was so easy to see what that boy wanted, to read into what he said, but this time, just this one time he couldn't figure it out.

"Mukuro-Sama…what's wrong." The pained expression made Chrome repeat her earlier question.

"Nagi; I told you-"

"What you say and what is truth is completely different."

The male illusionist couldn't help but chuckle. How this girl grew sharp in the short time they spent together.

"It's nothing you should worry over."

She frowned her eyebrows together and gently grabbed onto his jacket. "Anything that makes Mukuro-Sama upset makes me worry. Please let me help…"

Staring down at her Mukuro couldn't help but feel guilty for not telling her. After all, at one point their existence depended on each other. Looking back up at the stars he whispered softly.

"It would seem I am in a one sided love."

Chrome blinked. Did she hear right? "Mukuro-Sama…you are wrong."

Mukuro snapped his head towards her with curiosity in his eyes. "Oh? And what makes you say this?"

"Hibari-San loves you."

"He hates me."

"Does he say so?"

Mukuro sighed. "Every moment." Running this hand through his hair he continued. "Even when he is being kind or allowing us to…bond… he repeats the same thing."

Chrome stared at him for a long minute. "I do not believe you understand what he means."

Mukuro was now, for the first time ever in his life, startled by his little Nagi. Did she really just tell him that he didn't understand? He wanted to tell her she was wrong but…he knew she wasn't. He had been trying to understand why Kyoya said those words but said them with such…passion behind his eyes. What was he missing?

Slowly he got up from his seat and smiled at his Nagi. "I have to head back Nagi. I will come see you as soon as I can."

Giving him a smile Chrome nodded and wished him a goodnight as he left. How she worried about him sometimes but she knew everything would work out. Whatever Mukuro-Sama wanted he was sure to always get.

Good luck Mukuro-Sama.

It was around seven when the illusionist returned home. His mind however wasn't home at all. It kept going back to what Chrome said. Could she see something he couldn't; maybe, but he was not going to ask for the answer, he had to find out himself even if it killed him.

Upon entering the house he found the Skylark sitting on the couch with a book open. Mukuro stood there, staring at him taking in all his features. He loved that boy, needed that boy and longed for him. The way he battled with him, the want for his blood every time their weapons clashed. The sweat beating off his body when he pounded himself into the smaller teen, the screams and moans of passion which filled the room when each was about to reach their climax. How he needed it all. Mukuro was happy with all he had with Kyoya but he just wanted that one last thing…

Mukuro was abandoned by his family as a child, forced into a life of torment and grief. His childhood filled with the stench of blood, sex, and chemicals. Beating after beating, scream after scream, and needle after needle. He could remember the pain and the darkness, the very thing that destroyed his happiness long ago.

Now things were different. He had control; he could control what happened to him. When he met Nagi through the dream he knew he had to save her. She was placed in a world where she too was never in control of her life. She was just a piece to her parents, a tool for cash. He had to get her out and give her the chance he never had. Her happiness brought his happiness but that wasn't enough. True, he loved her, but not romantically.

Hibari had filled that void in his life. The moment he saw the Skylark he was enchanted by his beauty. He wanted him….maybe he didn't express that the right way then but everyone was entitled to a mistake, right? But now he's paying for it. His lovely bird was slipping away and it unnerved his every being. He wondered if he pushed too much or not enough. The pain in his heart stabbed into every muscle of his body when he thought of losing his precious bird.
Yet there were the words the older Hibari said to him. What didn't he understand about the words Kyoya told him every day? He knew he was intelligent but when it came to Kyoya's logic sometimes that didn't matter. So there he was standing at his beloved wondering what those words truly meant.

"You do know staring is rude and very annoying." The cloud stated as he turned the page. "But then again you are annoying."

"Come now Kyo-chan; do you really blame me for staring? You are very much eye candy."

Hibari looked up at him with a frown. "Doesn't your perverted nature have any limits?"

"Not when it comes to you."

Rolling his eyes Hibari when back to his book but that didn't last long. Mukuro had made his way over to him and leaned over him. "Go away." But he didn't. Instant the pineapple leaned down closer.

"Kyo-chan." Mukuro purred into the shorter boy's ear.

