This will be my first attempt to write again after a long time.

A series of drabbles.


Not books, but discreet moments in the quiet library when he cages her petite body in his, pushing her against the cold concrete wall-- just between 2 narrowly spaced wooden shelves, barely hiding them from plain sight.

He didn't realize that the thought of getting caught could be so thrilling. Or perhaps it was just because he would be caught with HER that makes it so exhilarating.

She gasps heavily and he smirks at the skin on her neck as if willing the her throat to succumb to the mind numbing sensations he knows only he can do and coaxes her to release the moan he so wanted to hear from those perfect lips.

He teaches her pleasure far beyond what the neatly bound pages around them can ever give. It amuses him that she is a fast learner. Perhaps, with more of his tutelage, it would be she, that could bring him to unthinkable satisfaction.

He hardly stifles a groan as her fingertips lightly graze the pierced tender tips of his broad chest through his shirt.

And this was only the beginning.

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