Ryan's philosophy brings them together.
Innovative ideals, with their hopes in the sky.
Squalid sea floor becomes the norm.
Enter only if you dare, you won't escape the storm.

Reduced to ADAM hunting freaks,
Always on the lookout for those special leaks.
Plasmids and guns have become their crime.
Tell me, please, that they have run out of time.
Under the sea, the Little Sisters play.
Raise the alarm, they're here to stay.
Extracting the slugs, "Come on, Mr. Bubbles!"

Risk all you have.
Ignore the warning signs.
Such a pity it had to be this way.
Extra caution, visitor, because "All good things of this earth flow into the city…"

Reviews are appreciated. and there is a hidden message in this. Tell me if you see it.

~Rebecca aka Lord Rebecca-Sama