Kyoya turned to look at him, a harsh glare on his face. "I'm reading."

Sighing Mukuro took a seat next to the shorter boy. "Kyo-chan, can't you just be nice to me, even for one night?"

Rolling his eyes he raised the book higher to ignore the younger teenager. "No."

Now Mukuro was getting annoyed. He could never get this boy to give in easily. Yes the challenge was indeed fun but for one night he would enjoy some kind of early submission. "Kyo-chan…" Leaning forward he planted a small kiss on the neck of the skylark. "Can't you just play nice with me?"

"Because I don't have too." Mukuro a bit annoyed forcefully threw the skylark on the floor. He was sick of not being told how wonderful he could make the other feel. He pleasured the boy under him countless times; and he was going to keep pumping himself into his lover until he screamed words of love.

"What the hell are you doing-"Before he could possibly finish Mukuro kissed him roughly. The illusionist hands ripped open the buttons to the shorter boy's shirt. Words of protest came from Hibari but Mukuro refused to listen. He didn't care anymore. He was going to have this boy here and now. He was going to make him scream for him. Make him pant, groan, moan, beg, and ultimately make him confess his love for the illusionist. That was his plan, and he would see it through.

But a tonfa to the face stopped him. He was knocked off the older boy and onto his back. Kyoya was sitting up glaring at him. Those cold eyes, those deep gray/blue eyes just shined with hate. This was a losing battle he knew it but he didn't want to give up; not yet, just not yet. He wanted to try one last time. He wanted to hold, kiss, and pleasure him all so he could finally get those words out. Yet now he knew it was pointless.

"I see; so it is pointless…"

Hibari stared at the pineapple not truly sure what he meant. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Mukuro just smiled. It wasn't one of his wicked one's nor a mocking one. It was just a sad smile. "All this is pointless if there is nothing behind it." He replied as he got up from the floor. "I am going to bed Kyo-chan. I bid you a goodnight." And with that he went to his room.

The raven haired boy watched as the other left. Was he really that stupid that he couldn't figure it out? Shaking his head he surveyed the damage of his shirt and sighed; he would have to replace it. Looking back at the direct his partner went he frowned. Hibari was a very complex person; saying his true intentions or feelings was something he would never do. If anything he would say the opposite of what he said. If Mukuro really did love and understand him how come he couldn't figure out his words were really "I love you only" just reversed. Being reversed was all Kyoya could do to truly express himself. Tsuna saw it, which he thought was Tsuna's only real smarts, so why couldn't the illusionist.

"Damn herbivore."

Mukuro lay in his bed staring up at the wall. He was so frustrated that he gave up quickly before and now that was bothering him. Sighing he rolled over to his side and closed his eyes. Maybe some rest would help him think straight.

"10TH!" Charmed the sliver haired boy as he entered the home of the tenth Vongola Boss.

"Hey Tsuna!" Takeshi waved as he entered behind his secrete boyfriend.

Tsuna smiled softly at them as he welcomed into his home. After finding out their little secrete he couldn't help but wonder why or how come they didn't tell him. He even ditched the whole day just so he can take in what was happening. His two best friends, together…. Yeah, his two best friends.

"Welcome. Let's go upstairs and hang out before dinner is ready."

Takeshi cheerfully lead the way up the room clearly excited about hanging out as Hayato yelled at him about walking ahead of the boss. This puzzled Tsuna greatly; if they were together why did they act so…so much the same. Was it because he was around? Frowning he followed the two to his room.

Upon entering Tsuna suggested a game and they began to play. As the game started he watched his two friends closely. Noticing everything he missed before. How they carefully tried to touch each other when they thought he wasn't looking or how they kept glancing at each other with soft eyes. Tsuna couldn't take it anymore…he had to say something.

"You know I did an awful thing today." He started staring at the game board.

Hayato shot up quick to defend his boss but Tsuna raised his hand to silence him. "Please Gokudera-kun… You see I kept something from my mother. I thought she would be shamed of me or wouldn't understand so I tired to hide it…"

Both Hayato and Takeshi were on high alert at this point, listening closely to the words in between the sentences.

