A/N: The first in a series of one-shot Nursery Rhymes. This one is Hush Little Baby.

Hush, little baby, don't shed a tear,

Kyuubi'll hurt them don't you fear.

Because they hurt you in the day,

Tonight they'll bleed and I'll make them pay.

But if that blood won't fix that debt,

Kyuubi will break them don't you fret.

And if they break and don't scream out loud,

Kyuubi will burn this village to the ground.

If that village don't turn to ash,

To shatter their mountain my tails will lash.

If that mountain don't crumble to mud,

Kyuubi will soak this world with blood.

The little boy smiled, wounds fading as he hummed in tune, the voice deep and reassuring in his head. Tonight, he gurgled happily, everything would be Better. Kyuubi told him. Kyuubi never lied, matted blonde hair stroked by glowing red hands. Kyuubi kept his promises, singing, blocking the screams and stench of death. Small hands tracing patterns in the blood flooding the streets, shrapnel falling like rain from the once-faces above him, never penetrating the tail curled protectively around him. On a whim he sucked his thumb, surprised at the bittersweet taste, better than the old, soggy ramen the street vendor threw out. His childish voice joined the deep one filled with laughter, the last verse sung innocently, tenderly, in mockery of a burning world.

And if that blood trickles to an end,

For you I will start, all over again.