Your Cell is Ready


Return to the Scene

It has been several months.

Everything had fallen back into order. The city was finished and the suburbs were rebuilt. People were moving back and calling Gotham one of the United States most beautiful and safe metropolises. Even better, Mayor Gordon had done a second grand opening of the city after the Joker spoiled the festivities in December. He was given a standing ovation. The people loved him for the hard work he'd put in to rebuilding. An even bigger surprise; Bruce Wayne made a brave appearance to the opening in spite of being critically injured by knife wounds. He donated a heavy portion of his fortune to assist reconstruction and was now earning a modest living working in the recycling business and continuing his work on green technology and innovations. He supported the children's charities as usual and gave up his mansion in favor of said kids to have a wonderful home until they were ready for the world. Support grew for the new Wayne Foundation and money was pouring in across the nation to give to the families who grieved from the disaster.

On a more personal level for Gabe and Willow; Gabe was given the chance to speak about his life in an interview with Wayne, Gordon, and the city council. It was a televised event and the ratings were off the charts. His entire life's story was spilled to the public, except for his relationship with Willow and the unborn baby for their safety. Only a few people knew the infant's true heritage and they were sworn to keep it in confidence. It was a successful interview even though Gabe had been through his hearings and was sentenced to probation and community service. Willow's original plan of leaving the city would have to wait until he completed his work. It was lenient and Wayne offered to help, but Gabe kindly declined. He planned to work in the construction services in building housing for lower income folks. Plus he would do additional volunteer work with a few of the corporations that Joker had once broken into, destroyed, or ruined the reputation. He would check in with his probation officer twice a month to report his progress and was allowed to stay in government appointed housing with Willow for the first year.

Willow managed to contact her old job with Red Lobster and explain her ordeal. It was hard for her boss to believe at first but Mayor Gordon confirmed the story was true. She was offered her job back and relocated to a restaurant in Gotham until she straightened things out with the hospital. Being heavily pregnant put a bit of a damper on her career, but luckily there was an on-site daycare service in the hospital. Once she had the baby and settled down with her little family, she would reapply for a nursing position. Her parents were overjoyed when she contacted them. They insisted they rush down to Gotham to take her home, but Willow remained firm that she stay and promised to contact them every week until their grandchild arrived. It was a difficult situation at first, especially with Gabe's presence but they accepted it was her decision.

It was currently night, around eleven. Willow was brushing her teeth and preparing braid her hair. She ran a paddle brush through her locks while the toothbrush hung from her mouth. Her hair had grown quite a bit thanks to pregnancy hormones and it was thicker. She kind of liked this perk, but everything else from the backaches to the dizzy spells really wore her out. Ensuring every tangle was removed, she dropped the brush and finished with her teeth before exiting the bathroom.

Gabriel was already in bed waiting for her to join him. He had a glass of water in his hand and had taken small sips before offering some to her. "Thirsty?"

"No, just ready to lay down. My back is bothering me again." She crawled onto the bed and kicked down the covers. She curled up next to him but he had other ideas. He turned her so she was laying on her side away from him. He then started running his palms up and down her spine, gently massaging it.

She sighed as his fingers firmly pressed into her lower back. "That's so nice. How'd you get so good?"

"Practice my love." His left hand slowly snuck around her side and to the underside of her very large belly. He caressed her skin for a moment, then let his hand rest on her.

They stayed quiet for a couple of minutes while waiting. A very small jerk in her belly caused him to smile. The baby was moving and pushing against his palm. He sat up for a moment and carefully pulled up her tank top to reveal her flesh. Then he placed a tender kiss on her belly. "I can't wait to meet you, my little princess."

Willow smiled, "While you were at the construction site, I was digging through books of baby names. I couldn't really find anything I liked. But the book only had a few thousand."

Gabe laughed. "A few thousand? That's all? Well then we'll have to come up with something ourselves."

"We could choose something that's been in the family," she suggested.

"Could, but not from my side. Family history is a little...screwed up."

"Well my mother's name is Sherri. great grandma's name was Abigail."

Gabe made a face, suggested he didn't much care for those names. "What about your grandma?"

"Her name was Rose."

"Hm, I like Rose, but not as a first name. A middle name yes." He rubbed her skin gently, "My mother did say once that if I was a girl, she would have named me Amelia."

"Amelia Rose...I like it." Willow smiled and she snuggled into his embrace. "It's almost d-day...two weeks."

"I don't expect it to happen on the exact date." Gabe chuckled and he covered her stomach back up. He tugged the comforter up and they both settled down for sleep.

Gabe closed his eyes and relaxed into her. A few minutes later he heard her whisper, "I so desperately want to have to sex." His eyes popped right open and as if on cue, his cock was slowing rising for the occasion. "I believe I can grant that request." He then took the hem of her shirt and pulled it up, exposing her upper body and he dove for her oversized breasts. "The perks of pregnancy," he said happily as he started squeezing her soft mounds.

"I know! They were a large B before, now they're double D's! I can't wait till they shrink some!"

"I can..." he teased.

She laughed and started to enjoy his affections. Even though there were some occasions where she felt unattractive, Gabe always put her fears to rest. He called her beautiful and sexy. If anything, he said he found her insanely attractive having the belly and their intimacy remained the same throughout the pregnancy. He was so good to her. "I love you," she said softly .

Gabe stopped kissing her chest, "I love you too..."

Cell block D...

It had been months since he'd seen the outdoors. Joker had been kept in strict observation and secured in a padded room at the jail. It was a temporary residence until his room at the new asylum was prepared. He would be in a high security wing with two guards always posted at his door.

