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Not score sheets, but heated glances as they are with another. She whose small hands encircle the towering body of his bestfriend in casual turns that the dance so required. Each in sync with another, making him wish that it had been his moment with her.

He sits at the dimly lighted end of the room, eyes intently focused on the delicious form his large hands touched with so much gentleness and urgency he can muster. His brown orbs roam her back traveling down to the exposed toned thighs peeping from that annoyingly short skirt, as if tempting him with every sensual sway of those perfect hips.

His fingers whiten from the tight grip he has on his chair.

She feels his eyes on her suddenly sensitized skin. Returning a heated glance of her own, she remembers his breath on her ear moments before they entered the choir room.

"Sing for me," he whispers softly against the shell of her ear as his strong arms encircle her narrow waist, his chest lightly grazing her upper back.

And she knows he meant another kind of singing. One that involved his name in rough notes meant only for his ears in the boundaries of his chosen room of the day.

The song ends. And she slowly approaches the wooden seat opposite his end of the room--seemingly a safe distance from him. A shudder escapes the rigid control she had over her tiny frame.

She instantly turns to different directions to make sure no one has seen anything.

But she catches him in the smirk uniquely his, her throat runs automatically dry. He knows.

She has been practicing for days, but her voice is actually far from that particular hoarseness of his liking. Hoarseness, achieved through mere minutes of pleasurable torment, he ALONE can induce.

But that would be saved for later, in the solitary confines of the choir room when everybody finally leaves.

And a combination of his talented hands, soft lips and eager tongue caress her into a heated frenzy.

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