~Your Cell is Ready~ Minyadagniriel


"Let go of me! Let go you bastards!"

"Pipe down missy, you've got a long stay ahead of you. Better get used to it."

"Fuck off!"

Several of the asylum patients were peeking between the bars of their cell doors to see who was causing the ruckus. It was a girl, probably around her late twenties. She was shouting and kicking at the orderly, her loose brown hair whipping in their faces.

"I'm not insane! Why not just send me to a penitentiary?" she screeched.

The orderly didn't exactly ignore her and one of them radioed for a doctor. A few minutes later, an overly husky man approached followed by two male nurses. They surrounded the brunette; the nurses grabbed hold of her legs while the orderly held her arms tightly. The large doctor, commonly referred to as Dr. Strange, began administering a heavy dose of lorazepam into her forearm.

"There you go, young lady," Strange said, "This will help you to relax." He turned to the orderlies, "Make sure she can't injure herself."

The two orderlies nodded and pushed the kicking and screaming woman forward, passing Strange and the nurses. They came upon an empty cell and shoved her in. She was slowly tiring from the medication and her limbs were getting heavier by the second. The orderlies set her down in the corner of the room and she could hear one of them saying, "I don't think she'll need a straitjacket now." A few minutes of chatter, mostly inaudible to her because she was half asleep, the orderlies decided to leave her. They locked her cell and she just sat there in her corner.

All four walls were padded with thick cushions; there wasn't anything else. No color, no lighting, and no toilet of all things…

"This…really…blows…" she murmured, trying to push the strand of hair out of her face, but her hands didn't want to stay up in the air long. She relaxed against the firm cushioning of the wall and could do nothing but wait until the orderly came back to either serve her a meal or take her out for exercise or treatments. She sniffed, why her? Did she deserve this? Her thoughts were drifting more towards sleep as the meds worked their magic. Eventually she passed out; her body slumped over, hair sprawled out all around her.

Hours later, she woke up and found herself in the same padded room, only she was restrained within a straitjacket. "Huh?" she mumbled.

"You were found on the floor seizing my dear."

She glanced up and saw Dr. Strange standing at the door, peering in between the bars. "Go away," she said casually.

"I have instructed the orderlies to medicate you every eight hours with Pamelor for your anxiety. I expect you to behave during your stay with us," Strange said before disappearing from her sight.

She was alone again, still half dead from her treatments. Her arms were enclosed in fabric, moving them was not an option, not that she had the strength to anyways. There was nothing to do. She would have fallen asleep again if she had not noticed a tiny bit of movement from within her room. Her eyes shot open and focused on a spot in the wall. The cushion appeared to be moving. How was that possible?

The cushion eventually fell off, leaving a layer of bricks to show. She did not expect the cement-encrusted blocks to crumble like they did and one even tumbled out of the wall. Now there was a gaping hole between her cell and someone else's. Next thing she knew, a face was staring back at hers. At first it frightened her, a ghost she thought. That pale face, those glowing red eyes, and an oversized grin. If it weren't for the drugs, she would have curled up into a ball to be as far away from the face as possible. Instead she gasped and closed her eyes tightly.

"What's the matter girly? Never seen a clown before?"

Her eyes cracked open once again and she stared at the creepy clown once again, "Leave me alone," she managed to squeak out and turned away from him to face the wall.

"Awe…why so cold? I promise that I don't bite…much, the name's Joker," he replied, trying to get her attention.

"Leave. Me. Alone," she repeated.

"I can help you get out of that straitjacket," he said.

She glanced over her shoulder, "From in there? I doubt it. This thing is tight."

"I've escaped many jackets, girl."

"Oh really, an insane patient like you? Okay I'll bite, how can you get this thing off me? Your arms cannot fit through that hole in the wall. By the way, you're gonna get us both in trouble for putting that there."

"Nah…you only get in trouble if you get caught." Joker winked at her. "So, wanna get out of that jacket or not?"

"Yes." She replied and Joker grinned at her as if he wanted something in return. "What's the catch?"

"When the time comes, I'll ask you for a favor," he said, "So, what do I call you?"

She sighed, "My name's not important."

"Sure it is. Do I have to come up with my own name for you?" he asked.

Annoyed, she sat up, "Fine, it's Noel and I hate my name."

Joker chuckled, "Why, it's such a cheerful name."

"It's because I was born on Christmas Eve. It figures my mother would name me after the holidays. Anyways, help me get this thing off."

"Ah so you're accepting my proposal…" he stated.

"Yeah, yeah. There isn't a whole lot I can do from in here so your favor can't be that bad." Noel did her best to crawl over to the wall where the hole was, "So, how are we gonna do this?"

Joker's grin seemed to widen, "I'm going to make this hole bigger so you can fit through it. Then you're going to squeeze through and I will show you how to take those things off unassisted."

A long hour went by and Joker managed to push another brick out, and another, and another…until there was a hole almost the same size as the cushions that layered the wall.

"Okay, come on through," he said.

Head first; Noel squeezed herself in between the broken brick, her shoulders barely fitting. Her hips on the other hand, needed a little help and she wiggled to get them through while the Joker pulled at her waist.

"You carry a decent amount of junk in the trunk," he teased.

"Shut it," she said angrily.

Clearly that was the wrong response because he got in her face with a severe look in his eye, "Keep in mind girl that there is no wall separating us anymore."

She held her ground, "If you're going to threaten me, then I guess I'll just crawl back into my own cell and figure out how to get this off myself. You can forget about that favor." She turned her back towards him and was about to climb through the hole again, but a set of hands grabbed her and turned her to face him.

She was able to get a complete visual of him. Those red eyes bore into her. He was no longer smiling and that fact alone made him much scarier to behold. His long green hair touched his shoulders, resembling thick dreads or a puffy clown wig. Noel wondered if the hair was real. She was steadily losing her nerve as his eyes intensified.

His frown quickly turned into a smile and he released her shoulders, "You got guts, girly. It's been a long time since a woman has stood up to me like that. Stick around and I'll show you how to get that off."

To be continued…

To return the favor…what could the Joker possibly want?