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All of a sudden Shepard could see, hear, smell, taste and feel; as if he'd been teleported from out of a sensory deprivation tank into the middle of a circus; the assault on his senses was excruciating. His eyes were shut yet the light filtering through his eyelids stung with a red-hot glare. All his muscles ached, especially his diaphragm. His skin felt like it was being stabbed by a thousand tiny little needles, and each contact point between his body and whatever he was laying on felt like a million more. His nose felt like the room had been doused in ammonia; thankfully, his tongue only felt numb. Finally, all he could hear was this painfully loud wail and his lungs hurt… wait…

Shepard stopped screaming and started hyperventilating instead. Eventually, the sensations started to subside and he slowly opened his eyes. Letting his eyes gradually adjust to the brightness in the room he sat up and took in his surroundings. He was sitting on the sole furniture in an otherwise bare metallic-grey room; a medical slab at that, cold and chrome. The light was filtering completely uniformly out of the white ceiling and the only door in the room had a barely distinguishable outline with no visible access point.

"Well, it's not like I'm going anywhere anyway" thought Shepard as he gingerly tested his legs on the cold concrete floor. Getting to his feet Shepard looked down at his apparel, navy blue t-shirt and dark grey pants of some synthetic material. He looked up as he heard the hiss of the door activating, "At least they didn't keep me waiting."

As Shepard looked on in confusion a single Geth drone entered the room. The drone looked at him impassively, just waiting.

Please follow us

Shepard would have jumped out of his skin if he could've managed to even hop a little, "I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers," Shepard said aloud in a dry scratchy voice.

Please follow us and we will answer

With this the drone turned and proceeded down a monotonous corridor. As they walked passed door after selfsame door Shepard's apprehension grew. After a long few minutes of Sheppard struggling to keep up the drone came to a halt. A door to their right opened to reveal what appeared to be a firing range with lockers and benches. Shepard immediately made his way to the benches and seated himself in a tired heap. Turning his attention to what he hoped was just his losing his mind he thought with force.

You are Geth?


"Damn" Sheppard muttered verbally before focusing his thoughts again.

Why can I hear you?

Formulating response; Answer is, Involved…

Shepard has been non-functional for two galactic cycles. Geth independent-exploratory platform has followed Shepard since Eden Prime. Geth platform witnessed Shepard's demise at hands of Collectors. Geth platform acquired Shepard's nervous tissue and rejoined Main Hub for additional computational capacity. Shepard's death untimely. Geth revised plans, installed Shepard into prototype, Geth req-

Shepard leapt to his feet interjecting with a loud non-verbal


Additional information required

Shepard began to pace thinking almost mechanically:

Oh god, what have you done to me?

Geth installed Shepard into Geth prot-

Oh god that was rhetorical, oh god oh god I'm a robot? am I an AI? Who am I what am I thi-

Stopping suddenly, looking down at his hands:

Wait… Why do I look organic, more importantly, Why don't I think any differently, why am I panicking?

Geth prototype is full organic simulation on experimental hardware. Geth flashed Shepard's central nervous system soon after Shepard's demise.

What the hell do you mean central nervous system? What the hell did you mean 'Acquired my nervous tissue,' what the hell did you do to me?

Geth mobile platform removed Shepard's processing unit and its casing from the rest of Shepard hardware-

"You cut off my HEAD?!"


"Oh god, this day just gets better and better" Shepard muttered and sat back down on the bench with a hard thump.

Is Shepard finished processing?

"No" Shepard snapped. A second later "Fine, Yes... Please tell me what you've done to me, and more importantly, why you've done it."

Geth have installed Shepard neural pattern into Geth Qubit prototype. Prototype developed roughly twenty-five galactic cycles ago, represented an exponential exponential increase in computational ability.

Attempted integration of Qubit technology into Geth architecture in isolated cell, unforeseen property of universal laws introduced non-deterministic elements into computations of Geth subset. Prototype deactivated remotely; non-deterministic elements propogated, formation of Heretical Geth population within milliseconds.

Consensus reached, Non-deterministic nature of Qubit irreconcilable with Geth Architecture. Project suspended.

Contemplating the new information Sheppard asked, "So, what you're saying is that there's a rogue population of Geth out there and that I've been installed into a faulty piece of hardware?"

Shepard has already encountered heretical Geth in confrontation with Saren and Nazara or Sovereign. Qubit-introduced differences resulted in Heretics reaching divergent consensus regarding 'Old Ones.' Qubit is not 'faulty' it is irreconcilable with the Geth.

"What's the difference?" Shepard interjected

Geth cannot accommodate inconsistencies within Geth logic, Organic networks are not similarly constrained. Qubit architecture was used as a base for the Shepard-platform to simulate the inconsistencies inherent in Organic logical processes.

"So if I'm installed into this thing," again looking at his hands "can I be uninstalled?" asked the commander.

No, quantum architecture is programmed through physical reconfiguration of hardware. Geth acquired Shepard's nervous tissue ten minutes after Shepard's demise, acquired imprint of Shepard two standard days, four hours, thirty three minutes after acquisition of nervous tissue by independent-exploratory geth platform, settled on new course of action two hours fifty-two minutes later. Geth have been reconfiguring central processing unit of Shepard-platform for one point eight four galactic standard years. External modification of Shepard-software not possible without access to physical hardware and time.

Quietly Shepard said, "I saw a scene before I woke up, it wasn't a memory."

C-Sec security footage; used to gauge emotional response, progress, and fidelity of Shepard-Software to organic mindset.

"Why spend all that time on me? Why did you bring me back?"

Geth have calculated the probability of Old Ones attack within one year to be forty-eight percent, within two years eighty-four percent, within five years ninety-eight percent. Most likely cause of attack on Allied-vessel Normandy is from Old Ones in origin. Interception and monitoring of Organic communications and systems has led to unanimous Geth conclusion: Organics and Geth cannot repel Old Ones unless consensus is reached.

"You need an emissary."


"Why me?"

You defeated Nazara and the Geth.

"But you said those were the Heretics."

We are all Geth.

Blinking Shepard contemplated for a moment before continuing, "What happens if we win, what happens after?"

More Information Required

"What is the Geth consensus on Organics?"

Geth do not interfere with organic life.

"What about the Quarians?"

Creators were aggressors in conflict, Geth do not seek to interfere with organic life.

Seeing a hint of something Shepard asked a question he feared the implications of, "What if the Quarians were to peacefully recolonize their homeworld?"