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'Ah... I do love this room,' smiled Ron as he collapsed onto his bed in his dorm. It was their first night back at Hogwarts, this year Ron and the rest of his year would be starting their sixth year and their N.E.W.T studies.

'Roc, get your fat arse off me!' Yelled Ron when Gregg jumped on him.

'BUNDLE!' Yelled the bulky teenager, and soon the rest of the dorm was lying on Ron.

'Fuck off guys,' Ron laughed and pushed as hard as he could and managed to push his friends off onto the floor.

Ron pulled out a photo from his trunk and put it on his bedside cabinet carefully; he smirked when he saw the members of the photo.

The photo had been taken at the end of first year and contained; Ron laughing with his right arm leaning on Draco's head; Draco rolling his eyes and looking up at Ron but he was smiling; Blaise standing in between Gregg and Vinnie, looking serious but after a second burst out laughing; Gregg to the right of Blaise, next to Ron, laughing at a stupid face Vinnie was pulling; and Vinnie on the far left of the photo, pulling the most stupidest, funniest face he could think of.
Ron adored this photo and made sure it was always up.

Ron looked around to the boys, or should that be young men now, that he had grown to love like brothers; they had changed so much. Gregg and Vinnie were still large and short but now the puppy-fat had been replaced with pure muscle, their round faces were now square and their faces more mature. Blaise had grown and now was 6ft tall, but he still wasn't as tall as Ron or Draco, also his shoulders had widened and muscles had started to appear.

However, it was Draco that looked the most different to Ron; his face was pointy, wise and mature but looked worn; his eyes had turned a cold-gray colour, not the warm grey they were before; he had grown taller and like the other boys, muscle had come about, but it didn't show as much as it showed on Gregg or Vinnie, however it seem more intimidating than Blaise's muscle; Draco features seemed more cold, bitter, not the fun, happy features they had been before and even when he laughed, the fun never seemed to reach his eyes, it had always before; and overall he seemed more grown-up, wiser but more worn out and colder. Ron knew something was up and he hated these changes he saw in his closest, most-trusted friend. He would try and get him alone and then try and talk to him about it. But Ron wondered if this change was a secret too bad for even him to know.

Ron edged over to Blaise,

'Hey Griffin, could you do me a favour?' Ron whispered.

'Yeah sure mate, what is it?'

'You noticed the changes in Phoenix?' Blaise nodded; he too had seen the bad changes, 'well, could you go early to dinner with Roc and Kraken, I'll see if I can get anything out of Phoenix, but even then I doubt I will and if he does tell my stuff, but doesn't want you to know, I'm sorry but I wouldn't tell you,'

'Sure, I understand, you wouldn't betray his trust for anything, I think you put him and his trust before you and your life,' Ron smiled and nodded.

'Don't worry, I'd die for you too' he smiled, 'thanks mate, I owe you one,' he patted Blaise on the shoulder and started speaking to Vinnie about his holiday.

'I'm gonna go early, get some good seats, see if any girls have matured,' winked Blaise, smiling cheekily.

'Mind if we join you Griffin?'

'No, certainly not. Come on you two, our ladies await.' He laughed and the three boys walked pompously and arrogantly out of the door shaking their bums as they walked.

'I sometimes wonder if they're getting younger and stupider each year,' Ron smirked, Draco gave a small laugh, but it didn't reach his eyes, they stayed distant.

'Draco, come and sit here, I need to talk to you.'

'What about?' He knew that Ron would only use his real name when he was serious, which was rare.

'I'm gonna say stuff, so don't get angry and don't stop me, please?' Draco nodded. 'You've changed and I don't think these changes are good; your eyes are colder, when you laugh or smile it doesn't reach your eyes; you seem distant from us, you were quiet on the way here – I don't think you said one word except 'hi' to me or anyone else – we asked about your summer and you then pretended not to hear us, you haven't made one joke, and you look tried, stressed; I hate seeing you this way so those things mean you are depressed about something or you've decided you're gay, 'cause you haven't checked out a girl yet and you are normally the first one to.'

'I'm not gay.' Draco said bitterly back, this was obviously a touchy subject, 'and stop sticking your long nose in where it isn't wanted,' Draco got up and made for the door, but Ron wasn't having any of it; he was going to find out what was up with his best friend.

'Stop right there! I've known you since first year. Yeah, so not all of your life but most of it,' he stood in front of the dorm door, blocking Draco's exit, 'and I know when something is up and I'm not being nosey but I care about you Draco, I love you -,'

'Oh, so you're the one who is gay and you've just got me alone so you can hit on me.' He spat back, this was nothing like the usual Draco.

'No, I love you like a brother," Ron moved out of the way of the door, so Draco could go. 'I would give my life for you...' muttered Ron, looking down at his large feet.

Draco had made it halfway down the stairs when he had heard Ron's mutter, it made him stop; did someone really care about him that much? He doubted if either one of his parents would risk their lives for him.

'You mean that?' Whispered Draco, not turning round.

'Yeah, of course I do, you're my greatest friend and I would do anything for you mate, just remember that,' he whispered, meaning every word he spoke.

Draco turned round and hugged Ron tightly, letting his emotions go. Tears streamed down his pale cheeks.

Ron closed the door.
'Now tell me everything, and I promise you that I will not tell a soul, dead or alive, what you tell me,' he whispered gently and Draco spilled his heart out.