Corrie FanFic: The Lake Of Bodies. –Chapter One

The rain was gently trickling down the window panes of Number 8 Coronation Street, the sound of people running up and down the cobbles with no more worries than getting a little bit wet made Gail McIntyre flinch in her seat and look at the door every now and then. Each time Gail would turn around in her chair, the look of disappointment and worry on her face clear. All sorts of things were running through her mind at this moment in time.

Gail clutched the chipped mug full of piping hot tea tightly, and let out a sigh of sadness with a hint of annoyance. The dull thud of Gail's son charging down the stairs was the next sound that greeted Gail's ears. David stopped two steps short of the bottom of the stairs and peered round the banister. He saw his mother simply sitting there. He announced his entry to the room with a clear cough. Gail turned round and flashed David a sad smile, fresh tears glistening in her eyes.

"Oh, hello David, I thought you were out..." Gail whispered softly, wiping away her tears.

"Err, no I was just upstairs" David replied, scratching the back of his head, "Were you looking out for..." he then said, gesturing to the door.

Gail smiled again and stood up from the sofa, "I guess I was just clutching at straws" Gail replied, not really answering the initial question. She walked into the kitchen and placed her now empty mug in the sink, filled with Luke-warm water.

Gail had just recently got married, to what she thought was her ideal man, kitchen fitter Joe McIntyre. The pair had just recently gone on a trip to the Lake Districts, yet only Gail returned. Ever since then she's been waiting for him to come home. However, Gail and David were keeping a secret from the rest of the street, because Joe's absence wasn't as innocent as the excuse they made, that he was working in Cumbria, there was something more sinister to Joe's disappearance.

David walked to the window and looked out onto the street their house overlooks, Seeing Tina stepping out of the Kabin calling someone on her phone, arms folded and a look of impatience on her face. Suddenly a phone on the coffee table started ringing, but the trouble is it wasn't David or Gail who Tina was phoning.