While stretching, she instinctively glanced over at the cool body next to hers. He was asleep. It was a rare moment when she was awake and he wasn't. He looked much younger than his outer appearance of about 38. The tiny lines that were forming around his eyes were smoothed out, helping out the near angelic appearance.

It was hard to believe that this sleeping man was the one who saved the Earth and many other planets nearly every day of his nine hundred year life. He's battled Daleks, Raxacoricofallapatorians and things she probably couldn't imagine even in her wildest dreams.

The Doctor emitted a soft snore, shifting as he started to wake. He awoke to a quiet chuckle from his bedmate.

"Why you insist on using gel is beyond me when all you need to do is sleep more," the soft voice of Rose answered.

His retort was lost in the fit of giggles and shrieks when he tackled her.