Title: Love&Art
Pairing: Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood
Rating: G
Prompt: "Art is life and life is transformation". Antoni Tapies.
Word Count: 195
Beta: The amazing tania_sings
Warnings: None
Summary: Dean visits Luna's house and discovers they have more things in common than he thought.
A/N: Originally written for Week #46 on sortinghatdrabs . This won the second place!!


"Wow, you paint too?" Dean said admiring the ceiling of Luna's bedroom.

"You paint too?" Luna asked back. Her wide eyes genuinely curious.

"I just asked-- never mind. Yeah, I paint sometimes," he said, sitting awkwardly on her bed.

She took a place by his side. "Why?" Luna inquired lying back over the dusty mattress.

"Because I like art?" He said with a frown. "Because people can't live without art and it's a way to express myself?"

"Alright. But why do you paint, Dean?"

Dean turned to look at her. Her tangled, long hair spread all over the place as she gave him a small smile. He sighed in surrender, lying next to her.

"My dad was a painter. My biological dad," he confessed with a sigh.

"That is nice."

"I guess..." Dean turned his head to look at her blue eyes. "I feel like I bring him to life when I paint. I feel alive when I'm painting."

"I see." She sighed. "Art is life," she reasoned.

He looked at her silently, smiling softly, for a few seconds. "So is love." And with that, he leaned over to kiss her full on the lips.