Currently he was surrounded by doctors and being held down by thick leather straps. They were busy inspecting his scars and viewing x-rays. He had a major surgery after that fight with Seven. He took a lot of internal damage and lost several inches of small intestine. Plus lacerations were found on part of the large intestine, but that was easy to repair. He spent several weeks in intensive care and was comatose for three days. I took nearly thirty pouches of blood over a forty-eight hour period to bring his count back up. After he was out of danger, he was brought to a regular hospital room for antibiotic treatments and rest.

During the process, the Gotham city council assigned Joker another life sentence to the asylum and was to be kept under guard permanently. Cameras would be installed outside his room and the bars outside his window were electrified. Chances of escape were slim.

"X-ray looks good," one of the doctors commented as he pulled the sheet from the light and stored in back in the manilla envelope. "I'm giving clearance to have him transported to Arkham tonight."

Not a word left Joker's mouth since his ordeal on the roof. He didn't speak to anyone...not even Batman. Nothing could coax him into talking. It was clear to the doctors that Joker was angry about something and they recommended intensive therapy treatments starting from day one of his sentence. He never struggled nor try to injure anyone; just spent countless hours staring angrily at the ceiling.

When it came to moving day, Batman was summoned to supervise but his presence only seemed to be drawing a crowd. Plus Joker never tried anything. He just laid on the gurney strapped into a straightjacket and a heavy sedative kept him docile. Police cars surrounded the maximum security truck which contained him and three armed officers rode along. It was no trouble escorting him inside the new Arkham and they placed the clown in a holding cell until he was assigned a number. They removed everything except his straitjacket so he could move about.

Joker was left alone for several hours listening to the conversations of the orderlies as they passed by his door. His thoughts were no longer in disarray as they had been during his stay in the hospital. He remembered his son's final words before the ungrateful kid dumped him in the arms of the paramedics. Gabriel actually threatened him. That was something he never dared to do in the past. Joker didn't like it. Not only that, he would never find out what happened to Willow and if she decided to terminate the pregnancy. It would be unusual if she decided to keep it, should it have survived the turmoil in the factory.

He actually smiled for once. At least he got his kicks before being sent back to prison and had the chance to torment his son's girlfriend. It would leave a lasting impression none the less. His grin widened when he thought about how good it felt to finally kill Seven. He remembered how her blood slid down the dagger and stained his hands red. The taste of her lips was sweet and bitter and he couldn't remember how much of her blood he had swallowed that moment. Then her eyes darkened and she was gone. His problems with her were over and it was confirmed when officers were chatting about it in the hospital. Joker overheard them discussing the factory and how a fire broke out on the first floor shortly after the grenade went off. All bodies were incinerated and the remains taken to the coroner. Seven was identified and so was her daughter. Joker's henchmen Punch and Judy were also killed. So there went two of his best men. Oh well. There were millions of other potential candidates in the world.

Other potential problems lay before him as well. Ra's Al Ghul was an unpredictable man and there's no telling whether he would come after Joker for killing Seven. The probability of revenge was high, but Joker would deal with it as he normally would. If anything, the battle between one 'immortal' versus another would be interesting.

While lost in thought, Joker heard a commotion outside of his cell and he tiptoe'd up to the door to peek through the small bars. A few orderlies were struggling to hold a person as they thrashed about. He couldn't see too well until they dragged the inmate closer. It took four people to keep that person under control. Then they started shouting all sorts of obscenities and the loudest came from a girl. She was kicking and punching her subduers. She even bit one.

"Got some spirit," Joker muttered. He looked at this woman who appeared to be around thirty. She had black hair and tan skin; maybe of Hawaiian descent or something. He figured she would be entertaining to mess around with but then he thought back to his problems with Seven again. It started this way and ended pretty badly but who was he to turn down tormenting another soul? He enjoyed it!

Joker's smile grew wider as he saw the girl being strapped into a straightjacket and pushed forward by two of the orderlies while the others needed to tend to the bite marks all over their arms. When the hallway cleared, Joker started cackling and jumping around on the padded floor excited with the prospect of a new victim.

After a few minutes of joyful dancing the door to his cell slowly opened and in came two orderlies. "Hold still clown-boy," one of them commanded. They struggled to catch him for a few minutes as he was zipping around the room in fits of laughter. They finally caught him when he attempted to fly out the door and commented on how he returned to 'normal'. Each of them had an arm and they escorted him out of the room. Apparently he's been given a number and it was time to move to his permanent home.

As they went down the hallways, they passed several doors with inmate's peeking through the bars and they were jeering, screaming, and calling out to Joker. It appeared they admired him for being one of few inmates to ever escape Arkham and manage to remain on the run for decades. Joker rather liked the attention and he called out silly political promises to kick the asses of all orderlies and improve the menu. They neared the maximum security end of the asylum and Joker spotted a set of fingers grasping the bars of cell 342. It was the girl he'd seen earlier and she was staring at him with an evil eye. He winked back at her but she sneered.

The door across from hers was open and a guard waited inside to help settle the clown in. Joker's attention was still on the girl's door but he was shaken and told to pay attention. In an instant, something pierced Joker in the neck. It was an orderly holding a syringe with some unknown meds in it. Then they pushed him inside.

"Your cell is ready. Enjoy your new home."

After they departed and locked his door, Joker waited for the hallway to clear before peeking out through the bars. He could still see the girl and she looked pissed off and ready to eat him alive. He loved it! Then he decided to break the ice...

"So my sweet, demented hall-mate, what'cha in for?"

The End.