Heir of the Sage

Disclaimer: Naruto is solely the possession of Kishimoto, alas I only own the computer I used to write a story based on his wonderful work.

Summary: When Naruto is learning how to use his Elemental Affinity from Yamato and Kakashi, they end up with far more than he bargained for! Mokuton!Naruto AU

Chapter One: His Affinity

"Okay, time to train!" Kakashi began eagerly, "So let's run through-" He stopped when Naruto chuckled. Kakashi's excitement faded in embarrassment, 'Was I too eager?' He wondered, and immediately regretted his show of anticipation. "What is it?" Kakashi asked

"No, no, it's nothing… It's just that when I think about training with you again…" Naruto blushed embarrassedly and scratched back of his head, "I don't know why, but I just get all excited and happy."

Kakashi grinned, "Well laugh it up while you get the chance!" Naruto's face dropped in reply. Kakashi laughed at his expression for a moment, and in a moment of sobriety, he sighed. "Time isn't waiting for us you know?" The serious look on Naruto's face told Kakashi that it was time to begin. "Just like I told you earlier, you are going to be trained extensively to be able to create an ultimate ninjutsu of your own." Kakashi said, "one superior to even the Rasengan."

Naruto nodded keenly, and Kakashi continued onwards, "To do that you'll need to have command of two chakra control techniques," He put up two fingers to emphasise his point. "Physical Recomposition," he put one finger down, "and Spatial Recomposition." He put the other finger down and clenched his fist, "Putting these two techniques together will create the strongest of techniques."

Naruto concentrated intensely, "Physical and Spatial… Recombatation?"

"…." Kakashi said nothing; he was beyond exasperated 'He can't ever get the simplest of things!' He sighed. "Take Chidori as an example, to use it you physically recompose your chakra to resemble electricity, then you spatially recompose it to discharge." Kakashi smiled briefly, "Doing it correctly and placing the correct use of each technique determines the strength and scope of the attack."

Naruto's face was blank.

"You could say that unlike Chidori, Rasengan is a jutsu relying only on extremely advanced Spatial Recomposition, since the jutsu compresses chakra by spinning it at violently high speeds, it doesn't have any need for Physical Recomposition." Kakashi explained.

"Physical Recombination… I see, I see." Naruto nodded, arms folded.

Kakashi corrected him subtly, "Physical Recomposition, will be an absolute necessity for you to acquire a jutsu surpassing Rasengan."

"Makes sense to me! Alright time for Physical Recombination!" Naruto cheered.

Kakashi sweatdropped and thought, 'It doesn't seem like he's getting this… But either way, he learns with his body, not his head- so I guess it's all the same.'

Kakashi continued, "However… Acquiring that technique takes an enormous amount of time. I was just going to explain how to reduce that time penalty a bit ago, when we were in the hospital."

"I see…" Naruto replied cautiously, "So how're we going to reduce it then!"

Kakashi looked him square in the eye, "Well there's not much reason to beat around the bush! The method of training is to use your Kage Bunshin (Shadow Clones)."

"…Huh?" Naruto raised a curious eyebrow at him.

"Well actually, it's your Tajyuu Kage Bunshin (Mass Shadow Clones)." Kakashi corrected himself neatly.

"… What about it?" Naruto asked baldly.

"That's the method to shorten your training," Kakashi said slowly.

"…" Naruto squinted at him as if Kakashi had suddenly revealed that the world was in fact, round. "What do you mean?"

"I knew this'd happen!" Kakashi groaned, "I'll make it as simple as possible- listen up." Naruto nodded studiously. "You already know that when making Kage Bunshin instead of making another copy of yourself, you actually create real bodies. In other words, you literally create another version of yourself," Kakashi began. Naruto continued to nod. "I know I can't use it as well as you can, but I know that effect that it has on the user…"

"Effect? And what's that?" Naruto asked genuinely curious.

Kakashi continued as if Naruto had never interrupted, "You've used it constantly, so you've probably noticed that when you release the Kage Bunshin, and the jutsu is undone, the things that each individual experience then add up to become the original's experience as well."

Naruto squinted at him again. "I said make it simple," he said in a minor amount frustration.

"So you haven't noticed?" Kakashi asked. Naruto shook his head blankly. "Then let's both make a Kage Bunshin," Kakashi invited.

Naruto grinned eagerly. "That I can do!" he commented happily, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" A plume of smoke was released and now Kakashi and Naruto were mirrored by two exact duplicates.

"What's going on?" The clone commented blandly.

"Come with me," the Kakashi clone ordered. Naruto clone followed obediently.

"What's this for?" Naruto whined.

"You'll see," Kakashi smiled. The pair waited for a moment.

Naruto squinted at him impatiently, and suddenly his eyes shot wide open, "I beat you at Rock-Paper-Scissors!" Naruto declared with a faint smile.

"That you did!" Kakashi said gently, "Or, your Kage Bunshin did. Our clones had a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors and you remembered what happened perfectly. As you saw, anything a clone witnesses will transfer back to the original body."

"I get it! I just never noticed until now," Naruto replied sheepishly, he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Well, this jutsu was originally meant to be used for scouting dangerous places, and spying in enemy territory to gather information after all…" Kakashi explained with a tone of finality. 'Finally the explanation's complete!'


Kakashi sweatdropped. "So," He replied reluctantly, "if two clones went to spy in an enemy village and impersonated two different people, they would gain double the amount of information than if one single person was spying, as if you had two clones do the same training as you, you would then gain twice the amount of experience at that training!"


Kakashi decided to simplify it further, "In other words, you can cut your training in half with just two clones," Naruto nodded in understanding. "And if you trained with one-thousand clones, you would gain experience one-thousand times more quickly!"

Naruto nodded again in understanding this time, "I get it!"

