Title: Furtivamente!
Authors: Araine and dracoprncs1310 of livejournal.
Chapter One: Phantom Thief Names A New Target
Fandom: Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Baccano!
Rating: T
Genre: Crossover, humor, action, supernatural
Characters: Conan, Ran, Sonoko, Kaitou Kid, Nakamori, Isaac, Miria
Summary: Thieves, heists, detectives, mafia, immortality, and alchemy, are all unleashed when thieves Isaac and Miria travel from New York to Tokyo and decide to steal Tokyo Tower!

Note: This story is also located at the livejournal address .com. You're not missing out on anything story related by reading here, but there are some extra things at the livejournal address (like cool graphics!), so you should totally check it out!

Dior would weep to see this jewel

Shaken down on the last day the lanterns are lit

Good evening!

-Kaitou Kid

Nakamori slammed the latest heist note from the Kaitou Kid down on his desk.

"I want you men working on deciphering this right away!" he bellowed to his hard-at-work crack team of professional Phantom Thief Catchers.

"The Kaitou Kid won't get away this time!"


"Ran! Look!"

Mouri Ran, and the bespectacled kid beside her, turned to face her best friend Suzuki Sonoko. "What is it?" she asked.

"Kaitou Kid put out another heist note!" Sonoko said, waving the newspaper in front of Ran's face. It contained a picture of the heist note as well as the headline "THE PHANTOM THIEF NAMES ANOTHER TARGET".

Ran raised her eyebrows. "Did he?" she asked. Conan, ignored, craned his neck upward to see.

Sonoko waved the paper in front of her friend's face once again, for emphasis. "Have your dad figure out what he wants, so we can go see him again!"

"We?" she asked.

Sonoko crossed her arms. "Well, he is a famous thief," she said. "Maybe a famous detective will show up to catch him."


Sonoko snickered, and Conan rolled his eyes. Deciding that he'd had enough with being short, he looked up at Sonoko. "Sonoko-neechan, can I see?" he asked.

Sonoko, apparently just now noticing Conan, turned her gaze downward. "You want to see?" she asked. "Sure. Here."

Conan snatched the paper from her and began to read over Kaitou Kid's note, as Sonoko turned her attention back to Ran. "So, will you talk to your dad? Please?"

Ran sighed. "Fine," she said. "But it's not because I want to see Shinichi or anything!"

"Right, right," Sonoko said.

Conan was too engrossed in the note, and deciphering its contents, to notice this latest conversation.

Who is Dior? And what's with the weird language in the second line? Shaken down?

He shook his head. Like always, Kaitou Kid was a mystery.

He was already getting excited to solve this one.


NEXT TIME: Isaac and Miria Arrive In Tokyo

"Isaac, we're finally arriving in Tokyo!"

"Tokyo! Where they all wear kimono and drink tea all day!"

"All day long!"

"We'll have to do lots of learning about Japanese culture while we're there!"

"Like how to eat with chopsticks?"

"Exactly, Miria!"

"And we can't forget to send a postcard to all our friends in New York!"