"But she knew, she knew I was keeping something." He laughed a little bit and rubbed his spike brown hair. "She sat me down and told me it was ok. That she understood and no matter what I did she would always support me."

The Vongola boss smiled brightly at his two friends. "That there was no need to hide around her; I was so happy because I knew I could share anything with her after that…well besides the whole mafia thing because I don't want her to worry." He laughed a bit. "But hey, even Reborn doesn't want her to know."

"Tsu-Kun! Dinner!"

Getting up Tsuna gave one last smile at his closest friends. "See you guys downstairs." With that he turned and left the room.

Takeshi sat there in place with a faint smile on his face. "Hayato… you think he?"

"Think? It was screaming it! He…he knows…"

Takeshi let out a sigh and stood up. "Good. Now I can do this whenever I want." Before Hayato could protest he was pulled into the strong arms of the lovable baseball player. "We don't have to hold back."

"Pssh, what an idiot… thinking we can do this so freely.." But the shorter teen just hugged him back enjoying the warmth.

Outside Tsuna listened with a smile one his face. Reborn at his side with a small smile on his baby face.

"You did well Tsuna."

"I didn't do anything. I just did what any friend would."

Letting out a short laugh the baby followed his student to the dinner table.

"What does that mean?" Mukuro asked slightly irritated.

"It means you never grow up. Only thing that did change is that you've become more sadistic." Kyoya replied while sipping his tea.

"I take it our relationship hasn't changed." Mukuro spoke grimly as he finished off his food.

"Oh it has. I just hate you even more now."

Mukuro felt a sting in his heart as he heard this. Had nothing really changed? "That isn't much of a change."

He heard a sigh come from Kyoya. Looking up from his plate into the eyes of the Skylark startled him. His gaze was soft, his muscles loose, he had a shine about him that captured the illusionist. "You never listen, Mukuro. Not once, have you ever listened to me."

"You never listen, Mukuro. Not once, have you ever listened to me."

"Not once, have you ever listened to me."

"Not once.."

Mukuro shot out of his bed. He was in a hot sweat, his head hurt, and he couldn't see a thing. He just couldn't understand it. Could he ever understand Hibari Kyoya? The words of Kyoya's older self danced in his head. Taunting him, whispering their riddles into his ears, and calling him into total confusion. He hated it; he hated not being able to get a handle on things.

Getting up he walked to the bathroom. Splashing cold water on his face he took deep breaths to keep his mind straight. Looking at himself in the mirror he saw dark circles starting to form under his eyes. Glaring at himself he jerked himself away from the sink and headed into the living room. A light coming from Kyoya's room made him stop.

Is he really up this late?

Changing his course he went over to see the door was just barely open. Kyoya was sitting at his desk, the small golden bird looking up at him innocently. The reading light on the desk was the only thing keeping the room lit.

"He's retarded. He can't even figure out the simplest things. He over thinks, acts selfishly, and has a stupid hair , if you can even call that a style." The small bird twitted in response. "Such an herbivore…"

Mukuro was more confused now than he was before. How was he over thinking things? Nothing made sense! The man said he hated him countless times but yet allowed him to be affectionate. And that look; that look of total softness in his eyes as he said how much he hated him! That soft….soft…

Mukuro's mouth opened in shock. Was it truly that simple that he couldn't see it? Was Kyoya really the type of person to be that reversed? He had to find out, and he wasn't going to stop until he did.


The skylark turned his chair around to gaze at the boy who just walked into his room uninvited. Blinking he yawned and leaned back in his seat. "What do you want?"

"Say it."

Raising a thin eyebrow the cloud guardian eyed the illusionist bored. "Say what?"

"Say that you hate me."

Both eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Excuse me?"

Mukuro glared at him. "I said tell me that you hate me! Tell me how much you hate me!"

Hibari Kyoya's expression did not change. The coldness reminded where it was, but his eyes; those deep blue/gray eyes did. They got softer; almost as if calling out to the person in front of them. There was passion in those eyes, a strong firey passion.

"I hate you Mukuro Rokudo. I hate you more than anything on this planet."