"So… Even if the training to upgrade the Rasengan would take twenty years, with a thousand clones you could do it in a single week," said Kakashi. His broad smile clear even through his mask.

"That's a great plan!" Naruto cheered with a fist raised in the air.

"So from now, we'll train on how to manipulate the nature of your chakra- you will always be using your Tajyuu Kage Bunshin (Mass Shadow Clones)." Kakashi continued on briskly.

"Is this how you're so strong Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked wide-eyed, "This'd make you strong fast!"

"Ah, I don't have enough chakra to make use of this Naruto. In that respect you're far stronger than me!" Kakashi revealed lightly.

"Oh, cool… I'm awesome!" Naruto applauded, "This'll make things loads easier!"

"And If Yamato doesn't suppress the Kyuubi's Chakra, you could have up to one hundred times my amount of Chakra," Kakashi carried on, and he waved at someone behind Naruto.

"That's why you're the only one who can do this kind of training, Naruto-kun!" Yamato said merrily as he approached.

"Yamato-Taichou!" Naruto greeted with a salute.

"Kakashi asked me to aid your training- You may need me to help control the Kyuubi's chakra after all," Yamato explained, not needing to be asked.

"Great! I'm counting on you Captain!" Naruto beamed.

"So! I'll explain the affinities you could have. There are five different types of natures that may alter a person's chakra, and they are Fire, Wind, Water, Lightning and Earth." Kakashi said plainly.

"I understand," Naruto nodded.

"In fact, the Elemental countries were originally named after the amount of people in each region who specialised in each element. That's why Konoha has a lot of Fire users," Kakashi added. 'I'll drum some knowledge into your head yet, Naruto Uzumaki!' Kakashi vowed internally.

"Generally everyone has chakra that fits into one of those categories, like how Sasuke makes use of both fire and lightning," Yamato explained succinctly.

Naruto's expression hardened.

"But we still don't know what natured chakra you are skilled with!" Kakashi said, and with that, he raised a few scraps of paper. "We'll be able to check that because of this paper."

"How?" Naruto asked nervously, 'I hope I don't have to do a test!' he thought in fear.

"You channel your chakra through," Kakashi said, and Naruto watched as the paper crinkled around his hand. "Lightning nature crumples the paper, Wind slices it, Fire burns it, Water soaks it and Earth makes it disintegrate."

Naruto listened in wonder, "Why does this happen to the paper?"

"It's a kind of paper that reacts easily to chakra, it's made from trees that are fed and raised with chakra," Yamato explained. "Channel your chakra through one to find out your affinity!" Kakashi passed the paper to the blond, and Naruto accepted it gratefully.

Naruto charged his chakra into the paper with a slight grunt of concentration, and looked at the outcome in confusion. "Er… Huh?"

"Oh!" Yamato exclaimed, "This... This is unheard of!"

Kakashi's single visible eye blinked in shock, "You are definitely Konoha's most unpredictable ninja, Naruto!"

"Kakashi-sensei! My paper's broken!" Naruto complained, "Nothing like what you said could happen, actually happened!"

"Something much more interesting happened than any old element, Naruto!" Yamato said in amazement, "You have an affinity for using the Wood element- Just like the Shodai Hokage and just like me!"

"I do?" Naruto looked down at his sheet of chakra-paper, which was now covered in an olive-green coloured moss that was slowly crumbling off of the paper at the touch of his hand.

"You do," Yamato replied, "the Mokuton (Wood Release) is the rarest of elemental combinations and it was in fact a unique gift to the Shodai Hokage rather than a bloodline limit like some people think."

"Mokuton's that good?" Naruto said doubtfully, "but what's so cool about using trees and wood?"

Yamato laughed, "Not only can Mokuton be used as offensive, defensive and as supportive techniques, it's also a mixture of both Earth and Water affinities. This means you are suited to using three different types of elemental attack with relative ease."

"How cool!" Naruto said in awe, "Okay, I'm ready!"

Kakashi grinned broadly under his mask again, "Well then, let's begin your Mokuton training!"

"Right!" Naruto responded readily, "How do we start?"

"Well, before you learn how to use Mokuton you'll have to learn how to manipulate and control Suiton (Water Release) and Doton (Earth Release) techniques," Yamato explained, "And once you've gotten to grips with the pair, you'll be able to combine them!"

"And the first step in Suiton techniques is to drain all of the moisture and water from this leaf," Kakashi supplied, and handed Naruto a leaf.

Yamato added, "You do it by channelling your chakra into the leaf, and you use your chakra to physically drain the water out- if you're successful, your hands should feel wet, and you should see green pigment on your hands."

Kakashi nodded, "And don't forget to use your Kage Bunshin to help your training go faster."

Naruto chuckled, "You two are acting like my parents!"

Yamato's face blanched and Kakashi gave their student a stern look. "What do you mean Naruto?"

The blond continued to laugh, "You keep finishing each other's sentences and mothering me…" He caught sight of Kakashi's glare, and his laughter quickly trailed off. "Uh- umm… But then… Never mind!"

"Good." Kakashi said firmly. And then there was silence.

"Erm," Naruto began nervously, "Kakashi-sensei, just how many Kage Bunshin should I make?"

Kakashi thought for a moment, "The Bunshin will all need to work off of leaves, so I'd say you should make a Bunshin for every leaf in this tree," he pointed behind himself blindly, to one of the largest trees in the training ground. "Get going, Naruto!"

Naruto did not bother to respond verbally, instead he moved his hands into his most used technique, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

I know a lot of this opening chapter is the same as Canon, but I needed to set the scene, and sadly the diversion only hits when Naruto checks his elemental affinity- thus the title of the chapter.
Next chapter should be a lot more fresh and interesting though, so make sure to check it!