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"Hold on, Dr. Dorian. I think I found it," whimpered the frightened intern. He was a little rusty at drawing blood, and he grimaced in fear as Dr. Cox glared at him with his crazy eyes.

JD and his hot-headed mentor were in Dr. Kim's office, but the normal physician was attending a seminar on inappropriate examination rituals. The young resident groaned, and Dr. Cox took an involuntary step towards him. JD glanced over, eyes drawn by the sudden movement, and half-grinned.

But his smile soon faded as Brainless Intern thrust the needle into his forearm like a pop-up timer into a Thanksgiving turkey.

Perry could stand this abuse no longer. He advanced further towards the examining table, snatching the withdrawn needle from the hands of Brainless Intern. "I would advise you go stand over there," he whisper-shouted at him, motioning to the far corner of the room with his head, "or I may be forced to position this needle in any number of unpleasant places on or inside of your being."

The offending doctor shrunk away, his proverbial tail between his legs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Cox effortlessly filled the syringe with crimson liquid on the first try. He grinned at JD and held up his masterpiece. "Tada." Perry handed the needle to Brainless Intern, who half-walked-half-ran out the door, most likely to the lab but possibly to the lap of his mother.

"Thanks, Perry. I owe you one."

"The hell you do. I just couldn't stand sitting there and watching that mindless chimp torture you like that." Perry wrapped sterile gauze around the wound and secured it with medical tape. He hesitated for a moment before hopping up onto the examining table beside his protégé. Dr. Cox glanced over and performed a whiplash-worthy double-take.

JD's face shifted rapidly from pale peach to olive green and then to a ghostly ivory. He whimpered before closing his eyes and collapsing to the cold linoleum floor, faster than Perry's arms could reach out to catch him.

"Aw, shit, Newbie." Dr. Cox jumped off the counter and kneeled next to JD, grabbing his wrist. He sighed in relief as he detected the gentle pulsing under the skin. "Thank god," he whispered. Perry collected himself and began slapping JD's cheeks lightly. "Rise and shine, Marybeth."

His protégé didn't stir, except for the slight movement of his head in the same direction as Perry's hand when it struck his face.

"Shit." Dr. Cox sighed heavily and hoisted JD's limp frame into his arms, easily lifting him back up to the examining table. He pulled a maroon-upholstered chair flush against the counter and eased into it, resting an arm on the table. Perry's breathing synchronized with the gentle rise and fall of his Newbie's chest.

The two doctors remained there for two or three hours, and Perry felt his own body sagging in fatigue. Before Dr. Cox knew it, his curl-topped head was resting on his arm, and he drifted off to sleep.

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