Lips locked at that moment. Mukuro had dived on top of the older boy kissing him with as much love and lust as he could. Those words of hate, he had finally realized those were words of love. How stupid and how blind he had been. Now it was time to make up for his mistake. To claim those velvety soft pink lips his. To give him a night of passion and to dance in front of heaven's gates. Forcefully his tongue entered the wet sweet mouth of the Skylark. Deepening the kiss he sucked on the tongue of his lover; his hands stripping down the white shirt that divided flesh from touch.

Kyoya allowed the younger teen to touch him for Mukuro finally understood the meaning. Gasping as the kiss broke apart he groaned deeply as Mukuro nipped, sucked, and toyed with his skin. Reaching forward he pulled off his lover's shirt ran his fingers down the harden abs that was before him. The warmed coming from Mukuro's body, the coolness of his tongue running down his shoulder, muscular torso down to his crotch; how it pleased him greatly.

"Shall we move to the bed, Kyo-chan?" Mukuro asked as he bit the Kyoya's inner thigh through his pants.

"You ask too many questions. Just move me there."

A lustful chuckle came from the illusionist as he got off his small lover. "Very well." Grabbing Kyoya's arm, Mukuro threw him onto the bed before jumping on him. "Lets play a little game. You don't move" Taking off his belt he fastened it around Kyoya's wrist and tied him to the bed. "And I'll make you scream."

Before Kyoya could protest a piece of a shirt was stuffed into his mouth. Pulling out a knife from his back packet Mukuro ripped the clothing covering his tender areas and legs. A large smirk appeared on Mukuro's face at that moment. A very hard penis was pressing up stiffly on Kyoya's stomach. Licking his lips he gently touched the head of it earning him a shiver. Leaning down he kissed it so lightly that Kyoya wiggled with protest obviously wanting more. Slowly he licked the staff of the penis before swallowing the whole thing. He could hear the muffled moans coming from his partner as he twisted his tongue around it, gently nipped it, and toyed with his head.

But that wasn't enough for Mukuro. He wanted more; no he needed more of a reaction from him. So he put a figure inside of his entrance and started to pump inside of him. Kyoya got louder and started to struggle against his binds but that still wasn't enough. Putting in another finger he started to scissor him. Now Kyoya's legs were twitching, clearly he was enjoying this greatly. Leaning up and getting off the boy tied down Mukuro moved to the side of the bed and got off. The glare he received was enough to kill and army; but Mukuro only smirked. Slowly he got off the bed and slowly he stripped down earning him a lustful gaze from his mate.

Sliding his hands down his thighs and legs as he slipped off his pants and running them back up and onto his own cock he started to jerk himself off. This made Kyoya struggle for freedom even more. He too wanted to touch the forbidden body that promised pleasure. Mukuro than took that as a single to move. He had fun in teasing his lover, now it was time to put his own erection to good use. It took one good slam for make his partner arch upward and nearly choking on the cloth in his mouth. Mukuro's head went back in the process. The tightness of Kyoya's entrance squeezed him and the wetness of him made it easy to move in and out.

Grabbing his tights Mukuro dug his nails into his lover as he moaned in his rage in passion. Kyoya was near faint but wouldn't allow it to happen. He was enjoying it too much, the pain, the pleasure of Mukuro hitting his spot, the pressure of someone being inside him. Even being tied down to the bed had turned him on greatly. His eyes widen as he felt one of Mukuro's hands leave his hip in order to jerk him off. He was so close to cumming and he knew Mukuro was just as close. Finally with one last thrust and jerk both of them came together.

Mukuro collapsed on top of him panting and struggling with the belt that tied him down. When he had finally gotten the belt loose he used his own teeth to pull out the cloth from Kyoya's mouth.

"Enjoy yourself?"

Kyoya glared at him. He would not admit it, not now, not ever. "You're a sick pervert."

Mukuro chuckled and kissed him softly. "Something tells me you enjoy my sick perverted side."

"Whatever. Just get off me so I can use to as a pillow."

"Always with the order's Kyo-chan?"

"Do it or I'll bite you death."

"Very well, I'll do it your way for once but be warned, if you try to start something I will take control."

Rolling his eyes he pushed the illusionist to the other side of the bed. "I hate you."

"I love you too, Hibari Kyoya."

~The End.

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