I yearned for my own little baby. I wanted my own house and a husband who would kiss me when he got home from work.

- Rosalie Hale, Eclipse


The dream


Rin nursed the strengthening bandage on her arm as she lay on her futon. He hadn't meant to hurt her, she knew, but she wished he had the desire, at least, not to harm her. She wished he tried to treat her gently.

The door slid open and he entered their room. He glanced at the tear-tracks on her face and the bandage on her arm.

He said nothing as he walked past to into the bathing room to change, his long hair swaying in his wake.

Rin cursed the arranged marriage she had had to enter. It was unhappy for both her and her husband. Neither wished to take the time to get to know the other; he disliked her for intruding on his life from the moment he heard he was engaged. He had never desired her – he had never even touched or looked at her. Bedding in the same room as him she had considered an honor, but then she learned he had no choice in the matter. He could easily go for a week without speaking a word to her. When he was angry he never struck her – he would not waste his energy – but he sometimes forgot his strength.

Rin was lying down when he returned from the bathing room, the covers tightly hugging her. She felt the sheets shift as he lay beside her, turned the other way, and she silently cried herself to sleep. She dreamed.


She was holding her baby and rocking him as she sang a soft lullaby. Her older child, a gorgeous five-year old girl, ran up to her excitedly.

"Papa's home!" she cried.

"You should be in bed," Rin chided gently, lifting the infant in her arms to see his beautiful face. He looked just like his father.

Her husband entered the room, and his face lit up when he saw the three of them. He leaned down to kiss Rin's forehead lovingly before sweeping his daughter into his arms and spinning her around twice. He kissed her cheek as he gently set her down again and gazed at his son's face.

"The children should be asleep," he said quietly.

"They were excited to see you again," Rin answered, beaming at him. "So was I."

The children were sent to their rooms – a nurse took her baby – and Rin excitedly dragged her husband through the corridors to their own. Once the door was slid shut she found he was kissing her in a passionate and needy way. She responded eagerly as they made their way to the futon, undressing parts of each other as they went and carelessly throwing the clothes to the floor. She tripped, and they both fell onto the mattress. She rolled him onto his back and sat on his stomach with one leg to either side of his body, straddling him, as he reached up to bring himself closer to her.

They couldn't get enough of each other.


Rin woke in a cold sweat and sat up straight. Her movements disturbed the covers, and she could feel her husband shift beside her. She didn't breathe, praying he wouldn't wake. She touched the bandage on her arm again, not knowing how she could have had such a dream. He despised her, and she did not wish to get closer to him. The thought of bearing his children, no matter how beautiful he was, made her shudder.

Because Sesshoumaru was a true demon.


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