"Morgana. When I said I needed help with a plan, I didn't mean to be a…. a GIRL." said Arthur furiously.

"Oh, I am so cut." replied Morgana sarcastically, raising an eyebrow. "But I think that this might actually work. Do you want Merlin to be happy or not?" she demanded, and he slumped his shoulders in defeat.


When Arthur approached Merlin, he saw the man's eyes flicker slightly.

What. The. Hell?
Merlin took in Arthur's goofy smiling face, and the girly flowers clutched in his hands.

"H-hi. My name is Arthur Pendragon." said the blonde nervously, his face turning slightly pink. He held the flowers out to Merlin.

"I know what your name is. What in Gaius's name are you doing?" asked Merlin sullenly, though inside, he was torn between amusement and confusion.

"Um. Starting over?"

"With what?" Merlin would have looked confused, if he hadn't trained his expression so well.


"I don't know what you mean." stated Merlin, and he made to leave. Arthur grabbed his arm, and he turned to see blazing blue eyes. Arthur did always have a problem with his temper.

To hell with the plan, thought Arthur.

"Would you stop doing that!?" Arthur waved his hands exasperatedly, dropping the forgotten flowers on the ground.

Merlin almost sighed. "What?"

"Stop acting so... dead! And stop IGNORING ME! And stop walking away from me!"

Merlin surveyed the enraged blonde uninterestedly.
"If you have such a problem with me, I suggest that you go back to Camelot, where you belong." He said simply, and turned to leave again. Arthur stopped him again, and whirled him around to face him.

"I'll go back to Camelot when I have you back!" declared Arthur, and if it wasn't for his strict monotony, Merlin would have scoffed.

"I'm right here." said Merlin, and saw Arthur's eyes raging again.

"No, you're not. I want the clumsy, funny, annoying, adorable Merlin you were before. I WANT YOU BACK." yelled Arthur, stamping his foot childishly. He realized that he had just called Merlin adorable, and he flushed.

"Merlin, please." continued the blonde desperately, and Merlin wondered if the blonde was having mood swings again.

"I didn't mean- In Camelot...- I'm sorry!"

Merlin watched him silently, though he could feel the emotion emanating from him.

"Please Merlin. Please forgive me." begged Arthur, overcome with emotion. He knew that if Merlin didn't forgive him now, he never would.

"I need you." he said simply, Merlin remained quiet, observing. He was a little awed, as he could feel Arthur's emotions in the air, just as he could sense magic. Sadness and regret were pulsating off him in waves.

And then he felt the emotions change slightly, anger and desperation becoming more apparent.

"I love you, do you not understand that!? I. Love. You. I love everything about you, and I can't stand it when you're upset!"
There were now tears streaming down Arthur's face, and his voice had become choked. He rubbed furiously at his eyes.

"I will never call you an idiot again?" he offered, smiling a little through the tears.

Merlin's mouth twitched and Arthur watched, inwardly screaming of triumph and happiness, when Merlin cracked a small smile.

"Do you… forgive me?" asked Arthur in a croaky, unbelieving voice, eyes wide. He was hoping with every fiber of his being. Everything depended on this man. Merlin meant everything. It was impossible to describe the feeling he was currently experiencing. He was at the edge of a cliff, either to plummet to his downfall, or soar high into the glorious perfection that could match heaven itself.

Merlin looked down, and Arthur's heart plummeted. His eyes were burning, filling with his warm anguished tears.

"I think…" started Merlin softly, looking up. Arthur was shocked to see tears forming in his eyes.

"I think I forgive you." He said, smiling a little.

Arthur was shaking, he was almost 90 percent sure he was dreaming, but his ecstasy was overpowering everything, and with a large leap, he took Merlin into his arms.

"Is this real?" he whispered into Merlin's sweet-smelling hair, and felt the brunette's soft laughter rumble through his body. Merlin pulled away, and stared into Arthur's eyes before answering.



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