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A day in Diagon Ally…

Diagon ally

Harry potter was very happy.

He was free of the Dursleys, two months before September 1st. no more chores, no more yelling and no more Dursleys.

He got that Marge back for all those times that she insulted his parents and he was not even punished for it. He thought he would have been expelled for breaking the stature of secrecy, and was afraid that he will have to leave the magical world before he could even fully appreciate it. But then the minister of magic himself said that it was all taken care of, and he can enjoy his summer away from his relatives and stay here. He wouldn't have to go back to them and the only setback was that he still would have to stay in the magical section, but he haven't planned on going out in the muggle again anyway. Did he say he was happy?

Right now, he was out of the leaky claudron, at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor, like everyday, finishing his essays with the occasional help from Florean Fortescue himself, who, apart from knowing a great deal about medieval witch burnings, gave Harry free sundaes every half an hour.

He had already seen all the shops, except those in nocturn ally, especially 'quality quidditch supply', and had seen their latest broom "Firebolt" many times already, visited gringotts to take some money from his vault and bought his books. He decided to take arithemancy and ancient runes, like Hermione, rather than divination and care of magical creatures, as Ron suggested. He had already heard about divination teacher, professor Trelawney, from McGonagall, when he stayed at Hogwarts last Christmas, and had no intention of being anywhere near any creature that Hagrid thought were harmless and cute. Fluffyand Norbertwere quite enough, thank you very much. Hermione was determined to take every subject that Hogwarts had to offer (how would she attend all those if they were at the same time?), if he had read her letter correctly. Ron had written that he was still taking divination and COMC ("cause they are easy OWLs, mate").

He decided to take a nap and then take a walk in the ally in the evening. It would still be before dark. Sirius black, a criminal, had escaped from Azkaban (wizard prison) after all. There were some security measure in diagon ally and other wizarding places, after dark. All in all, a normal day in diagon.

Next morning: Chester's house

What was notnormal was for Melissa to be so impatient. They were all going to diagon ally early this year, because last year Kevin was accepted in the quidditch team andwas pestering his parents for a new broom this year. That was not the reason for Melissa's impatience. It was because her friend Luna was going to meet her there.

Luna lovegood, daughter of the editor of the wizarding magazine "the quibbler", was considered quiet odd by her classmates, but in reality, she was the smartest ravenclaw since last century. She just liked all her father's imaginary magical creatures that he printed about in his magazine, so much, that she was always trying to fit them in the rest of the magical world. She tried hard to remain outwardly cool and calm, but always got slightly glassy eyed and dreamy when she saw all the situations andplaces these imaginary creatures could be, well, imagined. Only her best friend Melissa knew that, as the rest of her classmates started avoiding her just after talking to her once, and never again. They never tried to see how wonderful, bright, beautiful and obviously, intelligent, young witch she was growing up to be. In fact, she outscored Hermione in the exams last year and so, her head of house had told her that she could skip her 2nd year and directly start her third year with Melissa. Of course, if it was not for Melissa, she would have just ignored the opportunity and continued as it is, but Melissa wanted Luna to be with her and stay with her in class and third year dorm room.

Today, they both wanted to go shopping, for the first time together, for their third year supplies.

Melissa's mum Anna was a little concerned about her daughter. She knew what coming in her guardian powers meant for Melissa, as she herself had been there when she was 13. The first few years after the coming in her powers were quite trying, as after the ceremony, one have to actually train quite a bit. The ceremony was just for confirming one's heritage and ability. The actual work was to mould that heritage and ability into power, talent and skills, as they actually needed to sharpen and build from less than a scratch. Just like a potter makes pots. He puts some clay on his wheel and moulds it in beautiful pots and vases, building it with precision and deft skilled hands. Their powers were like clay given to them in form of blessings, but to mould them into beautiful pots and vases were going to be done gradually, and over the years.

So, it was natural that Melissa was going to have some hard work cut out for her. It was only natural for her to mess up and make mistakes, or lose control of her emotions and release a bit of guardian powers in her first few years. Yes, it was going to be a trying few years.

Melissa, unaware of her mother's concerns and musings, was right now trying to get her father hurry into going to diagon ally. Kevin was only too happy to help, because the sooner they leave, the sooner he was going to get his new broom. So, slightly harried and still trying to slow the children down a little, their parents were soon led to their fireplace. With similar shouts of "the leaky claudron", all of them left one by one.

Diagon ally

Harry had just finished the last of his assignments. Now, it was time for a stroll of the ally once again. There was not anything new in many shops that he has not seen before. So, obviously, he decided to go to Quality Quidditch Supplies.

There it was. The fastest racing broom. Better than the nimbus series, better than any other broom. Even the professional quidditch players are going to use it. There was a big sign next to the display window.



What Harry loved about it though, was not that it was the best (he was no Malfoy), it was because it was the fastest broom ever. Zero-150 in ten seconds. Wow. Andhe liked to fly fast. As the wind rushed past and his hair tussled, while he dived, looped and performed perfect seeker stunts, he felt like he was free of all burdens. This was something he was good at, that he could do without being taught. This was easy, it was the best feeling in the world. But, it was way too expensive and he could not justify to himself buying a highly priced broom, when he had a perfectly good broom already. Firebolt was listed as price on request.

