Author notes: Hi, I am Sarah rose. I got this idea from a dream of mine. I m not much of a writer, but I promise to try my best. R&R.

Prologue Introduction to facts and my made up facts:

The Gorgons

The Gorgons are three sisters, daughters of ancient, pre-titan gods, Phorkys and Keto (Ceto). The sisters Sthenno and Euryale were immortal but the third, Medusa, was mortal. All three were so hideous, the shock of seeing them would turn anyone to stone. Medusa is called The Gorgon or simply, Gorgon.

When Perseus (a son of Zeus) killed Medusa by cutting off her head (Theogony, line 280), from the drops of her blood sprang the winged horse, Pegasus, and Khrysaor (Chrysaor). In The Shield of Herakles, by Hesiod, we are given a glimpse of Perseus' reckless escape from the angry sisters after he had beheaded Medusa. He was wearing winged sandals and the Helm of Hades but the Gorgons were at his heels, the serpents on their heads and at their waists were snapping at Perseus as he sped away (Sword 220).

My made-up facts

Almost everyone knows about the Gorgons sisters. For all those who don't know, it is a Greek mythological myth/story. It goes something like this:

Once upon a time, there were three sisters, Medusa, Yuri, and Fury. Together they were called the Gorgons sisters. They had attributes and powers that were disturbing and terrifying. They were believed to be daughters of pre-titan gods, Phorkys and Keto. They had snake-like hair that could attack or subdue their opponents, were alive and in the sister's control. They also had powers to turn their opponents into stone with their stare, similar to that of a basilisk with a little difference, their poor victims were, that mostly consists of innocents, instead of being merely petrified they were turned into solid stone statues. It is said that they were defeated by a Greek hero, a son of Zeus, showed them their own reflection in his shield when the Gorgon sisters tried to turn him into stone, together. There as a huge explosion and when everyone was able to see, the Gorgon sisters were the ones turned to stone.

Therefore, the people were free of the evil sisters and started to live peacefully again.

What no one knew was that the Greek hero was also affected in the explosion. Somehow, he was cursed to be turned into a gargoyle whenever he got angry or any other strong emotion. Not the usual stone statues we see in graveyards, churches or museum, but a stone figure able to move and breathe normally and able to turn others into stone with his stare, just like those sisters. He decided to live away from society with his wife. He did not realize it sooner, but when his children showed they too were cursed, he was depressed. The gods were called and he pleaded with them to lift the curse but they could not reverse it. They decided to give him a boon and gifted him and his descendents with guardian powers. So long as they were guarding innocent lives and helping warriors, they would be able to control the curse and not be too affected with it. He accepted and moved with his family to a secluded village and formed a society with his descendents, The Guardian Gargoyles. So was born a new society of powerful people that became warriors and guardians, helping and protecting innocent lives from dangers and evil. Every child of theirs would get full powers and would be sworn to guarding and protecting us from evil. That is why people started building gargoyles in their villages, graveyard and other places; because they believed, the gargoyles will guard them against evil. That is how our story gets started.

Present time:

In a secluded village, within their private garden, the Chester family was celebrating their daughter's 13th birthday. Today she was coming of age; she would get her powers and swear her oath to protect innocents. Melissa was finally getting what she always wanted, the ability to protect and guard against evil…

Melissa was a sweet girl. She was going to start her 3rd year in Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. She was a Ravenclaw and was growing to be quite pretty. She had long ebony locks, pale skin, cherry colour lips, and beautiful almond shaped amber eyes. Melissa was looking beautiful on her birthday, dressed in a form fitting t-shirt, capree and sneakers. Her long hair was done in braids. She was wearing her grandma's necklace, a simple gold chain with a teardrop emerald pendant. Right now, she was playing with her brother, whenever she jumped or moved fast, the pendent would shine brilliantly, just like her eyes. She was having the best birthday ever. She got gifts, cake, new clothes and her full powers too. However, the best of all was, in her mind, that she was spending it with her whole family.

Mr. Chester worked in the ministry of magic. His full name was Richard Shane Chester, but his wife called him Rick. He was an auror and was in his early forty's. With his strong built frame, six foot height, brown messy hair, carefree smile and sharp blue eyes, he looked quite handsome and slightly intimidating. He was always joking, smiling and making fun of his own clothes (he dressed quite ridiculously when not on duty, today it was a Hawaiian print shirt with knee length jeans and a cow-boy hat ). Nevertheless, his eyes were always alert; it must be because of his profession. Mostly, he was on duty or out of city on an assignment. Therefore, it was a little difficult to spend some quality time with his family, but his family understood and supported him completely. They did not like it but understood and were happy to spend time with him, whenever possible.

Mrs. Chester did not look like an ordinary mother-type woman, quite the opposite actually. She looked much younger than her age. Even in her late 30's, she still looked like in her mid 20's. She was a regal looking woman, with her long raven hair, pale skin, petite frame and remarkable silver-green eyes. In fact, she looked exactly like an older version of her daughter, except for her eyes. She loved her family and was very happy with her life. Her name was Helena but Mr. Chester liked to call her Anna. She was normally a patient and loving woman, but was strict and disciplined when needed. She was watching her daughter the whole day and could not help but remember her own coming of age, when she got her powers. She too was very excited at that time. It was her dream to help her older brother with his responsibilities as a guardian, but she was not ready until then. Her brother Kevin died when she was 23, in last war along with her parents. Her husband too, was attacked but fortunately was treated for his fatal injuries before it was too late. She thanked the God everyday for saving Rick's life. Her children's laughter shook her out of her old memories and she hurriedly got back to setting the table for lunch.

Outside in the garden, Melissa and her older brother Kevin, named after Helena's older brother who died in the war, were playing tag. Melissa was "it" and was running after Kevin, trying to catch him. Kevin was a 14-year-old boy who was starting his 4th year in Hogwarts, in Hufflepuff. Tall and lean, with wiry muscles from quidditch and running, he was growing quite good looking. He had short brown hair and intelligent blue eyes like his father and had a good sense of humour. Right now, he was running fast from his sister, who was behind him. He looked back and flashed her a mocking smile, and immediately tripped afterwards. Melissa was just behind his and could not stop, so her momentum carried her and she too, fell on her brother. They both rolled and laughed at each other for falling and now they both had leaves and grass in their hair.

"Melissa, Kevin, come on in now. Lunchtime." Their mum called.

"I win." said Melissa. "Nuh uh, I tripped, you fell down on me. So, I win." Kevin replied, shaking his head. They both looked at each other faces, then at their house and said at the same time, "Race you to it." And they were off.