There was always a cluster in quality quidditch supply. Some came to buy new stuff; some came just to see all the new stuff. But all were quidditch fans there (Hermione would not be found here, ever).

Harry came out of his staring stupor, uhm, browsing, when a high-pitched voice rang in the store.

"Mum, dad, you are the best". A very happy Kevin was admiring his new broom, while his parents were grinning, seeing the joy in his face. His father ruffled his hair affectionately when Kevin thanked him for the broom, and his mother hugged him, without saying anything. Melissa was snickering silently, behind her father, at seeing her brother desperately trying to get out of her mother's hug, so that he can admire his broom again, and breathe, of course, but admire the broom first.

Harry was looking at the family wistfully. He felt like someone was squeezing his heart. Seeing the boy's parents happy faces at seeing his joy, reminded him of his parents. Would they be happy too, if they had been alive? Would his mother hug him? Would his father be proud of his boy too? He felt a pang of regret, for he would never know what his parents would be like, because they died before he could even talk properly. Sometimes, life was so unfair.

He suddenly realized that he was staring, and quickly ducked out of the shop. He did not want to intrude on the family's happiness, and after all this, he did not feel like browsing and admiring a broom anymore anyway. Suddenly, he felt determination fill his heart. He decided that he would become someone his parents would be proud to call "son". He would be the best person he could be. He would not be just a famous name anymore. He silently thanked his friend Hermione for all the times she tried to make him study, to be better, and cursed his laziness and Ron's influence on his study habits, holding him back. Not anymore, he decided. So, what to do to start a new chapter of his life? What would Hermione do? Right, bookstore it is. So, with thoughts of studying more from now on, he changed directions and went to the bookstore (no sense in delaying).

After browsing books outside his study course for over half an hour, he went to the counter with eight new books, including "a muggleborn guide to magical world" and "tips and tricks to better your potions". In it, were all the things that he should have known after two years of Hogwarts, but he never knew of them. Well, better late than never, as they say.

"Seventeen galleons, nine sickles, please", said the clerk on the counter. Harry fished out the money out of his pocket and waited for his package and change.

He heard the bell chime and saw the parents from the quidditch store enter the bookstore with two girls chatting in tow.

"Hogwarts, dear?" asked the other clerk in front.

"Yes, third year books for these two and one set of fourth year books".

"Of course, just a moment, madam" said the clerk and hurried inside to get said books.

"Your books, young sir", the clerk on the counter to Harry. He took his purchase and turned to leave, when he saw the blond girl crash in one of the bookshelves, in the divination section. He hurried over there to help the girl up.

"Thanks. Those books were too heavy," said the girl. Harry helped her with the books and asked her if she was hurt.

"Oh no, I'm fine. Probably the blubbering blinkies thought it was funny. They like to trip people and often steal their things. Oh, I'm Luna, by the way." The girl replied in a dreamy voice. Harry was a little confused, but hid it so as not to offend the strange girl.

"Err, right. Here are your books. And my name is Harry." He said.

"Oh, I know. You are Harry potter. I saw you at Hogwarts. I am in third year, ravenclaw. You are the one who petrified Mrs. Norris. I do not like her too, you know. She scratched my shoes when I went to pet her." Luna said in her dreamy voice. Harry could not help but smile in response.

"I didn't attack her. She was petrified by the basilisk in the chamber. I was just standing near the scene", Harry thought the girl was mental, but the intelligence in her eyes was unmistakable. And even if she was mental, she was funny too. He saw the girl's other friend come their way, out of the corner of his eyes.

"Luna, are you okay? I heard the crash and saw you fall. You are not hurt, are you?" she asked in concern. When Luna answered in negative, she turned to Harry and thanked him.

"Thank you for helping Luna. I am Melissa. Third year Hogwarts, ravenclaw. Are you alright?" she asked Harry, while helping Luna with her way too many books.

"Yeah, I am ok, and I am Harry potter. You must have seen me at Hogwarts. I am in Gryffindor, third year." Harry was feeling a little weird introducing himself like this. Those two girls were talking to each other andhim simultaneously, so he thought that he should leave the bookstore now. But before he could say bye to them, the blond girl, Luna, asked if he wanted to go get some ice cream.

"Sure, I was going there myself. My treat. Let's go," said Harry.

It was true, he was thinking of going to Mr. Fortescue and having a triple-fudge-Sunday. And it never hurt to make new friends. The girls seem nice, and there were worse things than having ice cream with two nice and pretty girls, his own age. So with that decided, the girls said good-bye to the couple they came with. They got some money, Harry grabbed his packages, and they got out of there.

They headed to the ice cream parlor chatting and talking about their Hogwarts experience. They spent all the time there talking and laughing over some of the incidents Harry told them about quidditch or Ron and Hermione. When the time came to leave for their home, all three of them were sad. They had become good friends in these three hours. But with promise of writing letter (they 'ooh' and 'ah'ed over Hedwig), they said goodbye to each other and left different ways.

After returning to the leaky cauldron, Harry ate his dinner and went to his room. After reading some chapters of the potion book, Harry felt sleepy. So he shut the book, brushed his teeth and lay in his bed after changing in his pajamas. As he thought of his day, he could not help but smile. He had made two very nice friends today.

Yes, today was a good day, Harry thought.

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